I am the Monarch

By Cheol Jonggeum

Chapter 263

Chapter 263

“Shit! Shit! Shit!”

Harsh swearing came out.

The narrow dark cave was full of terrible monster bodies.

“Guys like ghosts. How do I know I’m here … Damn!”

Once again, profanity came out.

The young man was a fairly young man who kicked the floor with a distorted face.

His eyes were shrouded and wicked.

“I Heseul live in this miserable state …….”

A bitter voice.

Surprisingly, the identity of the young man who went to Baudrill was the Shaman Master Heseul.

‘I barely escaped from Longport Castle and hid here in the Grain Mountains.’

In the process, Simon and the magic dolls, Monster Corps of the Grain Mountains have all been lost.

The situation was not good, but I could not be frustrated.

No, I did not have to be frustrated.

It was enough to make them again, and they could once again build a monster Corps with their own magic tricks.

‘Just a little bit, if you had a little more time …….’

I was able to create powerful magic corps even if not as old as before.

But a few days ago, strangers appeared in the mountains.

The guys wearing red armor.

Intense complexion that you can not forget even if you want to forget.

‘Crimson Corps.’

The soldiers of Roan Lancephil were obvious.

“Are they really ghosts …….”

It was appalling.

As a test, Goblins Troop and ten ogres, which were sent to the Village Village, were destroyed by their hands.

‘I do not know if the guys knew something and was in the Village in advance, or if I had been there by accident …….’

The important thing is that after that day, their search for mountains began.

‘Must be looking for me.’

I had to think so.

Heseul bit her lower lip.

‘I’m glad you do not have a lot of guys.’

At most, the number is ten more.

But I was relieved.

‘I do not wear red armor, but there are guys who move together.’

When they added them, the total number reached dozens.

I did not look strong enough to be on the alert, but I was careful not to worry.

‘It does not move.’

I was going to wait for them to tear themselves apart.

When you think about it.


A goblins appeared with a bizarre sound.

Emerging expressions and voices.

He repeatedly pounded out the bizarre sounds with his hand gestures and his feet.

“Shit! Shit!”

Heseul knew very well what he was saying through the magic.

‘Two people appeared in Delfin Gorge?’

The eyes shone and shone.

The moment I finally waited for came.


This clatter sounded the cave.

‘How the hell did you find this place, you have to figure it out.’

After finding out the reason, I decided to erase the trail and buy a little more body.

‘A little more, if you prepare a little more …….’

Once again I was confident to surprise the world.


Heseul grasped his fist and punched the ground.

His shinyoung extended out of the cave.

The destination is Delfin Gorge.

The targets were Murray and Vecail.

* * *

“Whoa, whoa.”

Vecail climbed a steep mountain road and took a deep breath.

The Delphin Gorge was a much rugged place.

“There’s only one head up there, it’s Delfin Gorge.”

Vecail paced effortlessly to take a breath.

Murray pulled Mana up behind him.

The five senses became sharp.

‘There is no reaction …….’

Both eyes calmed down.

‘Obviously the trail of monsters led to Delfin Canyon …….’

It was a fact that the Legionnaire were all stuck together and tracked.

‘Did we think wrong?’

Murray shook his head.

‘No, I simply did not bite the bait yet.’

Murray blew up a handful of suspicions.

I had to.

This was all Roan’s.

For him, suspicion of Roan was never possible.


In the meantime, Vecail’s breathing was a little rougher.

He grabbed the dense tree and barely crossed the towering head.

Deeply depressed rock formations, No Gorge showed up.

It was Delfin Gorge.

“This is Delfin Gorge, how are you?”

“I think so.”

Murray responded with a gentle voice and slowly looked up the canyon.

‘Nothing has changed.’

Last night, nothing changed when I sneaked in.

In a word, it means that no one has visited here since last night.

“Come on out.”

Murray bit him.

‘Shaman Master Heseul. I know you are here. ”

There was a sharp light in the eyes.

The command that Roan gave him as he left the Village.

It was to keep the Village and at the same time grasp the situation of Grain Mountains monsters accurately and closely.

Roan had already thought that the monster’s anomaly was caused by the shaman master Heseul.

Even though it was not so, I was tentacled in the whereabouts of Heseul, who was left behind in Longport Castle.

I had ordered Tenebra troop to find him, but coincidentally I found the trail of Heseul in the Grain Mountains.

So Roan ordered Murray to trace the monsters back to find Heseul.

‘There was a command to blame the Vecail, but …’

It was purely due to Bass and Melly, the townspeople Roan played like his biological parents.

Since Vecail became an adult, he became the head of the hunters himself, and he was hurting Village atmosphere.

Although Bass tried to drag him off in many ways, Vecail was rather annoyed and ignored the Village people who were collecting logs and herbs.

‘If I had been like me,

Roan seemed to want to give Vecail another chance.

If you are not addicted to poison and you get a chance to get strength, you want to keep a promise with yourself, or miss out on it.

So far the result was a disappointment.

As soon as he realized that addiction was fake, he started to feel anger.

What I had forgotten about Roan’s things was that I forgot.

In addition, he planned to secretly find Pisces’ bow and fight against Roan.

‘He forsaken the opportunity given by His Majesty.’

Murray, who had been betraying so much and was expecting a little, was almost embarrassed.

“Now, what do you want to do now?”

Vecail acted pretending not to know anything.

Murray laughed faintly and pointed to Delfin Canyon.

“The canyon is so wide that I need to look in a little more detail …….”

When the horse came about.

Come on.

The massive masses of the dense trees shook their heads.


M Vecail, who was looking for his bow, rolled his eyes away and swallowed the wind, sat down and sat down.

“This, this …….”

It is so awesome to me.


It must have been the horrible scare I heard when raiding Village last time.

He looked at Murray without even knowing it.

Murray’s expression, which was always nice, was showing a dramatic change this time.

But the expression was vague.

Vecail seemed to be scared but he even seemed to be somewhat excited.

It looks as though it has been waiting for this moment.

‘I do not think so.’

Vecail stood up and stood up in a corner.

At the same time.


The trees and the shrubbery shook sharply, and the ogres proud of their huge size appeared.

The number reached twenty.

At the same time, dozens of Goblins appeared under their knees.


They waved a grueling wooden stick to Murray and Vecail.

It’s a situation where your breath is blocked.

‘Do you run, too?’

Vecail peeked back.

A steep downhill path came into my eyes.


If only one foot is wrong, the limbs will be broken and the neck bone will be broken.

It was impossible to escape.

‘Fight then?’

His face was white.

Thinking is horrible.

Goblins would be the limit if you are skilled.

The gaze naturally headed towards Murray Lee.

“Well, Murray is Adjutant.”

Can Murray deal with monsters?

I asked myself.

The answer?

‘No. It is impossible to face dozens of Goblins and twenty Ogres alone. ‘

In addition, the surrounding terrain was so rough that I could not move my body.

Vecail was soon to fall.

‘I’ll die like this.’

I was greedy to be a monster cooked to become.

‘It’s all Roan, because of his cubs!’

Up to the throat, crying and crying rose.

Right then.

“Are you the followers of Roan?”

A dark, dark voice pierced my ears.


Vecail frowned and looked at the direction in which he heard the voice.

Within a short time, a young man showed up.

The man was no different than Shaman Master Heseul.

He looked up at Murray and Vecail while he was wearing a black robes.

The shaman’s distinctive dark energy has reached out.

‘Who, who is it?’

Vecail quickly rolled his head as he watched the sudden appearance of Heseul.

‘Did you ask Roan’s number?’

The voice and momentum stood firmly.

It was a bad relationship with Roan.

‘Sa, I can live. There is still a way to live. ‘

If the monster does not speak well, the guy who appeared late was obviously human.

Hopefully, I could lay down my life.

“Well, wait a minute!”

Vecail knelt quickly, screaming.

Murray and Heseul’s gaze stuck in the back of his head.

“Well, I’m not Roan’s son!”

Vecail shouted with all his might.

“Is not Roan’s mess?”

Heseul frowned.

Vecail was quick to head back with a quick glance.

“Yes, I am a hunter in the nearby Lar Village, not Roan’s,” he said.


Heseul stared at Vecail, still frowning.

Vecail swallowed the dry spit.

“Not long ago, Roan came to our Village …….”

He spoke of what Roan had done to himself and his hunters after he returned home.

Heseul, who was quietly listening, smiled strangely.

‘Ohh. The mountain village near here was Roan’s hometown. ‘

What I never thought of.

‘If you knew it, you would have caught it and made it into a magic doll …….’

Heseul had an appetite for sorrow.

‘by the way…….’

He looked at Vecail and Murray alternately in a low-lying gaze.

‘I was not looking for me, but I was looking for Pisces’ bow …?’

Pisces’ bow was the first thing he heard of himself.

But Roan could not pour time and manpower into vain.

‘The owner of the bow can be the strongest person on the continent …?’

If Vecail’s words were true, Pisces’s bow was not usually solid.

‘If I find it …….’

I will be able to regain strength a little more quickly.

The smile on my mouth became thicker.

“Did you find the bow of Pisces?”

Vecail quickly swung his head at the lightly asked voice.

“Oh, I have not found it yet, but here’s Delfin Gorge in my palm.


Heseul nodded with a satisfied expression.

Murray, who was watching the situation at that time, said in a cold voice.

“Vecail, no, Vecail, are you trying to betray your Majesty?”

Vecail, who was lying down at the end, lifted his head and looked at Murray.

“I have never served Roan since the beginning.”

The voice of the day was poured out.

He turned his gaze and looked at Heseul.

“Please give me life only, save me, and I will give you a bow of Pisces, and I will be your arrow and pierce Roan’s breast.”

Vecail begged for his life.

No, it was not just begging.

This was an opportunity.

‘We can narrow the gap with Roan at once.’

It was a great opportunity to catch whatever happened.

Heseul smiled at Vecail’s jealousy and anger.

‘There is a place for a lot of puppies who are blind to such revenge.’

Even if it was not, I had to have one of them to go out of the world.

“Good, I’ll listen to your call.”

Heseul’s wacky voice rang in the mountains.

Vecail, who was on the verge of falling down, looked up at his face many times.

“Thank you thank you.”

He thrilled and thrilled that he had survived without dying.

At that time, Murray’s cold voice was poured into the back of his head.

“You are a terrorist without God.”

At the end, Vecail slipped back from his seat.

I was afraid that Murray would have done harm if I had to.

He stepped back to the ogres that he had not dared to look at until just before, and shouted at the gigantic scale.

“What God is the God who freezes! I did not even serve Roan in the first place, and I did not believe it! When I was younger, the guy who was setting up in front of me became the King? Huh! I can not admit it! If he is King, Can be! ”

Vecail spewed out the horses without thinking.

I decided to receive Heseul ‘s asylum anyway so I was not afraid any more.

“Shut your mouth!”

Murray pulled Mana up and started to shout.

But Vecail was already very excited.

“Huh! What do you do if you do not ?! Can you fight this great monster Troop alone?”

There was a bad light in both eyes.

“Roan’s henchman!” The monsters eat rice! ”

A curse exploded.

But somehow, Murray looked a lot smoother than before.

I had a leisurely smile on my lips.

Heseul, who was watching the situation with a pleasant expression, frowned.

“That guy, why suddenly I got to spare.”

Suddenly, the back of the back creeped.

He had experienced this experience many times.

‘And every time every time …….’

I did not want to think about it.

Heseul shook his head.

Trying to shake off an ominous thought.

But right then.

“Finally the bait bit the bait.”

A loud voice ran through the mountains in the wind.


Heseul had a sad lament.

An unforgettable voice.

His hands and feet trembled greatly.

“Who is who?”

Vecail, who has not figured out the situation yet, shouted in a loud voice.

The answer was simple.

“It’s me.”

At the same time, Murray showed a young man wearing a Crimson Uniform in the future.

Murray quickly bowed his head to one knee.

The young man stood straight and looked straight at Vecail.

“You, you, you …….”

Vecail was so surprised that the whole body was shivering.

The young man dressed in a Crimson Uniform replied briefly, smiling faintly.

“Yeah, it’s me, Roan.”

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