I am the Monarch

By Cheol Jonggeum

Chapter 299

Chapter 299

It was a wild assault.

There was Roan Lancephil in the head of the March.


Every time the spear crossed the ground, the ground broke and the hills collapsed.

The Orc and Dark Elf, who had never heard of it before, flashed ash and turned into a fireball.

The fall of Wargod.

The fierce and devastating battlefield became the playground of God.

But Roan’s face was not good, as he was showing off the godlessness.

‘The earth pillars …….’

I do not know anyone else, but Roan had already experienced it once.

‘The Black Corps’s mighty General Gorg.’

When he jumped from the foot of the Grain Mountains, the same pillar of soil as before had risen.

‘He said there were more generals like yourself.’

Roan frowned.

‘But surely then he said …….’

He said he was the Fief in the east of the Grain Mountains.

I had even said that I had volunteered.

‘If so, who is the cause of the earth pillars that rose above the hills?’

Roan bit him.

His footsteps a little faster.

Finally, at the end of the hill, a panoramic view was unfolded.


Roan shed a low penetration.


The late Romells Horton and his crew panted in a rough breath.

They chose to breathe and quickly looked down the hill to see if Manus Pershion’s anxiety was concerned.

“Oh, I can not …….”


Sadness mixed with despair came out.

Instinctive reaction.

The scenery spreading down the hill was horrible and horrific.

‘Because of the blood that came from the body, the earth was red.’

The small cloths and rivers flowing in places were also red.

The field was full of bodies.

Because of the body, it seemed that small hills were leading.

‘If there is a hell I would not …….’

Roan spat out a long breath.

My chest was frustrating, but it was not time to spare.

Thanks to Kalian’s Tears, the distant scenery seemed to be in front of you.

‘Prince Manus …….’

Roan bit him.

Manus was in the middle of a terrible battlefield.

‘The person who became my spear shield with Pierce in my first life.’

He needed him to save Latium’s ambitions and terrible plans and save Middle-Earth.

“Mr. Romells, I must go first.”

Scary to end.

“Yes, come on, come on! Please go and save our prince!”

His urgent voice hurt his ears.

“Come on!”


“Please save your prince!”

The members of the camp gathered their mouths and pleaded.

Roan smiled faintly and nodded.


He lightly shrugged the ground.

Feather-like gestures.

Pa Aaaaaaaa!

Roan’s appearance disappeared in an instant.

The place where he disappeared was a blast.


The Romells saw the light stalks stretching beneath the hills and bursting with resilience.

I can not think of a human being at all.

He and the associates begged and prayed with a firm and firm look.

“Please, please ask.”

“Please save my prince.”

A wind of desire flowed on the wind.

* * *

“I’m sure it’s great.”

Viscount, who is one of the Northern Regional Corps ‘s Diesu Kingdom’ s general and the frontier Corps, burst into a heist with a letter in his hand.

“If you have something to do with the telecom, you can quickly find out what’s in the distance.”

He took a letter at the end of the candle.


The red flames instantly burned the paper.

Beit rose from his seat and ran his palm.

“Anyway, the border defense of the Amaranth Kingdom is loosened …….”

I had a strange smile in my mouth.

“Great, thanks to this opportunity, I’ll pay you back for the last time.”

The last disgrace was that Lucan Diesu, Crown Prince of the Diesu Kingdom, was taken captive to Roan during the Rinse Kingdom War and the Amaranth Kingdom War.


Aldred, a middle-aged man wearing an armor, opened his office with a door in his call to Bait.

“Did you call, Corps Commander?”

“Organize the assault.”

A short order has been dropped.


Aldred did not understand at one time and rewrote it.

No, I heard it, but it was an unexpected command, so I had to ask again.

Beit frowned.

“You stupid child.”

He shook his head after spitting out his obscenity.

“Now Amaranth Kingdom is very confused by the King’s call to the summit, which has made the border defense of the South area poorer.”

“Was that something like that?”

Aldred stuttered to the end with the expression of first hearing.

Beit responded nervously.

“If that’s the case, do not talk back and organize your assault!”

“Yes, yes! Yes!”

Aldred responded with a tense look and then walked out of the office.

The formation of the assault squad was quick.

“Release! Attack the border fortress of Amaranth!”

It was Aldred who led the assault.

They rushed to the border fortress of Amaranth Kingdom beyond the border buffer zone.

“Oh, really bad!”

Aldred made a smile.

As usual, the Amaranth Kingdom border guards should have already made their appearance.

However, the border fortress of Amaranth Kingdom did not move with the gate closed tight.

“Bring the log!”

Aldred’s cry came out of the rear horsemen dragging a sharp-edged log.

They rushed furiously as if they were about to smash the gates of the border fortress.

Right then.


Beyond the fortress, the sound of the horns sounded loudly.

At the same time, the door, which was firmly closed, opened wide.


Aldred instinctively pulled the horsepot.

The running speed has decreased rapidly.

The two pupils trembled finely.

Wushu. Wushu. Wushu.

At the same time, the ground trembled.

A gigantic fuselage was revealed through the wide opening of the border fortress gates.

It is neither one nor two.


Aldred swallowed the dry spit.

‘Well, what is that?’

Sadly, the distance was so wide that I could not figure out exactly.

On the other hand, the horsemen who had been ordered to crack the gates by his orders, kicked the horse by looking at the uninvited people.

“Uh ha ha! I’ll smash you with this log!”

The gorgeous Igar rang the battlefield.


“We are the Diesu Kingdom …….”

“Receiving our sword …….”

Their diarrhea and gluttony did not last any longer.

Amaranth Because the borders of the borders of the borders were clear, the appearance of the fuselage that showed the shape of the gate was visible.

“What, a giant?”

“Oh, no, it’s not human!”

Three large fuselages guarding the border fortress gate.

It was a gigantic iron man who was more than twice as big as an adult male.

They stood idly by nothing.

At first glance, it looks the same.

But if we look closely, armor, helmets and protective gear are all different.

‘There is no weapon, but the shape of the armor is just like a knight and a spearman,

The horsemen frowned.

“Is this the statue I set up here?”

“No, what are you thinking?”

They could not move easily, and they looked up at iron bars.

Right then.

“This place,” “Oh, no, no, no, no, king, king,

“Hit the enemy.”

“Woo Lee is a member of the Department of Education,

I heard a bizarre sound in three iron bars.

At the same time.


A huge arm broke the space.

“Uh, huh ?!”


The horsemen, who had been watching him for a long time, swallowed their winds by swirling their eyes.

I was in a sudden situation and I could not move because I was stiff.

Fuck it!

A terrible sound and a huge fist of iron struck the horsemen.

The horsemen were bombarded with horses and were thrown out to the side.

“Turn it off.”


My life was cut off in a punching room.

The attack of the ironworks was so powerful and brazen.

“The power is great too.”

A voice mixed with admiration flowed from the border fortress walls.

A tired young man with a fulcrum flared around his tongue as he watched the iron statues.

“It was my first time in the game, so I was very worried.”

He smiled and laughed.

From a distance, the Diesu Kingdom troops were seen running, but not much worried.

“If these guardians are enough, I will block them.”

Confident expressions and voices.

He shook his head with a long breath.

“By the way, how does your majesty destroy the monstrous Guardian ……. really great.”

Both eyes were raised with reverence.

Three giant iron bars.

No, the Guardians were the very steel guardians whom Roan met when crossing a secret passage to attack the Royal Capital, the Royal Capital of the War of Succession.

The Guardians, who were inoperable by Roan at the time, were immediately taken over by Reno Magetower.

McCullum, the head of Reno Magetower and director of the Amaranth magic bureau, was able to be reborn with a stronger look than ever before, after many years of research and improvement.

Of course, there was a lot of help from the Alchemy Bureau and the Technical Bureau.

‘Then I saw another great person.’

Young man, McCullum ‘s eyes once more reverberated.

‘Ian Phillips, did you know how the Diesu Kingdom would move first?

It was hardly understandable.

Ian dispatched all of the Guardians to the southern border in response to Roan’s call-to-action.

He had already anticipated the Diesu Kingdom army from three days ago.

“Huh, your majesty is great, and the secretaries are also great.”

The look of McCullum has been strangely changed.

“If this is the case …….”

I smiled at my mouth.

“Is not our Kingdom unifying the continent?”

Expectations came to mind in both eyes.

However, the head shook his head.

“No, no, no, no matter how it is impossible.”

I continued to peek at my hands when I thought that it was ridiculous.

However, there was an expectation that the two eyes still could not hide.

“Are you really …?”

It was not a vague expectation.

It was a clear future as it was really in your hands.

The expectation that came to the eyes became more intense.

* * *

“Chi-ah ah ah ah!”

A bizarre sound rattled the wind in the battlefield.

A thin man like a wooden stick sprang up from the ground and sprang up into the air.

He had a bigger kidney than the average person, but the strangest thing was the abnormally long limbs.

The man used his limbs much longer than his kidneys like a whip.

“Kiki Kiki Key Kiki!”

He laughed bizarrely and waved his incredibly long arms.


A sharp wave siege hit the ear.


“Do not confront!”

Flogged knights and soldiers screamed and fired all over the place.

That moment.


The elongated arm hit the hollow ground strongly.

The soil pillar soared with the roar.

“I’ll give you a piece!”

A young woman with a sharp voice wielded a long sword.

The camerawarded the space and laid down her long forearm.

“Kek! It’s all right!”

The man chuckled and shook his long arm.

The forearm shook like a reed.


The blade and forearm hit each other.

And an amazing sight unfolded.

Suck it!

The forearm wrapped the woman ‘s sword lightly, just like a doughy dough.

It is a crisis that the sword will be taken away rather than cut or stitched.


The woman hurts it.

She stepped on the floor and gave strength to her grip on the swordsman.

Willing to cut off the arms of a man even if he throws himself forward.

However, the arms of the man, who was shaking loudly and shaking, moved bizarrely and flew toward the woman’s back.


The woman is unable to avoid the situation because she is blown to cut her forearm.

It was a situation of desperation.

Right then.


With a heavy bass, a young man stood behind the woman.

A long sword pulled a fist as it glanced at the space. No, I hit it.


Sparks fluttered with the song.

A man with a long limb was wearing a strange glove in his fist.

At first glance, it was no different from leather gloves, but the material was actually harder than steel.

The man was throwing a heavy punch in his glove with a weapon.

“Thank you, Prince Manus.”

The woman who overcame the crisis rushed one eye toward the young man.

The young man who was attracted to heavy bass, his identity was Manus Pershion.

“You’re welcome, Mr. Alea.”

The woman was Melland’s Tarantula Alea Britch, who was looking for the missing Kingdom with Manus.

The two looked at each other and smiled faintly.


“It’s dangerous!”

An urgent voice pierced my ears.

It was the voice of Peid Nail who was commanding knights and soldiers a little far away.

Manus and Alea turned their heads quickly and looked at the man with a long limb.



The eyes of both of them grew in a circle.

There was a long leg in a man in front of a new nose.

‘It’s too late to avoid!’

Manus pulled the sword out of it.

At the same time he stepped forward and pulled Alea back.

What really happened in a blink of an eye.

‘Raise Mana …….’

When the thought of Manus came about.


Suddenly I heard a tremendous siege in my ear.

At the same time.


The light shone in front of me with a huge roar.

Kugugugugu palace!

Then the left side hill and the bottom were broken and poured down the field.

Manus was surprised at the sudden situation.

“No, what’s going on?”

Alea, who was behind his back, pushed his head and asked carefully.

Manus shook his hand instead of the answer, sending off the dirty dust.

As the dirt became thinner, the scenery in front of me clearly became clear.

The man with the long limbs that tormented them was no longer visible.

Instead, he was standing in the office where he was standing.


Manus blew low elasticity.

A very familiar face and a very nice face.

A smile bloomed on his mouth.

“Do you know him?”

Alea asked carefully.

Manus nodded.

“he is…….”

His voice trembled.

“He is called a god.”

At the end, Alea circled her eyes.

Now there is only one person to be called God in the Fief of the East of the Grain Mountains.

‘Roan Lancephil!’

She looked straight at the young man in front of her.

The young man smiled awkward when he saw snow with Alea.

He was Roan Lancephil as Manus said.



A long arm stretched out under the hill that collapsed with sharp purges.

A fist with hard gloves flew to Roan’s face.

“It’s dangerous!”

Alea screamed in amazement.

But Roan still gazed at Manus and Alea, pushing his right hand toward his flying fist.

Roan’s fist and man’s fist clashed in front.


The roar burst out.


At the same time, a huge gust of wind occurred.

The struggle of momentum and momentum.

But the fist and the fist did not touch each other.

There was a strange silence.


Bart! That’s it!

There was a tremendous crack in gloves worn by a man with a long limb.

The bird of paradise. The

Shattered gloves poured over the ground.

The fist of the man who was exposed was as tired as the body.

Roan gently opened his palm with his fist touching.

It was a very smooth and relaxed movement, but it was also a fast move so I could not get my hands out.

The jewel!

Roan grabbed the man ‘s fist tightly.

My fingers dig into my back and palms.

Help! Wood Deads!

The bone crashed with a terrible sound.

“I’m sick, I’m sick!”

I heard a scream from afar.

Roan whispered in a small voice as he listened.

“It’s not a good sound to hear.”

There was a cold living in both eyes.

“I should smash it from my mouth, not my hands.”

At the same time.


Roan sprang from the ground and flew toward the ruined hill.

The light stalks continued for a long time.

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