I am the Monarch

By Cheol Jonggeum

Chapter 297

Chapter 297

Urgent Summon.

An emergency call was dropped from the Royal Capital Mediasis to the Kingdom.

It was also an emergency call-down with the King’s seal stamped on it.

Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo!

Mediasis and Levi’s carriage ran quickly in a small slot connecting major border cities.

Much faster than regular wagons.

In addition, it was an emergency, and Leviath Road was clear.

All Supreme Commanders, except the Southern Regional Corps Supreme Commander Sammy Impes, were able to reach Royal Capital in two days.

Of course, it included Aily Lancephil, Pierce Newman, and Katie Rinse castles in the Rinse Special District.

Roan waited for the Southern Regional Corps Supreme Commander Sammy to arrive and held an emergency meeting.

Participants include Supreme Commander, Central Corps Supreme Commander, Corps Corps Commander, Royal Capital Corps Commander, Amaranth Training Chairman, Rinse Corps Commander, and Chief of Staffs, Agens, and Tenebra Supervisors. Respectively.

In short, all the leading figures who lead the Amaranth Kingdom are gathered.

“I have something to tell everyone.”

Roan spat out a long breath.

Kalian, who was sitting in a corner of the conference room, gave a strange smile.

‘I wonder what kind of reaction Boyle is in front of this huge and dark reality.’

Roan started a long story, staring straight at the eyes of several men.

Of course, I had to obey the fact that after he died once, he returned to the past and was living a second, or precisely, third life.

‘Because no one knows …….’

At first Pierce knew all the facts.

But he only knew Roan died once and then rose again thanks to Tempestas.

It was because Kalian thought that he did not have to tell all the facts.

“There is something unusual going on across the continent now.”

Roan was thinking of stopping the terrible and ugly plans that Latium was once doing.

Everyone looked at Roan, swallowing the dry spit.

“Latium, Archbishop of Telian Doctrine, is doing terrible rituals to destroy Middle-Earth.”

Scary to end.

“Yes?! Are you Archbishop of Latium?”

Administrative Director Swift Clark returned to his surprised expression.

He had seen and experienced Latium, unlike others.

‘Is he so good and decent? Besides, the majesty is a person who chose himself … ‘

I could not believe it.

Roan laughed and nodded.

“I saw the wrong person.”

He quickly acknowledged his mistake.

I did not blame anyone.


With a short sigh, Roan unraveled the gigantic, ugly truths of the altar that he discovered in Blackburn Fief, the altar of Latium he saw in the memory of Tempestas, and the terrible ceremonies.


“How do you do such a terrible thing!”

“Ah ……. The reality of Telian Doctrine …….”

All the people who heard the story blushed.

In both eyes an unbearable anger, disappointment, and betrayal came to mind.

“Why on earth are you doing such terrible things?”

Northern Regional Corps Supreme Commander and Austin Piedes, the Kingdom’s greatest Count, took care of the boiling anger and asked carefully.

Roan took a short sigh.

“Latium lost parents, relatives and friends to the prosperity.”

For a while, he was able to quietly unravel Latium’s unfortunate days and the cruel things he was going through.


Some people blew low penetration.

Certainly the life of Latium was unhappy.

But he could not understand and understand what he is doing now, what he is trying to do.

“I will locate the altar immediately!”

“If you are located throughout the continent, you should inform other Empires and Kingdoms about this and get help.”

“I’ll start right now!”

The Supreme Commanders and the chiefs of the Knights took their positions and woke up and screamed.

It was the moment that seemed to sweep across the whole continent even at once.

Right then.

“Ceremonies dedicated to altar and sacrifices installed throughout the continent …….”

Total military Ian Phillips opened his mouth carefully, frowning.

“What is it for?”

A sharp question.

The generals excited at the moment asked their mouths.

I realized that Latium did not even know what a terrible ceremony was going on.

Everyone sat back in a neutral position.

Roan nodded at Ian.

“That’s a good question.”

It was a necessary question.

He looked at Aily for a moment and then breathed a long breath.

“In the Grain Mountains there is a border gate.”

At that point, many people frowned and frowned.

“Door of the boundary?”

“What is that door?”

It looks like you have never heard it before.

Roan was careful behind the scenes.

“The door of the border …….”


Everyone swallowed the dry spit.

“It’s the door that connects Middle-Earth and Hell.”




Several people stood up and screamed.

Ian, Swift and Chris, who were always calm, are also very surprised.

Only Aily was the only one who remained calm.

In fact, she was a leader of the Elves and knew somehow about the gate of the border.

However, even the story that accompanied her was forced to be astonished.

“The door of the border is sealed with powerful magic, but the power of the seal has weakened little by little from hundreds of years ago, and it was likely that the seal would break and the door of the border would open, It was in the hands of the demons that they could have been shattered,

Roan’s gaze continued to Aily.

“The dragons are out.”


Aily turned his head quickly with low elasticity and looked at Kalian.

Kalian looked grinning at Aily ‘s eyes.

‘Long time no see. Queen Elf’s Pisces. ‘

He also knew Aily well.

‘Berr and Leaguebee, Trellian was the one he taught.’

Kalian did not directly teach Aily, but she clearly remembered what happened at the time.

‘Sylen, a former Pisces, became a target and attracted the Dark Elf, and Aily came to the Grain Mountains in the meantime.’

It was the same story that Aily did to Roan the other day.

‘After that, I became a disciple of three dragons and went to the Elf forest in the year of adulthood.’

It was the same story that Aily did to Roan.

But there was one other.

‘Pisces. You knew we were dormant, but in fact we were guarding the gate of the border. ‘

Until then, there was no reason to say anything.

It was better not to say no.

There was no need to confuse Middle-Earth.

‘I thought I could keep the door at the border until then.’

Kalian laughed.

But now the situation has changed.

Now, with the power of the dragons alone, I could not keep the gate of the border.

I needed help from everyone.

“Do you mean that the dragons that disappeared hundreds of years ago were actually guarding the gates of the border?”

Swift was surprised.

Roan nodded slowly.

“Yes, it was a great sacrifice for Middle-Earth.”

He looked back at Kalian with a strong voice after glancing at him.

“It was not hard to keep the gate of the border, because the dragons turned to each other to thicken the seal and supplement their strength and ability through dormancy, but in just a few years the situation changed.”

When the horse approached it, Ian, who was listening quietly, laughed.

“It was a ceremony to weaken the seal of the gate of the altar and ceremony …….. of Latium.”


A low sigh came out from around.

Roan nodded slowly.

“Yeah, he’s going to open the door of the border and make Demon go to the middle-earth.”


Everyone swallowed the seaweed.

The facial expression hardened.

Door of the Border, Hell, Demon …….

My head was dizzy because of the many stories I could not think of.

“If this condition continues for a while, the door of the border will open, despite the sacrifices of the dragons.”

It was clear that Demons would pour out when the gates of the border were opened.

‘Demon. That horrible existence is manifesting in a bunch! ”

Everyone’s face is distorted.

Sometimes there was a time when the Demons appeared in the world.

When the gap between Middle-Earth and Hell interlocked for a while, some of the Demons flashed into Middle-Earth.

Of course, there was a time when the black Mage who held up the trace and the shamans’ summoning ceremony showed.

‘Demon, one or two dogs, was destroyed even if only one or two dogs were shown.’

Demon was such a terribly strong being.

‘But if the door of the border is open …….’

That means that Demon comes out at the same time, dozens, hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands.

‘It is destruction! Destruction! ‘

Everyone’s eyes smelled of rotten light.

There was a sense of despair in my eyes.

‘This is the reaction too.’

Kalian, who was watching, laughed.

It was not possible to expect much from such a reaction just by hearing the story.

‘I have to go to a few elite.’

I thought that it would be quite useless if I only picked out the best guys in each country.

Just then, the guys who were in despair looked up at Roan with one or two heads up.

It looks so natural as water flows from high to low.

Roan looked at his gaze gently.

I did not show much confidence.

It just showed the same look and attitude as usual.

At the moment, the face of people who had been bitten by rotten light rose in color.

In addition, there was a strong momentum in the eyes that were bundled with the energy of despair.

‘Yes. Even if you say Demon, you are with your majesty ……. ‘

‘I have not been able to walk with my majesty!’

‘If you are this, if you are by this person, you can do it!’

My breasts rose a lot.

They regained their confidence by looking at Roan, who is guarding them in the same way as usual.

Roan smiled faintly.

He also noticed the change of the handcuffs.

“You do not have to ask.”

The smile became thicker.

“Whether to fight with me.”

Everyone bowed their heads silently.

At the same time, a strong momentum came out.


Kalian was also impressed.

The object of the admiration was Roan.


I pulled up the scam that I had crashed.

It was not a boastful speech or force.

Being itself was a comfort, a faith, and a strong hope.


“But how did you know these things?”

Chris, the director of Agens, asked carefully, with a surprised look.

I was really curious because I did not even know Agens, the best information agency in the continent.

Roan looked at Kalian.

“It’s thanks to Kalian.”

As long as I had to hide my identity, I had to do my best.

Kalian laughed awkwardly and bowed his head slightly.

“he is…….”

Roan’s introduction continued.

“It is the agents of the dragons.”


At the moment, several people burst into resilience.

“That’s why you have such a magical ability.”

Swift, who had seen Kalian’s teleport directly, shook his head with his tongue out.

On the other hand, Aily and Pierce, who knew the real identity of Kalian, smiled awkwardly.

Roan quickly poured out a number of commands to turn the topic.

“Once each locality is focused on the search of the altar of the jurisdiction Fief.”

He gave instructions to each county as well as to the Central Army, Special Corps, Royal Capital Defense Corps, and other Knights.

In addition, the administration and the legislature have been ordered to prepare for future horrible warfare along with rear support.

“Sir! (Charge!) I will take orders.”

Everybody bowed with a short bell.

Roan breathed deeply.

“I’m going to Holy Land to discuss this.”

It was a very dangerous choice, but it was a must.

‘I’d better sell it first.’


“Your Majesty, I have something to report about Holy Land.”

Swift stepped forward and carefully pulled the word out.

“I do not know where you are, I had to send a letter to the whole Kingdom …….”

He pulled out a letter from his bracelet.

“This is a letter from Duke Voiza, read it directly.”

“Duke Voiza?”

Roan frowned and read the letter carefully.

The contents were quite long.

But I could not read even a single letter.


The contents of the letter were really great.

Roan folded the letter back and gave it back to Swift.

“We should visit Duke Voiza first, not Holy Land.”

Unknown word.

Swift nodded silently.

Right then.

“Your Majesty, we have a word to say.”

Ian and Chris stepped forward and spoke out with urgency.

Roan twisted his head slightly.

“What’s going on?”

Ian looked at Chris with a lightly asked question.

Chris posted a quick report with a brief sigh.

“A change has occurred in the Pershion Kingdom.”

“Pershion Kingdom ?!”

Roan returned with a little surprised expression.

Chris nodded.

“1st Prince Lytas Pershion, exiled to Teloy Island, escaped the island …….”

He quickly dismantled the stories that had taken place in Pershion Kingdom for a while.

“So where is Prince Manus now?”

Roan quickly spotted the situation and pierced the core.

Chris picked up a letter from his bracelet.

“This is the news I just received.”

Roan quickly got the letter.

The paper was full of writing on the wide open paper.


Roan, who read all the contents, shook his head and frowned.

He hesitated for a moment, turned his head and looked at Swift.

“Administrative Director Duke Voiza is going to go with you and Kalian.”

Not easy decision.

“Yes, then, is your majesty?”

Swift was surprised.

Roan turned his head and looked at Kalian.

“I have to go to the Pershion Kingdom.”

A slight irritation came to my eyes.

He nodded a little, staring straight at Kalian’s eyes.

‘You want me to teleport you.’

Kalian noticed Roan’s thoughts and moved on to the tramp.

“Where do you send it?”

A gentle voice shook the conference room.

“Pershion Kingdom Evian Fief.”

Short answer.

Kalian made a strange smile.

“It’s far.”

“I still have to go.”

Roan breathed deeply.

Kalian nodded without a word.

in between.


Roan caught Aily ‘s two hands.

Aily smirked at the frenzied feelings and smiled faintly.

“Please come and leave this place to us.”

“I’m always thankful.”

Roan kissed with a brief greeting.

Beautiful appearance.

It was the moment that made the ugly and terrible reality forget for a moment.


I heard Kalian’s voice in my ears.

Roan left Aily’s hand and stepped back in one foot.


Roan said in a clear voice, looking around Austin and Swift and others.


Eyes with true heart.

“Do not worry.”

Everyone bowed their heads.

At the same time.


Wrapped Roan and a white light pillar rose.

It was a teleport magic.

As the light column disappeared, Roan disappeared.

Right then.


Kalian clapped her with a startled look.

He scratches the back of his head and sighs briefly.

Everyone’s gaze poured into Kalian, but he did not mind at all.

‘I forgot the gift of Europas.’

It was because Europas had forgotten the last gift left to Roan because so many things went crazy.

‘Are you chasing?’

But he shook his head.

‘Anyway, it is no use to take gifts now …….’

It was true, not an excuse.

‘Let’s go to Duke Voiza as Roan dictates.’

Kalian turned his head and looked at Swift.

“Let’s go.”

A short, pounding voice popped out.

It was not an attitude that could be taken by the administrative director of a country.

Even so, Swift and even Austin and Sammy did not show any response.

Rather, I was somewhat polite and courteous.

“Yes, I understand.”

Swift leaned slightly to the head and grabbed Kalian’s hand.

At the same time.


Once again, a pillar of light rose.

It was also a teleport magic.

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