I am the Monarch

By Cheol Jonggeum

Chapter 298

Chapter 298

“Damn it!

Young General Romells Horton shouted at the Orc, hurling at him.




The brave knights and the soldiers went down without any one or two before the endless Orcs attacked.


Romells waved his body and sowed his long sword.

The blade was shining in the light.

Stop! Stick it!

The Orc’s neck was cut off with a creep.


“Die! Buggy-like human beings!”


The number of Orcs was too much.

There were so many feet that they tangled and pushed their backs together.

They did not stop the offensive with half of the person and half of the others.


“It’s hard not to forget us.”

A group of people who squeeze a thin sword through the dense Orcs.

At one time, their soldiers’ arms and legs were cut off.

Romells screamed, saving soldiers who seemed to be thirsty right away.

“Why are Dark Elf fighting with Orc!”

The sound of a whining sounded the battlefield.

The identity of the people who squeezed between the Orcs and scattered their swords was Dark Elf.

The Romells bit this.

Both eyes were filled with the light of distrust.

‘Elf or Dark Elf, the Elf would be Orc and the iron battlefield.’

They were incompatible beings in the first place.

Such beings were now attacking themselves by joining forces.

“That’s what the world is about, the enemy of yesterday is today’s comrades, today’s comrades are tomorrow’s enemies, are not they?”

One of Dark Elf smiled and smashed his head.

The mood of ridicule and ridicule was strong.



At the same time, there was a scream of soldiers in the vicinity.

Could be.

The Romells bit this.

“Anyway, retreat was blocked.”

There is no place to escape.


‘We have to find Prince Manus.’

As the melee unfolded, the connection with Manus Pershion, who was alleged to be the forerunner, was cut off.

As they were at stake, Manus’s situation was almost critical.

‘Even if we die, we must live as much as our prince.’

The body that swore to give up life for Manus in the first place.

‘There is no retreat.’

Romells breathed deeply.

‘Breaking through life!’

He rolled over the Orcs in front of him and lifted his sword.

“Make a march!”

When the command was issued, the knights and soldiers who were struggling against each other gathered in an awkward manner.

The end of the tongue was the seat of Romells.

“Break through!”

Romells screamed at them.


Knights and soldiers answered with a determined expression.

“Foolish human beings.”

The Dark Elf sneered and pushed the lighter sword forward.

Then the orcs, who were fortunate, stepped forward with their clubs and roads.

“We’ll trample those guys.”

“Leave it to us.”

It shows the greed to the major.

It was a very instinctive appearance.

Romells Horton and other associations, the Orc, and the Dark Elf have a cool and sharp energy.

It is not unusual even if the fighting takes place immediately.

Right then.


A white light pillar flashed among them as soon as possible.


All of the humans, Orcs, and Dark Elfs staggered in amazement.


The light column disappeared soon.

Everyone looked at the place where the pillar of light rose with both eyes giggling.

But nothing was different from before.


Everyone is heading for a moment.


Suddenly, a black pole, or an iron rod, fell from the sky.


Stone crumbs popped up everywhere.

“What is this ……?”

“What is suddenly?”

Human, Orc, and Dark Elf lifted their heads along the black iron bars in a puzzled way.

The end of gaze moved toward the sky.

Right then.

Spa Baba Baba Baba!

The black fuselage fell to the ground with a sharp wave.

At the same time, the length of the iron rod that extended to the sky quickly decreased.

And finally.


With the roar, the black fuselage stood on the ground.


“What is it?”

Humans, Orc, and Dark Elf all looked surprised with their eyes rounded.

The black fuselage that fell from the sky was a human being.

It was a very young man who looked like a man.

He bent his right knee and grabbed a shortened iron bar with his right hand.

It was not easy to gauge my appearance because I bowed my head.


Everyone swallowed the dry spit with a tense look.

The situation is still uncertain whether it is enemy or ally.

Right then.

“Phew, it was a big day.

The lowly subdued voice broke the silence of the battlefield.

The young man smiled faintly and lifted his head.



The Romells in front of the nose broke the low resilience.

A very familiar face.

He made a surprised look with his eyes round.

“As the King of Roan Lancephil?”

Young, his identity was Roan Lancephil who teleported to Persian Kingdom with the help of Kalian.

He gently nods as he looks at Romells.

“Long time no see.”

After the end of the conversation, Romells realized the rarity and bowed hurriedly.

Roan breathed deeply as he looked at him.

“I’ll do it right later.

His head went back.

“I’ll have to sort them out.”

Orc and Dark Elf filled the eyes.

“Roan?” “Wargod?”

They also heard rumors about Roan.

Two eyes filled with embarrassment.

Roan pulled the iron spear, Travias’ Spear, in his hand, and gave him a strange look.

At the moment his breathing seemed to be breathtaking.


“This, this, this fucking !!!”

Orc and Dark Elf have phased out their weapons.

I thought that no matter how much Wargod Roan, I can not overcome the overwhelming difference in troop strength.

A complete misjudgment.

They ran toward Roan without knowing the horrible puppy.


Roan laughed a little and sat on the floor.

At the same time.

Pa Aaaaaaaa!

Travias’ Spear rises and a sword-red flame soars.

The spear struck the ground and struck the ground.


A stone sprung up with fireworks.

At the same time, a deep wound wound on the hard ground.

The Orcs, who had been in good spirits, flashed in red ash powder.



“Ah, ah!”

Next to them, the Orcs, who were eaten by the flames, screamed and rolled the floor.

For a moment, Roan opened the road ahead.

He whispered in a small voice without even looking at the Romells and the camp.

“Just follow my back and see.”

Strong words.

Reliable words.

No, it was a word I can not help but believe.

Romells and the Captain grabbed each other’s arms and clung to Roan’s back.


Roan ran ahead as if he had waited and sprayed Travias’ Spear.

Kwang! Kwang! Quaaaaaaan!

At that time, the roar of the ground overturned the ship with the roar.

Orc and Dark Elf rolled as they flashed or turned into fireballs.

“Shit! Stop it!”

“Stop it even with your body!”

They bit it.

Anyway, even if I step back like this, it was a whole lot to die.

‘There is no mercy and forgiveness to Him.’

‘He who does not tolerate failure.’

Finally, I had to fight until the end.

A counterattack that ignored his life began.


“Foolish guys.”

Roan rolled his foot lightly.


A heavy sound rang the battlefield.

At the same time, a small wave of semicircular shape was formed except for the rear part of the unit.

“Hmm?” “Huh?”

The Dark Elf and the Orcs stopped walking in an eerie, ominous feeling of wrapping around.

Right then.


The dark red flames soared from the ground.

“Blood, damage!”

“Ah, ah!”

The Dark Elf and the Orcs were able to avoid the flames that were soaring from their feet,


It reminded me of a hell fire.

The soaring fire flies like a lie.

Likewise, the Orc and the Dark Elf, which blocked their eyes, disappeared.

They all became red ash powder.


A breeze touched the battlefield.

A strange silence fell.


Orc and Dark Elf, who blocked the front, as well as the ranks behind them, all swallowed the dried saliva.

Roan, on the other hand, still had a hazy smile.

“let’s go.”

He ran out of the ground once again and ran forward.

“Oh yes!”

The Romells and the cavalry came to a halt and followed.

The Orc and Dark Elf, who were far away from Roan and barely saving their lives, could not make it anymore.

No, but when Roan approached, he stepped back and forth and opened the way.

The Romells and the cavalry ran out of their minds and looked at their eyes.


Orc and Dark Elf quickly ducked their heads and avoided the eye.

Both eyes were drenched in fear.

‘Ah! This is the power of Wargod Roan Lancephil. ‘

Romells was thrilled.

The same was true of the Knights and the soldiers.

They were deeply relieved to see Roan’s back, one step ahead of themselves.

Right then.


The earth pillars soared over the hills with tremendous roar.

It was a huge pillar that I have never seen before.

* * *

“It’s been a long time.”

Kalian looked around and smiled brightly.

Estonia Empire’s ecliptic was the largest and most flourishing city on the continent, the Rezium.

High and colorful buildings spread all over the place.

However, Swift Clark, who was beside him, was unhappy with his back bent.


It was the aftereffect of the teleport magic.

Even the exquisite Pierce was so sick of dizziness that Swift, who was a civil servant since birth, was unbearable.

“I’m weak.”

Kalian knocked on Swift’s back.

The red light flowed faintly along the palm of my hand.

Swiftly pouring mana for the painful Swift.

“Huh, I’m a little better now.”

Whether it worked, Swift smiled awkwardly at the sleeves, stealing his mouth.

He was a bit embarrassed and quickly pulled out.

“This is the yellow sky, so why do not we go to Duke Voiza?”

At that point, Kalian laughed and pointed to the mansion in front of him.

“I found it.”

Funny facial expressions and voices.

Swift’s awkward smile grew thicker.


He could not find a proper word and just nodded his head.

No, actually Swift was very surprised.

‘Teleport itself is great too, because it sets the destination precisely and moves it …’

I did not know much about magic, but I knew how difficult and impossible it was now.

‘Certainly not everyone can be the agent of the dragons.’

I was amazed by both eyes.

“Will you come in?”

Kalian pointed to the mansion with a whisper.

Swift hesitated with embarrassed expression.

“But the door is firmly closed?”

As he said, Duke Voiza’s mansion door was tightly closed.

Even the fence on both sides was so high that it was impossible to jump beyond the man who trained the Mana Technique.

‘Expense is heavy.’

Swift sighed as he saw the sharp blades rising on the fence.

‘If it is true of the contents of the letter, it is bound to be strict.’

He nodded, recalling the letter from Duke Voiza.

At that time, Kalian, who was standing in front of the main gate, pushed his right hand forward.


The moment when the palm and the door meet.


The huge, massive front gate went back like a lie.


Suddenly, Swift opened his mouth.

On the other hand, Kalian laughed and shrugged.

“It looks like the hinge is old.”

He ridiculed the ridiculous sound and stepped into the mansion.

“Uh, uh, uh, go with you!”

Swift got up late and quickly followed it.

However, the steps of the two did not last a long time.

When they reached the entrance of a large garden through the gate.

“Who are you?”

“It’s an intruder!”

“The door is broken!”

“Those guys from the Holy Land!”

Duke ‘s articles, including the heavy – arm soldiers showed up in the.

A large garden was filled in an instant.

Knights and soldiers poured out keen lives towards Kalian and Swift.

“Something seems to be a misunderstanding.”

Swift stepped forward and slammed his hand.

“We came from Duke Voiza …….”

When the horse came about.

“I do not have to bother to say so.

Kalian stepped forward again, this time pushing out his left hand.

Knights and soldiers frowned upon Kalian’s imposing and relaxed appearance.

At that very moment, a slight smile was caught in the mouth of Kalian.

At the same time.

“Everyone asleep.”

A soft voice poured out of his lips.


chin. Turbulence.

The knights and soldiers who had been attacking with a heavy eyeball wearing the heavy armor collapsed as if collapsing at once.

As the knights and soldiers who filled the garden filled the view, the cool wind blew through the earlobe.


Swift swallowed the wind with a surprised expression.

Kalian, on the other hand, still had a relaxed look with his left hand forward.


“Let go, let go.”

Fallen articles and soldiers’ snoring sounded in my ears.

Kalian then looked up at Swift, picking up his hand.

“I would have been tired to keep the mansion for a while and let me sleep.”

A humorous voice flowed out.

He then shook his right hand gently.


The door, which had fallen off in a good way, returned to its original position and boasted of its solid fortune.


Swift swallowed the dry spit in the spectacular sight that spread out before his eyes.

Kalian, on the other hand, headed inside the mansion, shaking off the knights and the soldiers as if they were out of the way.


Swift got up late and rushed after him.

The two quickly crossed into a colorful building inside the mansion.

The building was still firmly closed.

“Will you come in?”

Kalian smiled and asked.

Swift did not say that the door was closed.

I saw with my own eyes what happened just before.

But instead I have something to ask.

“I’m sorry …….”

Very attentive and polite attitude.

Kalian smiled wide and slightly.

Look at all the questions.

Swift hesitated for a moment, but with a more careful and polite voice.

“Are you the agents of the dragons, right?”

The pupil trembled.

“Are you an agent?”

Once again, the question continued.

The whole body was creepy.

‘Do not tell me … No. no. a. I do not think so. ‘

I tried to fill my head with a full house.

Kalian shrugged and shrugged whether he knew the idea of ​​such a Swift.

“I do not know.”

The strange laughter sounded long lasting.


Swift stumbled with low elasticity.

It felt like his idea was somehow right.

Right then.


The door to the building was closed.


“Welcome to.”

Unlike the anticipation, polite voices flowed out.

The main character of the voice was an elderly man in the elderly.

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