I am the Monarch

By Cheol Jonggeum

Chapter 280

Chapter 280

“Huh, that’s true.”

“It started again.”

The men shook their head with a glass of wine.

The face was unfavorable.

Berin, on the other hand, was dignified.

“I saw it!”

A sharp voice filled the pub.

Her two eyes shone with the light of sorrow and anger.

“Grace’s heart in the hands of the demons …….”

Berin was unable to speak and bite his lower lip.

The men frowned.

“Berin, I know you were close to Grace, you do not understand that the Abby guy sold Grace to a slave dealer, but you have to spread ridiculous rumors about it.”

“Yes, I do not want to forget Grace anymore,” he said.

Rough sounds came out.

Grace was now a ten year old little lady.

Berin, who was alone without a family, was a good child who followed well like his son.

Berin went after Grace when he was sold to a slave dealer.

Village As the best hunter, it was not hard to follow the guys because their feet were fast and their body was nimble.

No, they were strange at first.

“They are slave traders, not the big city in the east, but the Grain Mountains in the west, so I could go after them without notice.”

One of the men shook his head with his tongue.

“It’s not easy to trade slaves after the Amaranth Kingdom was built,” he said.

“Well, then, it’s not like you can trade slaves in big cities like in the old days of Rinse Kingdom.”

The other guy hit me.

Berin shook his head with a frustrating look.

“It’s not that they’re not slave traders, they’re making a strange altar …”

When the horse came about.


“Yes, Berin, stop it.”

“I do not want to hear such a faint voice.”

“Drinking flavor …….”

The men frowned and screamed.

Berin glanced at their faces.

“I’m sure you’ll regret it.”

A small but cool voice.

Both eyes reminded me of unbearable anger.


The men seemed to have no expression.

Berin spelled out one letter, one letter.

“Do not shed tears after losing your child later.”

Scary to end.

“What, what ?! This child is real …….”

“You say that now!”

The men stood up and screamed.

Berin looked at their faces and went out of the pub.

The atmosphere inside the pub suddenly got cold.

“Aye, a pony-like year.”

“I grow up without parents, not very polite, courtesy!”

The end of the sentence.

Watching the situation, Roan sneaked up and lifted his bag.

Seeing that, the boys beat the wooden cup.

“Are you going already?”

“Stop drinking?”

Roan shrugged his shoulders with an impatient look.

“I do not drink tasty.”

The nods nodded at the end of the nose.

“That’s right.”



Eventually, after they had said goodbye to each other, they left the pub.

Roan moved away from his men to the corner of Village.


The sound of a low call, soon divorce the darkness, and Murray Lee, who remained beside him without revealing the procession of the doubt, appeared.

He bowed his head with a quick pace.

“The woman named Berin went to the west.”

Murray came up with the answer he wanted before Roan asked.

Roan frowned, staring at the west.

The darkness was already sitting down.

“I did not find the place called the altar …….”


“By the way…….”

Murray was behind with a careful look.

“According to the Amaranth Legionnaire Troop circles who are tracking the procession, the procession of the mysteries is also heading north towards the Grain Mountains in the direction of the west.”


Roan shed a low penetration.

It was possible that the story of Berin was true.

“I’ll have to find her first.”

Roan smiled faintly and nodded.

After Murray once again wore it, he disappeared into the darkness.

Roan also put on the floor as if waiting.

He turned into a light and disappeared into the darkness.


The wind blew late.

In the village, the stillness fell.

* * *

“You’re sick.”

“It gets more and more crowded.”

“This is difficult.”

The young men sat around on the round table and talked with serious expressions.

Their appearance was very strange.

The colors of hair, eyebrows and pupils were completely different from each other as if they were intentionally set.

Gold, silver, blue, red …….

Even the clothes they wore were the same as the colors of their hair, eyebrows and eyes.

The faces of the young people came to mind with tired colors and embarrassed faces.

“I fell asleep to the League rain …….”

The young man with a gold hair gave a short sigh with a little nervous expression.

The young man with a red hair nodded his head with a frustrated voice.

“No matter how much we are guarding the gates of the border, it’s no use if the Middle-Earth guys are in vain.”

A white hair young man nodded at the end.

“Kalian is right, I can not accurately detect the door of the border, but I feel a disgusting ugly feeling throughout the continent.”

“That energy weakens the seal that blocks the door of the border, and it hinders us from joining forces …”

Red hair young man, Kalian grasped his fist.

It seemed like I wanted to get out of the woods and turn the middle-earth over.

“I can not help it.”

The golden hair young man looked at everyone ‘s face.

“It would be better for one of us to get out of the world.”


All the young people broke the low penetration.

It was not an easy decision.

The eldest of the silver hair spoke out with a careful voice.

“We have three friends already sleeping in. No, it’s four to the league, but honestly, it’s not easy to seal the border door,

He looked straight at the blonde young man.

“Would not it be okay if one more is missing?”

Everyone nodded at the end of it.

I was worried about it.

But the blonde young man laughs dimly and does not worry.

“I’ll use the magic of Impensia.”

Scary to end.

“Impensia? You want to use Impensia magic?”

“Are you going to sacrifice yourself?”

The other youths screamed with surprise expression.

The blonde young man padded both hands and calmed them down.

“My life is not much left anyway.”


Many young people could not speak easily.

At that time, a gray-haired young man opened his mouth with a lonely expression.

“Who will lead us if you die?”

It was thanks to the blonde young man, Europas, that they were able to join forces with each other.

He was an excellent leader and mediator.

At the end, Europas turned his head and looked at the blue hair young man.

“Let Berr do it, and Berr will do well.”

“Europas …….”

Blue hair young man, Berr bites his lip with a confused look.

Europas smiled brightly that he did not like the heavy atmosphere.

“I do not have to be so depressed, because everything is birth and death, I’m lucky and I just picked the right time to go back.”

He turned his head and looked at Kalian.

“Kalian, you go out of the world on behalf of everyone.”


The usual Kalian had been excluded from important missions because of his irresistible and bulky personality.

Europas nodded.

“You are the best person among us, even though you are a bitch, and let’s get rid of the black holes that are messing with Middle-Earth with you guys.”

Soft and warm eyes.

It was full of trust.

Kalian nodded without a word.

It was a favor of the Europas, who were not anyone else.

I could not refuse.

No, I did not want to refuse.

Besides, the words of Europas were also true.

It was Kalian who did many activities in the Middle-Earth and had the closest friendship with humans.

“And Kalian …….”

Europas called Kalian in a quiet voice.

Unlike now, a little serious face.

Kalian listened with a little nervous expression.

Europas was the back end with a very small, secret voice.

“When you go out into the world, you receive the favor of the Aestroom …….”

His story, no favor, has lasted quite a long time.

Kalian, who was listening quietly, nodded at the expression of not worrying.

“I’ll surely like that.”


Europas had a long breath with the expression that he was less worried.

“Then everyone …….”

He smiled brightly, looking at his colleagues and friends, who had been together for decades and centuries.

“Take care of the world.”

That was the last word Europas left.

* * *

Tadak. Tadak.

A small firewood burned red.

There was a messy pot on the firewood.

Unidentified food that can not be known as soup or a country was boiling, it was boiling.

The spoon, which was as dirty as the pot, stirred the unidentified food.

“This is enough to eat.”

A pointy voice.

The person stirring the spoon was Berin who got out of the pub and disappeared to the west.

She made a happy face with a poisonous yellowish soup.

It was satisfactory taste.

Of course only for her.

It was when Berin was about to open the soup one more time.


A young man with an impression of a smooth, pure impression was revealed with cracks in the bushes.

Berin picked up a bow that was reflexively by the side.

Geek Geek!

An arrow on the blinking bird caught the protest.

I bent it so much that it broke.

“Uh, uh, uh! Well, wait a minute!”

Suddenly, the young man leaned on the floor with his hands swirling.

“Huh? Are you …?”

Then Berin frowned at the barbeque.

“A baker who was in the pub?”

“Yes, that ‘s right, it’ s Roel, the merchant.”

Roan was the young man with his head down on the floor.

He put his bag on his side and swept down his surprised chest.

“I thought I was going to die with an arrow in the area.”

Roan shook his head.

Berin, still holding the rope, did not withdraw his suspicions.

“What’s up here? No, but how did you find it here?”

His voice was sharp.

The vigil has been buried.

‘The hut here is where the hunters know only …’

Moreover, because it was built in a very secret place to avoid monsters, it was hard to find by chance.

Roan shrugged his shoulders as his knees approached him.

“I lost my way and wandered to see the wood fire.”

“Have you lost your way?”

Berin’s face hardened.

“It’s been a while since that. What did the merchant sell to the Grain Mountains?”

It was a sharp question.

Roan laughed instead of the answer and looked at the pot with a soup of soup.

“I was hungry, I was hungry …….”

He trembled and put a spoon in the pot.

I immediately heard Berin’s voice.

“Let’s start with the answer.”

A voice that feels to live at first glance.

Roan did not care, but he sprang a spoonful of soup.

“Once you fill it up and talk.”

Then I put a cold spoon in my mouth.

At the moment, an enormous number of nostrils penetrated the mouth, nose, heart, lungs, liver, stomach and Mana Hole.


If I had not been patient with my long life and training, I would have vomited.

Roan looked down at Berin, putting the spoon down.

There was an awkward smile on his mouth.

“It’s not polite, either.”

He gathers both hands and then gently slips his head.

“Let’s talk.”

His mouth trembled a little.

‘That soup, no poison, even if I die, can not eat.’

The back of my back was sweaty.

Berin looked at the scene and ate a large mouthful of soup.


Roan seemed to get vomited just by looking.

Berin, on the other hand, ate noxiously, even though he had no taste, no smell.

She wiped her mouth with a soup of soup with her hand.

“Tell me, why were you wandering the Grain Mountains?”


Roan, who was about to pull out the horse, suddenly asked his mouth.

His eyes moved quickly to the left and right.

Roan smiled awkwardly and shook his head.

“I guess I’ll have to talk later.”

At the end, Berin touched the pot with a spoon.

“Why? I want to eat my special soup …….”

When the horse came about.

“No, not at all!”

Roan had a seizure and then rose from his seat.

He looked around the cabin and whispered in a small voice.

“I do not think I have other guests.”


Berin frowned and crouched over her head, instinctively pulling the bowstring.

“What, what?”

The skin was stingy.


The dry spit passed by itself.

Roan, on the other hand, looked at the surroundings with a gentle expression.

His head and eyes turned to the west.

At the same time.

Farababa Bababat!

The bushes split and guests who did not invite came out.

Roan smiled faintly after seeing the uninvited.


It was the first feeling I saw guys.

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