I am the Monarch

By Cheol Jonggeum

Chapter 326

Chapter 326

Great Warring Era.

Terrible battles took place throughout the continent.

The body was piled up like a mountain, and the blood became a river.

The sound of screams and screams continued without interruption.

It was an age when everyone would rather die without pain.

However, in the Holy Land, which can be said to be the main cause of all things, beautiful music and laughter sounded without interruption.

Gold and silver, gorgeous buildings adorned with jewels, gorgeous sidewalks of marble.

On the sidewalk dozens and hundreds of soldiers were diligently carrying boxes of all kinds of precious things.

“Heu Heu Heu. This is too much of a gift. ”

In one of the most magnificent and colorful building terraces of many buildings, an old man looked at the soldiers with a gentle expression.

The identity of the elderly man with a purple concealment was Veldrica.

“It is nothing less compared to the work of the Holy Spirit.”

A soft voice came out from the side.

The main character of the voice was a young man with a dull body and a soft impression.

Veldrica once again looked at the young man and cracked the gods.

“Heu Heu Heu. Nogori ……. As a head of the Holy Land, it is a matter of course to pray for the blessings of the soldiers of the prosperity. Count Kuhle Hale. ”

“To think so …, it’s just an honor.”

The young man who bowed in a polite manner was the Count Kuhle Hale of Lucia Empire who visited Holy Land with the request of Roan Lancephil.

‘You are a really big rotten man.’

Crewe smiled, smiling deeply.

Veldrica was more of a rotten man than I imagined.

‘I will receive a bribe. It’s been five years ……. ‘

Thanks to this, the amount of military supplies and supplies brought to the same time.

‘And now the people of the whole continent are suffering from the war, and this old man who has summoned the people of the province enjoys drinking and food every day …….’

A deep sigh poured out by itself.

Veldrica held a spectacular banquet every day instead of receiving huge amounts of bribes.

The banquet lasted all day long.

It was a totally different landscape from the outside world where the terrible situation of killing and killing each other was unfolding.

‘Apart from Mad Dragon Lunak and Latium of Telian Doctrine, Black General and Black Corps …….’

Crewe grasped his fist slightly.

‘The prosperity and the Holy Land should also be seen.’

It was for the world.


Crewe took a brief sigh.

At that time, Veldrica opened the door with the expression that he was very sorry.

“By the way, the celebration will be over soon. I feel very sorry that time is coming up. ”

The prayer of the blessing which has been said for five days, that is, the celebration, has been ending now.

It was all thanks to the healers of Holy Land.

Crewe also bowed his head with a sad expression.

“I will finish this temple well and look once again on my way back home.”

The moment came to my mind with a full of faces.

“Perhaps the loot will be great.”

In a word, it meant that it would be full of bribes.

‘No matter how much I have to smoke, it is really disgusting.’

Creu tries to hide his head and tie his head.

Veldrica laughed brightly and nodded with a satisfied expression.

‘Amaranth said there are many rare things.’

I wanted to get the famous Travias’ Spear, like Roan’s armory.

Veldrica’s gaze continued to Kuhle.

‘The more you look, the more you grow up.’

He liked Kuhle.

I was in a good mood for a long time.

But right then.

“Let’s be happy. Moïse von Estia has arrived. ”

Healer ‘s urgent voice from the back of the terrace delighted and deliriously disappeared.

The face where the bright smile was hanging was visibly distorted.

“Uhm. It is true ……. ”

Veldrica smiled awkwardly and looked at Kuhle.

“Moïse is a persistent man.”

Crewe shrugged with a frightened look.

“Well, if you’re Moïse, I’d try to hurt you again.”

My fingertips trembled.

Veldrica shook her hand as if not to worry.

“Fine. I do not have. ”

He calmed down Kuhle and nodded slightly toward Healer.

With permission, Healer stepped back.

After a while, a young man with a solid body appeared from the inside of the terrace.

He was the seven fathers of Estia Empire, Moïse von Estia.

“I am happy to see you.”

He bowed his head towards Veldrica, and soon he stared at Kuhle.

“Count Kuhle Hale. Are you ignoring the Estia Empire? ”

Hankuk that burst out.


Crewe was amazed and looked at Veldrica.

Please look a little pathetic to help.

‘This glazed and frightened man is the Commander-in-Chief of Lucia Empire’

Veldrica kicked his tongue inward.

I was told by Lucia Empire that she had a great talent and that she would be appointed Commander-in-Chief directly to this event.

‘It was rude.’

The light of mocking came out of both eyes.

But skills and talents were not important.

‘It is a prey to my taste.’

Veldrica liked Kuhle, who could cook as much as she could.

It was a human being who would bring it to Lucia Empire if she looked in her arms.

‘I must go.’

Veldrica shook hands as she watched Kuhle’s pathetic eyes.

“The Moïse. Do not raise your voice like that. ”

It looks like a child, with a soft expression and voice.

He grabbed Moïse’s hand and smiled brightly.

“I do not like the fact that Lucia Empire is stationed near the Yellow Thorium, and I am worried about it, but in fact I do not care about it.”

That’s why Moïse comes to Holy Land and makes a shit.

It was due to the Lucia Empire troops stationed in the fields between the Yellow Reed and the Holy Land to receive the blessings.

At least Veldrica and Holy Land knew so.

Veldrica looked at the faces of Moïse and Kuhle alternately.

“Lucia Empire would only want to be celebrated before joining the temple.”

Scary to end.

“But now our Estia Empire is in a state of poor defense of the ecliptic due to the prosperity. In this situation, we can not keep a large army of other countries in front of the ecliptic. ”

In that sense, Veldrica took a short sigh after making a pretentious look.

“If you’re so worried about it, let’s take a look at the camps of Lucia Empire with the Holy Land Healers, Paladins and Monks. I do not have to worry too much. ”

A sharp light shone through the eyes full of wrinkles.

It meant that I had to step away from this.

But Moïse could not.

I still have work to do.

‘It’s like a rotten old man.’

He looked at Kuhle with a frowning expression.

“I do not know the will of the Prophet, but the Lucia Empire people are noble characters who have never been exposed to it. I can not tell what I am laughing in front of them. If you want to get a celebration, let’s move the camp of Lucia Empire to the border. ”

In a word, Veldrica and his Healers were meant to cross the border with Lucia Empire.

Veldrica ‘s face, which was laughing heavily, was cracked.

The unpleasant colors of two eyes passed by.

But now it was not time to fight against the long distance.

The road was almost finished anyway.

“Hmm. Hmm.”

Veldrica whispered both hands.

It looks like trying to settle the hardened sinking atmosphere.

But right then.

“Happy birthday!”

There was an urgent voice from the inside of the terrace again.

It was the very Healer who announced Moïse’s visit.

“What’s going on?”

Veldrica, who was not feeling well, asked as if he was stuck.

Healer looked at Moïse and Kuhle once and then replied with a fluttering voice.

“Moi, Estia Empire, who came with Pope Moïse, and Luis Empire Army, who was stationed outside Holy Land …….”

A white face.

“We are fighting.”

Unexpected reporting at all.

“What, what ?!”

Veldrica frowned.

Healer screamed as if it was frustrating.

“Estia Empire and Lucia Empire are fighting!”

Scary to end.

“Damn it!”

Veldrica spoke out without perseverance.

Moïse seemed to have waited, too.

“Damn it! Try it! In the end, did not I say it? ”

He turned his head and looked at Kuhle.

There was a keen livelihood in both eyes.

His right hand grabbed the sword handle of the waist dancing.

“I’ll cut this guy’s neck right now …….”

When the words of Moïse came about.

“Do not be discouraged!”

Veldrica shook her right hand with an uncomfortable expression.

Suddenly, the thorny chest clogged Moïse’s right hand.


Moïse looked at Veldrica with a little surprised expression.

‘This old man …….’

I knew Veldrica was not an ordinary old man.

He was the head of Holy Land who controlled the hegemony of the continent and the father of all Healers.

I thought that he would have a tremendous sacred power, but I did not think he would distract his mana with a single gesture.

‘큭. I am so arrogant because I have this ability. ”

Moïse bit her lower lip.

Then Kuhle caught Veldrica’s long sleeves with a frightened look.

“” Sorry, the damage to the Empire Army may be overwhelming if you do not get things done quickly. ”

It did not matter which Empire Army was.

Crewe’s hands and voices trembled.

It seemed to me that he was very sore to his head.


Veldrica shook her head with a long breath.

‘I got it, so I’ll have to do it.’

No, I still have enough to leave, so I had to do my work.

Veldrica smiled faintly as if nothing to worry about.

“Do not worry about everyone. I, my Holy Land, will take care of it. ”

At that end, Moïse frowned.

“Holy Land? Are you talking about Paladin, Monk, Healer? Most of them are going to the Holy Land, so there is not much left in the Holy Land here ……. ”

As the horse approached it, Veldrica shook his head with a brighter smile.

“They are not all of Holy Land.”

He gently shook his hand.

Healer, who posted the report, quickly clapped his head.

Veldrica lifted the tip of her chin with a haughty expression.

“Go north. there…….”

His voice was as arrogant as his face.

“There will be Divine Corps.”

At the moment, Kuhle, who was still shivering with a frightened expression, screamed in amazement.

“Divine Corps!”

It looks like a real big surprise.


Moïse also blew low penetration.

Veldrica nodded at the reaction of the two.

‘Holiness Corps is the real strength of our Holy Land.’

Nobody knows the true identity and scale of the secret corps.

Finally, the Divine Corps is revealed.

‘When the Divine Corps arrives, you can dry enough of the fight between Estia Empire and Lucia Empire.’

I was confident.

If they did, they could get the two Empire Armies wrong and gain enormous wealth.

There were arrogant lights in both eyes.

Moïse and Kuhle, on the other hand, tightly closed their eyes as though they were hungry in the name of Divine Corps.

Thanks to Veldrica’s arrogance, he did not know the end of it.

But Moïse and Kuhle were delighted.


The two men breathed and forced their excitement.


The saliva gleamed.

‘I pulled the Divine Corps.’

I was thrilled with my throat.

Five years of play.

The outcome of the drama, which looked at disgust, was very sweet.

Everything was flowing as planned by Roan.

If Moïse and Kuhle were not only Veldrica, I would have been cheering them up right now.

No, I wanted to have a glass of toast if I could afford it.

But now it was time to be self-centered.

Moïse breathed a long breath with the expression that he could not help it again.

“Phew. If you are so successful, I will take care of the soldiers. ”

His gaze led to Kuhle.

“Of course I have to clarify who is wrong.”

The voice was full of living.

It was a resumed act.


Crew hustled and pulled Veldrica’s sleeve.

“Stand up. If you do not mind, I want to stay here in Holy Land. ”

At that point, Veldrica nodded in disgust but poor heart.

“Do by that way. I’ll give you some Paladins. ”

His gaze led to Moïse.

“In case of emergency.”

It was a horse with bones.

The eyes of Moïse and Veldrica clenched in the air.



The uncomfortable feelings quickly came to a standstill and disappeared.

Moïse bowed with short sighs within.

“Then I am.”

He left the terraces shortly after he passed the chill.

So Kuhle had a long breath with a relieved expression.

“I think I will live now.”

He smiled awkwardly on his knees.

Veldrica smiled faintly as she stared at it.

“Then rest for a while. I will preach the gospel to those who are disturbed in front of the Holy Land. ”

A soft yet powerful voice.

Crewe swallowed his dry spit and nodded his head.

Veldrica is overwhelmed by the energy and momentum.

‘Yes, you should be so scared and lean on.’

Veldrica bowed her head with a gentle expression and moved her foot.

After all, only Kuhle was left on the terrace until the end.

He was still shivering with a frightened look.

A typical coward and a small dog.

But the reality was completely different.

‘Good. I was vacated by the ups and downs. ”

Everything was as planned.

Now I have to move myself.

‘Well, let’s find it once. Roan Lancephil His Majesty’s Lord ……. ‘

I had a very faint smile at my mouth.

‘Io Lancephil.’

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