I am the Monarch

By Cheol Jonggeum

Chapter 332

Chapter 332

“Count Kuhle Hale is not in the bedroom.”

The paladin who tied a purple string to a gorgeous silver armor commanded it with a hard look.

“Oh, I see. I believe only you. ”

Crewe shook his head and nodded.

Then he stood on the bed and took a long breath.

“Well, even if the 7th Pilgrim came to me and throat …….”

When the smoke of the soul comes about.

“I will never do that. Dozens of paladins are keeping the bedroom and the bedroom out of the water. ”

The paladin laughed and shook his head.

‘I am a very frightened author.’

In both eyes, the mood of mocking was strong.


“Who are you?”

The outside of the bedroom was disturbed.

Crewe pulled all over his body and made a frightened look.

“Lucia Empire County 1st Corps Jean Venice. Commander-in-Chief is worried about you! ”

Power was strong, but urgent voice.

“Five! 1Corps Commander is here! ”

In the voice that flows into the bedroom, Kuhle stood up and stood upright.

However, Paladins in the bedroom were very careful.

“Please wait a moment.”

Benon, one of the paladins, opened the bedroom door with a little nervous expression.

“Bring 1Corps Commander.”

At that end, the paladins who were lined out in the bedroom brought a middle-aged man who wrote deeply in a colorful helmet.

No, I brought it.

“Count Hale. Is your 1Corps Commander correct? ”

Bennon looked at Kuhle and asked with a low voice.

His right hand was moving toward the sword of the waist dancing.

Suddenly there was a tension that was cold and the chest tight.

But the tense tension like a thread was so easily cut off.

“Right! Our Empire Army’s 1Corps Commander is right! Hahaha!”

Crewe laughed and laughed.

Paladins who were nervous at the moment spoke a long breath.

They glanced quickly at each other.

The Paladins loosen Venice’s arms, which they were holding tightly.

Venice then entered into the bedroom and knelt on one knee towards Kuhle.

“I’m a little late.”

Kuhle laughed awkwardly and nodded.

“I mean. I was worried that I would not come. ”

A strange honorific expression.

In addition, the face came to the relief.

The paladins then closed the bedroom door firmly and were alert again.

The number of those who keep in the bedroom is all five.

It was a small number and not many.

They did not pay much attention to the meeting of Kuhle and Venice.

I was a little wary of the appearance of a coward Kuhle.

“I will not.”

Venice laughed and took off his helmet.

A face full of funny faces was revealed.


One of the Paladins looked surprised at the face of Venice.

Very familiar face.

It was obvious that the face that was in the portraits that I remembered a while ago.

“What is it?”

Bennon frowned and looked at the face of Venice, following the paladin’s gaze.


At the moment, Benon’s face hardened.

The face of Venice was so familiar.

In a moment, the name of a person came up in my head.

“Reil Baker?”

The end of my voice trembled.

Venice shrugged his shoulders as he laid down his helmet on the floor.

“Five! Do you know me? I think I’m more famous than you think. ”

A humorous voice filled the bedroom.

Lucia Empire County 1st Corps Jean Venice, in fact, was Viscount Reil Baker, who infiltrated the Holy Land in honor of Roan.

“Yes, how do you …….”

Bannon ‘s voice trembled.

I had a look on my face that I could not believe.

His gaze continued toward Kuhle.

“Count Hale. What is this? ”

At that point, Kuhle, who was still afraid of his face, laughed brightly and broke his head slightly.

“What happened ……. It worked.”

Scary to end.


Reil kicked the floor and ran toward the paladins.

Movement like lightening.


“Damn it!”

Paladins quickly retreated back and took their hands with a waist dance.

These were actions to draw a sword or to call a friend out of the bedroom.

But Reil’s behavior was much more agile than they thought.

Puk! Fuck!

Reil ‘s fist struck the paladin’ s throat with a space.

The trajectory was so tricky that they could not escape properly and fell into disarray.

Kuhle, who was sleeping quickly, came up quickly and supported the falling paladins lightly.

He laid the paladins on the floor next to the bed to make noises.

Reil completely subdued five paladins in an instant.

“Huh. Battle Skill is also quite useful. ”

He laughed at Kuhle and shook his fist lightly.

Reil bowed his head again to Kuhle.

“I say hello. Reil Baker of Amaranth Kingdom. ”

“I knew the rumor of Viscount Reil Baker, the spearman’s master. Lucia Empire’s Kuhle Hale. ”

Crewe laughed and bowed his head.

‘It was Viscount Reil Baker that your Lancephil spokesman said …….’

He was surprised inside.

At most I thought I would send some of the knights.

I did not expect it to send the Reil, a noble king of the Kingdom.

‘It’s that important, but …….’

Crewe took a long breath and looked at Reil.

“What do I do now?”

It was not without the method.

But it was a question that asked Reil if there was another way.

Not surprisingly, Reil pulled out two elongated tubs of the size of a finger.

He first pulled a round egg in a white barrels.

“Take this once. It’s a kind of gas stove made by our Alchemy Bureau. ”

“Do you mean drugs that stop poisons if they are gas masks?”

Crewe was surprised.

Reil nodded lightly and swallowed the first one.

He soon pulled a nail-sized bead out of a black barrel.

“This bead contains sleep poison. If you do this, sleepy smoke will spread. ”


Creu quickly noticed Reil’s remark.

“If you eat antidote, you will not be affected by sleeping smoke.”

“That’s right. On the other hand, people who do not take antidote drugs will fall into deep sleep if they act. ”

At the moment, Kuhle’s eyes shone with strange light.

“If you have such a weapon, you can easily end this war.”

A little excited voice.

But Reil shook his head.

There was a wry smile on his mouth.

“Unfortunately, this sleeping poison is so weak that it can be effective in a small place. The duration is also short. Above all, it is very difficult to make a gas mask. If you use it in a war, you may have more damage to your friend. ”

“Ah ……. There was such a problem.”

Crewe nodded, nodded, and swallowed a gas mask.

I had no reason to delay because I was freed from my anxiety.

Reil laughed and threw the sleeping dog beads as hard as he could.


The beads were broken with the blunt sound, and the foggy smoke suddenly rose.

A very mysterious and amazing sight.

At the same time, Reil made a trumpet with both hands and screamed with a loud voice.

“Holy shit! Help me! It’s a surprise! surprise attack!”

Crewe also screamed in painful screams.

“Ahh ah ah!”

Loud and urgent voices flowed out of the bedroom door.

As if waiting, the door opened wide and the paladins that guarded the outside were exposed.

They did not have any doubt in spite of the thick smoke.

Something in the bedroom was a fire or light smoke bomb.

Thanks to.



Paladins who entered into the bedroom with great energy lost their strength without knowing English.

No, I fell into a deep sleep.

There was no one exception.

In a flash, dozens of paladins all fell out of control.

On the other hand, Reil and Kuhle, who were taking the gas mask, looked exactly as normal.

“It’s amazing.”

Crewe was greatly impressed by the much more powerful sleeping than expected.

On the other hand, Reil’s eyes came up with a little urgency.

“The effect diminishes as smoke fades. We have to move in a hurry. ”

“Ah! Yes. Okay.”

Crewe nodded his mind and settled down late.

The first thing that moved was Reil.

He quickly stepped out of the bedroom.

Crew also followed quickly.

“From now on …….”

Reil whispered in a very small voice.

“Let’s go get Lancephil?”

Kuhle laughed and nodded.

It was not wrong.

Obtaining the Io Lancephil was just about getting the Roan Lancephil.

The two walked diligently to save two Lancephils.

The battle was not necessarily on the front line.

* * *

Gold Dragon Europas was everything perfect.

No, it was close to perfection.

As well as ability, personality and heart were also warm and straight.

Middle-Earth as well as Divine World and Hell, even the Dragon Dragon Lunak, which was funny, could not cope with it.

The gift he left to Roan Lancephil before such Europas used the magic of Impensia was lair he used until he was born and dies.

The lair of Europas was the only place to minify the Aestroom which is the material of the Tempestas, and it was filled with all kinds of precious treasures and items of the world.

Because the Dragon lord was retained for a long time, lair was more than three times larger than other dragons, and the same Dragon was absolutely inaccessible without the permission of Europas.

It was for that reason that Lunak was greedy enough to get in and out of the trap.

Kalian was well aware of this fact, so he decided to place the teleport in front of the lair entrance.

Only Roan was able to enter the lair of such Europas.

Therefore, Kalian, who made the announcement of Europas, did not have any idea what was in the big lair or what kind of arrangement.

I could not check because I could not go in.

It was just what Europas did, so I had no doubt to believe and follow.

It was the same with Roan.

He could not know what Kalian did not know.

All he could do was put his hands on the wall of a massive closed door.

At the same time, an incredibly bright golden light spilled into the body.

Kalian’s Tears were bright enough to be useless.


Roan realized that the golden light that had been pouring into his body had disappeared through the sharpened five senses.

He opened his eyes very slowly.



Lips were pinched and low elasticity came out.

It was a new world.

Amazing scenery never seen before, never imagined was unfolded.

‘lair, I thought of a place like a cave …….’

It was not a cave.

Above my head was a clear blue sky that I had never seen before.

Even in lair there were clear rivers and forests, fields and even high mountains covered with white snow.

What was surprising was that all of them were enormously condensed mana crystals.

‘Even if I drink only a sip of river, I feel like my body is full of mana.’

Roan paced his tongue.

He moved his foot in a half-hearted expression.

Right then.


A cloudy shape emerged over a wide grassland that opened in front of my eyes.

The shape was like a wind and it swung around, and it became clear.


Roan broke the low elasticity.

He noticed the shape of the protagonist at once.


The crisp shape rising above the meadow was a huge Dragon covered with golden scales.

Roan had never seen it before, but he was able to feel his Europas.

‘Is it magic? Or witchcraft? ”

Roan looked up at Europas.


Europas, who just felt like a fake figure, greeted me.

Roan frowned, glancing around, and carefully opened his mouth.

“It is an honor to see you as a great being. I am…….”

When the horse came about.

Europas was the back end.


Roan looked surprised with his eyes rounded.

I did not think that I would be able to share the form and the conversation of Europas.

Roan nodded silently.

“I do not have time, so I go to the main point.”

Europas seemed somewhat hasty.

A magnificent voice shook my head.

Then, unexpected words hit my ears.

Roan circled the eyes.


Instinctive reaction.

Europas repeated the same statement with a hardened look.

In the moment lair the odd static fell down.

Silence was heavy.

Even at that moment when everyone was silent, time went by like the wind.

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