I am the Monarch

By Cheol Jonggeum

Chapter 318

Chapter 318

‘What kind of conversation do you have?’

Manus von Pershion, Peid Nail and Alea Britch frowned over looking at Roan Lancephil and Marino Felber.

I could hardly understand the fact that I was surprised at the words that I could not understand,

Then Marino looked at Manus, Peid and Alea and laughed.

“Actually, I have one agenda that I studied under the same mentor. He has given a lot of respect to his Lancephil Maj. ”

“Ah ……. Another such relationship …….”

Alea nodded with a surprised expression.

Manus and Peid, on the other hand, did not react well and frowned.

Because the atmosphere of Roan was not so bad.

“May I ask the name of your agenda?”

Peid first asked politely.

Marino responded lightly after taking a short sigh.


Scary to end.


“Oh …….”

Manus and Peid’s mouth burst out.

The nobles who lined up close to the throne were also surprised.

On the other hand, Alea, who was a little nervous in the usual way, made a disturbing noise again.

“Clay? Clay? The Clay, originally made by his Lancephil majesty, who built the Rinse Kingdom in the back of his head? Clay, who’s been in a bad mood for the rest of the day, and eventually died in the hands of Lancephil’s majesty? The seed of tragedy ……. ”

The words continued unaware.

Peid finally came out.

“Mr. Alea.”

He frowned and gave his eyes.

Then Alea realized his mistake and asked her mouth.

However, the atmosphere inside Daejeon has already become cold.

Roan looked at many people and then whispered in a small voice.

“It would be better to move your seat.”

At the end, Marino, as well as Manus and Peid, Alea, who was covering his mouth with both hands, nodded.

“I will take it to my private sitting room.”

Manus moved quickly ahead.

Then, staying at the side and watching the situation, Duke Duke was surprised at his face.

“Lung, Your Majesty. You must be a supercilious, not a simple ritual. ”

At that point, Manus stopped his pace and looked through the nobles of Joseph, No Daejeon.

“I do not need a ceremony. I am already a monarch of Pershion. What we need now is not a coronation ……. ”

The voice was hard and full of power.

“It is a ceremony.”

A sharp momentum struck the inside of Daejeon.


Some of the aristocrats had a low resilience.

They were immersed in the majesty and charm of Manus,

‘This is our sovereignty.’

The previous President smiled faintly and bowed his head.

But both eyes came up with a mixture of gentleness and greeting for the new monarch, and sadness and sorrow for the old monarch.

‘Your Majesty. You do not have to worry about our Kingdom anymore. ”

Speeches closed their eyes to Abdon von Pershion, who would have escaped Royal Capital Altoce Castle by now.

“Now, please do what you want to do.”

A soulful heart ran out of the wind.

In the meantime, Roan and his followers walked along Manus and arrived at the simple and neat sitting room.

“Sit this way.”

Manus dared to compromise Roan.

Roan was trying to make a specification, and he was forced to sit on the table because other people had already settled down.

He smiled faintly and looked at Marino.

“Do you know all the things that happened between me and Clay?”

A low voice flowed.

Marino nodded with a gentle expression.

“of course. Your Majesty’s superior name and biography are so great that they even come to my ears in the far corner. ”

At that point, Roan woke up and leaned back.


It was an apple with heart.

Marino laughed and laughed.

“Who is that apology?”

Roan lifted his head and looked at Marino’s eyes gently.

“It is an apology by human Roan Lancephil.”

Marino nodded slowly.

“i See. The word is …? ”

I blurted out on purpose.

Roan was succeeded.

“I can not apologize as a monarch.”

The moment the air inside the drawing room froze cold.

But for Roan, it was an inevitable, of course, an attitude to take.

‘Apologizing as a monarch is an act of betraying those who fought for Amaranth for my life.’

Manus and Peid, Alea looked at Marino with a little nervous expression.

Marino had a long breath with a gentle expression.

There was a heavy silence for a while.

It was Marino again that broke the static.

“It’s like a bad guy …….”


Manus, Peid, and Alea circled their eyes in a sudden spoken word.

I did not expect Marino to say such straight words in front of Roan.

At that time, Marino looked over Roan and three people and was behind the scenes.

“Clay, that guy. It’s a really bad guy. I die before the ceremony ……. ”


Manus blew a low penetration.

I realized that the bad guy Marino said was Clay, not Roan.

“Your Majesty Lancephil.”

Marino looked at Roan and smiled faintly.

“Your Majesty’s apple was well received. But in the first place I did not want to apologize. ”

The voice was pretty.

“Now is the world.”

Both eyes shone and shone.

“Yesterday’s colleague is today’s enemy, and today’s enemy is tomorrow’s colleague. Clay chose to be your enemy ‘s enemy, and it only flourished as a result of that choice. There is no fault of anyone. No, I do not know how to count fractions, and people do not have a lot of discernment.

At that point, Roan laughed.

“Even so, it is clear that I killed Duke Felber’s agenda.”

“That’s right. But…….”

Marino shrugged his shoulders with a big smile.

“What would happen if Clay won in the succession battle for the throne and the Kingdom had been involved? Did he give me a big seat for me as a model? Or did we have a fellowship with the Light Kingdom? ”

He slowly shook his head.

“He would have moved only for his own benefit and benefit. If you want to interfere with your movements, I would have hit my neck without any hesitation. ”

Marino alternated between Roan and Manus, Peid and Alea.

“It is true that it is the raising agent of the hardship. It is very shabby. Ah! It is not ……. ”

He swung one hand at a time and was back.

“That’s what happened between our brothers. Personality and thought were different from usual. Ah! Come to think of it…….”

Marino again shook her hand.

“Clay is the only problem. My Kuhle brother and I were right about that. ”

Horses pouring like waterfall.

Marino was very talented.

Roan and Manus laughed awkwardly and nodded.

Marino soon realized the mood and crashed.

“Hmm! Hmm! Anyway, I mean, I do not have any feelings of gratitude to your Lancephil Majesty. I do not have enough room to care about that. ”

Roan smiled faintly and nodded.

I was not going to comment on Clay anymore because Marino spoke decisively.


“Is it because of the black Corps that there is no room to worry about?”

Peid appropriately turned the topic.

Marino smiled and nodded.

“That’s right. Light Kingdom is now fighting fiercely with the Black Corps. ”

At that end, Manus frowned.

“On the Light Kingdom side, the black Corps is in full force.”

“Yes. At first, it was so difficult to notice, and it started to appear in earnest for about a month. ”

Marino shook his head.

Manus made a faint smile as if to comfort him.

“But the Light Kingdom’s cavalry is so great that there will not be a big problem.”

The greatness of the cavalry was one of the rumors spreading smoothly through the border.



Marino glared at me with a frown.

“What is the use of a cavalry?”

He was behind in the expression that he could not understand.

“Black Corps guys …….”

The voice came in.

“It’s a pirate?”

* * *

There was a large round table in the colorful space.

Each of them dressed in various colors of conquest sat around the table and wrestled.

“This is your chance. This time, it is time to unfold our true will. ”

“That’s right. How long will you be oppressed and persecuted? Now we have to stand up. ”

“This time, the Holy Land will not be easy either.”

“Roan Lancephil of Amaranth is a man called Wargod. It will not fall easily. ”

Several people raised their voices.

Their faces were reminiscent of red.

It was obvious that I was excited.

In both eyes a faint hope came to mind.

At that time, others who were sleeping shook their heads with a hardened look.

“Wargod, after all, is also a human being. It would be better not to expect so much. ”

“No matter how Roan Lancephil is, it will be hard for the prosperous.”

“Two Empires, five Kingdoms will attack Amaranth. This is a fight I can never win. ”

“You can be attacked by our Aimas Alliance who has been aesthetic.”

There was an irritating tone in the voice.

Eleven men and women sitting round the table.

Their identity was the president of the eleven republic of the Aimas Alliance.

The eleven presidents have been struggling for a few days after holding a coalition meeting because of the holy place called the prosperity group.

The conclusion was not easy.

The fighters continued their discussion with Amaranth and the opposition party against the Holy Land at this opportunity, rather than the veterans who attacked Amaranth and pursued the security of the Allies, according to their thoughts and the positions of the respective republics.

Then was the eldest of Stuttgart piece Karin Chen took place among the straw the table on the spot.

“I will not. In this state, unanimity will not be possible, so I will make a majority decision. ”

“Come on. However, our union meeting is unanimous in principle ……. ”

One of the opposition forces, Nathan Williams, was tantalizing his face.

Brown Wesler, one of the true proponents, replied with a cold expression.

“If you just drag this time, you will eventually refuse to call the prosperity. They can not make it happen. ”

True radio fighters nodded and showed sympathy.

Lichert and several other fighters gathered in one place.

At the end of the line, a middle-aged man in a brown jacket was sitting.

Lichert gave his opinion in a respectful voice on behalf of all.

“You vote by a majority vote. President F. Freeman. ”

The identity of the man in the brown conquest was Freeman Fairles, president of the Alliance and president of the Aimas Alliance.

He was also acting as President of the Republic of Fairs.

The brown eyes moved quickly into the thin eyes.


Freeman nodded with a long breath and said he could not help it.

“good. I will decide by majority vote. ”

He rose from the table with his arms around his table.

On the contrary, Richet sat down and took a deep breath.

“At the request of Holy Land, the President of the League, who is in favor of attacking the Amaranth Kingdom, listens to the blue card, and those who oppose it, listen to the red card.”

A gentle voice turned round and round on the round table.

The fighters looked at each other for a moment and quickly lifted one card.

Fifteen generals, except Freeman, quickly rolled their eyes.



Before Mr. Freeman counted the number of cards, a low penetration from the mouths of his fathers came out.

Everybody look a little nervous.

He would.

“Ten ministers were divided into five versus the opposite.”

I knew I had a lot of disagreement with each other, but I did not expect it to be such a battlefield.

The eyes of the franchisees led to Freeman.

In the end, Freeman’s choice of remaining marks will determine the move of the Aimas Alliance army.

The expression of the president of the opposition wave became a little brighter.

‘Frazer hates Holy Land more than anyone.’

‘The Republic of Fairs is the sanctuary of Telian Doctrine.’

‘If you are a Flemish fellow, you will take the side of Amaranth Kingdom unconditionally.’

On the other hand, the faces of the chiefs of the chiefs of radio have come up with an irritating tone.

Some of them have already turned their heads to think they have been defeated.

“I hoped this situation would not come …….”

Freeman laughed.

“I think I’ll make my decision. My choice is ……. ”

His hand moved toward one of the cards.


One card came in front of my face.




A totally different feeling of resilience has erupted between the opposition fighters and the true radio fighters.

“Uh, why …?”

Nathan, a representative of the opposition fighters, stuttered with a surprised expression.

Freeman opened his mouth with a short sigh in painful expression.

“We are not ready for the Holy Land yet. We can not push our people into the edge of the cliff. ”

Extremely rational and rational judgment.

He hoped to get on board.

Nathan bit his lower lip.

“I do not know what other fighters are, but I thought that the president of the Freeman Union would try to fight to the end.

But he did not yell or leave the harp.

The reason why the Aimas Alliance has been able to maintain peace with each other so far is that even if the decisions of the Alliance were different from their own, they supported and followed unconditionally.

Nathan, as well as other fighters of the opposition, were nervous, but nodded at the expression that they could not help it all.

Freeman declared the closing of the coalition meeting by looking at the various fighters.

“The Aimas Alliance has decided to meet the prosperity group. Everyone, please focus on organizing the group. ”

bang! bang! bang!

The meeting ended with the sound of a gavel swinging.

The fighters passed out of the meeting room after giving a long breath and shaking hands with each other.

Freeman stayed in the room until the end and looked at the empty conference room.

There appeared to be an unknown complex face on the face.

At that time, the small door on the opposite corner moved slightly, not the door that the franchisees used to enter.

A very young man with a small size appeared in a very narrow opening.

The young man with a tattered brown dress bowed his head slightly toward Freeman.

Greetings that are politeness but not excessive.

Freeman laughed faintly and bowed much deeper than the young man just before.

It was an amazing sight.

He is one of the greatest fighters in the Republic of the United States, and he bowed to a young man.

“Welcome to. Archbishop Latium. ”

Freeman’s heavy voice pierced his ears.

Archbishop of Latium.

The young man who appeared through a small doorway was Latium, Archbishop of Telian Doctrine.

With Mad Dragon Lunak, he tried to collapse Middle-Earth, and he was staring at the meeting place of the Aimas Alliance.

Freeman looked around once and said it whispered in a very small voice.

“I have given you the hand of the preaching, as you have said.”

“He suffered.”

Raito laughed and bowed his head slightly.

The reason why Freeman, who had a tremendous resentment in Holy Land, took the hand of the radio, followed by Latium.

Latium smiled brighter and grabbed Freeman’s shoulder with his right hand.

“Thanks to Freeman Shinto, our Telian Doctrine will move to the era of light after the end of darkness. To do that, once ……. ”

When the horse approached it, Freeman laughed brightly as if not to worry.

“It’s already ready.”

At that, Latium nodded with a satisfied expression.

The smile on her mouth was soft and soft.

But in the depths of both eyes, the eerie living and ugly desire were wriggling.

‘Roan Lancephil.’

Latium ‘s mouth tilted softly.

‘Amaranth Kingdom …….’

The two pupils bundled up in dense living.

‘I will make you a great altar.’

Unfortunately, Freeman did not find it.

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