I am the Monarch

By Cheol Jonggeum

Chapter 252

Chapter 252

Military meetings were held under the presidency of Roan Lancephil and Ian Phillips.

Mills Voiza and the Rinse Liberation Army of 50,000.

“I think…….”

“That’s a good idea, but if you’re like me …….”

Several commanders put forth their plans in mind.

Ian listened to all the stories and carefully recorded them.

Military meetings have been around for quite some time.

However, there was no clear strategic tactic.

The Lancephil Fief Army has been reduced to 20,000 troops due to repeated battles, while the enemy army has increased to 50,000.

Although the majority of enemy soldiers are conscripts, the difference in the number of troops is too great to ignore.


Ian was troubled by reading the memo again.

Phew for a moment.

His gaze turned to Roan.

No, exactly pointed over Roan’s head.

“Could not you let the rain of fire burn down one more time?”

A soft voice.

At the end of her gaze was Kinness, a girl with reddish hair and purplish skin.

She flew around Roan’s head.

After returning from the spirit system, not only Roan but also others could see Kinness.

Kinness shrugged and shook his head.

“Yes, I can not help it.”

Ian took a short sigh with an embarrassed look.

If he could fire the fire one more time, Roan alone could have destroyed the enemy base.

I was able to finish this damn war at once.

‘I have to find another way.’

It was when Ian looked at the note again.

“Huh? What are you talking about?”

Ian turned into a surprised expression.

Kinness shook his head with the expression that he did not get it either.

I can not make the rain of the fire in the first place, but I can change the rain to the fire. When I returned to the human world, Elaim gave me a present. As soon as I got back I wrote the gift once and now it is only one time.>


Ian blew low elasticity.

Other commanders also came up with full face anticipation.

“It sounds like it’s only possible once …….”

Ian was troubled by the narrowness of his eyes.

In my head, all kinds of information and plans were stormy.

“All right, all right.”

Horses singing alone.

He stood up from his seat and looked at Roan.

“I have to check, I will go to Royal Capital Miller, it will not be long.”

Somewhat excited look.

No, I was confident.

Roan nodded.

“I’ll give you ten Legionnaire.”

“Thank you.”

After Ian greeted him, he left the conference room.

Thanks to that, the military meeting was finished without any further succession.

Several commanders went out of the meeting room one by one.

Only Roan and Kinness were left until the end.

“Now I can talk to you.”

At that end, Kinness, who was flying in the conference room, laughed brightly and sat down on the table.

Greetings again.

“How have you been? I have no answer.”

Roan frowned, smiling faintly.

Kinness smiled silently.

Roan did not hurry and waited.

Phew for a moment.

She listened to her arms.

Purple skin was revealed.

The story of Kinness began so.

It was a fairly long and boring story.

* * *

Royal Capital Miller was a festive mood.

It was reported that Roan and Lancephil Fief Army defeated the South Rinse Kingdom and that they were still winning the battle against the North Rinse Kingdom.

Rinse Kingdom For the people, this war was not simply a civil war of the Rinse Kingdom.

North Rinse Kingdom, Diesu Kingdom, South Rinse Kingdom, Estia Empire.

Now the war was not a war of succession to the throne, but a war of war against the invasion of foreign powers.

Thanks to Roan, he was not a noble, but a hero of the country and a hero of the world.

“It’s really, really great! It’s all about the South Rinse Kingdom, the Diesu Kingdom, the North Rinse Kingdom and the Estia Empire.”

“Count Lancephil is a hero, a hero.”

The men sat round and raised their voices.

Roan and Count Lancephil both praised it as one.

“I knew exactly when he helped the slums of Miller Castle, that someday he would be bigger.”

“Huh, I mean, I’ve known him since he was commander of the Eastern Regional Corps.”

“Since I was Count Lancephil as Rose Troop Adjutant …….”

“Oh, do not lie, how do I know the terminal Troop Adjutant at the eastern end?”

“Well, well, is that important?” It’s important that Count Lancephil was already a big guy from a long time ago. ”

“Yes, it is.

The men laughed at Roan’s anecdotes and his actions.

At that time, a simple ignorant man spoke out with a humble voice.

“by the way…….”

The other men also naturally shrugged their shoulders as they were extremely cautious.

The heads of the men gathered in the middle.

The man who spoke out said whispering with a small voice.

“When the war is over, who will …….”

He could not speak easily.


The man sighed shortly.

Then I was in the back with a smaller voice than before.

“Who is going to the throne?”

The faces of the guys who had been ears for the moment stiffened hard.

They smiled awkwardly at each other’s eyes.

Silence continued for a while.

But I did not want to end the conversation like this.

“Now there is no man in the kingdom of Rinse to win the throne?”

“Yes, the princess is alive.”

Soon there was a heated debate.

“Then one of the princess is going to the throne too?”

“Then Princess Katie might be the most powerful.”

Everyone nodded at the end of it.

Katie Rinse was the brother of the dead Simon Rinse, and her dead mother was also the first queen.

It was the blood of the innocent royal family only in terms of blood.

“But Princess Katie is the sister of Prince Simon.”

The devil who made Rinse Kingdom ruined with the shamans and at the same time drove the innocent Kingdom people to death.

Rather, in the present situation, the fact that Simon was his brother took hold.

Everyone nodded.

“Then how about Princess Aily? You made a clear ball in this war.”

“Yes, you had a big ball in front of Royal Capital Miller.”

“According to a rumor, he added strength to defeat the Diesu Kingdom.”

“Besides, there is no part of the conduct that can be caught in the book …….”

The voices of the men were heard a little.


“But does Senate and many other nobles acknowledge that a princess, not a prince, is on the throne?”

“Uh, that’s right.”

Some nodded and nodded.

Since the founding of the Rinse Kingdom, there has never been a princess or woman on the throne.

“Do I have to find the right person on the side of the penitentiary that was kicked out of the palace?”

“Ah, do you think they will be alive?

“Until the reign of King Kwon, your hands were praying for us.”

The boys were troubled again.

At that time, a simple ignorant man spoke out carefully.

“How about letting a man marry a princess to his throne?”

“To the husband?”

“Is that possible?”

Everyone’s eyes are rounded.

The man who seemed to be simple ignorant nodded his head coldly.

“Everyone thinks well, who is Princess Aily’s lover …….”

Scary to end.


Everyone had a low elasticity.

“Count Lancephil!”

Someone could not endure and screamed loudly.

A simple ignorant man nodded, smiling brightly.

“If Count Lancephil is married to Princess Aily, then you become a member of the Rinse royal family, why do not you give him the Castle of the Rinse royal family?”


Everyone swallowed the dry spit.

I could not answer easily, I only watched each other’s eyes.

But it was a face that everyone did not hate.

At that time, the elderly man, who was in a rut in the basket, kicked his tongue.


Everyone’s eyes turned to the old man.

“The old man, why do you put on your tongue?”

When a man asked, the old man stood up and shook his head.

“Not so complicated, Count Lancephil could just be on the throne, because Rinse had lost confidence in the Kingdom people anyway.”

Scary to end.


“Shh! Shut up!”

The men were surprised and seated the old man.

They looked around to see if there were any people they heard, and then they breathed a long breath.

“I do not mean to say that.”

“You can get sore throat.”

At that point, the old man stood up and said in a confident voice.

“What did I say wrong?”

“That’s not it, but …….”

The guys lingered and smirked awkwardly.

The old man breathed deeply.

“I have lived as long as I have lived, and it was not long before I died, and it was a hard and hard life to look back at. I want to spend the rest of my life in comfort, happiness, joy and laughter.”

Two eyes shone and shone.

“Count Lancephil would be able to make a world like that.”

A confident voice.

“If I have the right to choose a monarch …….”

The old man grasped his fist.

“I will choose Count Roan Lancephil as my sovereign.”

At the moment, an unknown silence fell.

The men who were still listening quietly bowed their heads.

They did not notice anymore.

The hot aspiration rose to the throat.

The men looked at each other ‘s eyes and nodded.

Everyone thought the same.

‘If you can choose a monarch …….’

If such a right is given.

‘Our monarch is Count Roan Lancephil.’

It was not only the man’s idea.

The citizens of Royal Capital Miller, and even the nearby Fief, and even the Rinse Kingdom people.

Kingdoms’ aspirations spread like wildfire.

It sounded very slowly without sound, from the heart to the heart.

* * *

The Lancephil Fief Army passed through Newark Northern Fief and entered the Betouss Fief.

Betouss Fief was located in the south of Cedes Castle, the Royal Capital of North Rinse Kingdom, and it was made up of hilly hills and fields.

Terrain that fits before the tournament, such as surprise, ambush, trap.

When Ian returned from Royal Capital Miller, he could not hide his wits when he chose Betus Fief as the battlefield.

In addition, as soon as he arrived at Betus Fief, Ian conquered the main foothills and ordered camps to be equipped with defensive herpes, as if they were trying to spread water.

The instructions that were difficult to understand were followed, but no one was troubled.

Everyone, from the terminal soldier to the senior commander, believed in Ian.

Ian put all of his backs on his back and ordered a wait on the whole of the Fief Army.

Lancephil Fief Army then waited for the next command.

The 50,000th Rinse Liberation Army third party, led by Mills Voiza, was revealed.

They stopped for a while after seeing the Lancephil Fief Army, who had already finished herpes.

I do not know what kind of tricks I might have prepared.

Mills once built a temporary camp, scouted, and searched the hills.

Its terrific because even Clay was an unbreakable Ian.

Ian did not miss this opportunity.

He created a strange appearance by moving a hill and a hill, or traveling west and east of a field by arranging a seagull.

Actually it was a meaningless act, but Mills and Rinse Liberation Army commanders were not able to move the Corps on their own due to their mind.

Ian’s name has already begun to affect the premises.

Four days passed.

“I have already arrived at Betouss Fief and I am passing by.

One of the Adjutants looked at Ian.

There was no complaint.

Just wondering how long this tedious wait will last.

Ian gently lifted his head and looked into the sky.

The sky was pure and clear without a cloud.


Both eyes were tightly wound.

The commanders and the Adjutants watched as they watched and smiled awkwardly.

‘You keep doing that.’

‘You are only looking at the sky to be an ephesus …….’

All of the commanders stood up.

Right then.


Ian smiled slightly and gave a faint smile.

‘Finally came.’

The face light has brightened.

He turned his head and looked at Roan.

“The lord.”

Low calling.

Roan stared at Ian’s eyes.

“Is it time?”

Sounds too low.

Ian nodded.

“Yes, it is time.”

A short answer followed.

Roan breathed deeply and took a slow pace.

“Then I will come.”

“Yes, please come back.”

Ian leaned back down.

The commanders and the Adjutants bowed to Ian without knowing the English.

Roan went out of the camp and headed for the Third Rinse Liberation Army.

Gunma is not burning, but holding a sack of Travias’ Spear and moving his foot.

He stood alone in front of 50,000 troops but he did not seem at all dangerous.

Roan was dignified.

In the whole body, a dreadful feeling of dignity and intimidation burst out.

It is strange. I do not know yet …….>

Kinness flew over Roan’s head and stumbled over his head.

She looked at the sky as well as Ian.

Roan smiled faintly.

“That’s what Ian Phillips does.”

A word of trust.

Kinness tried to add a word to it, and then she started to talk.


Cool on my forehead and my back fell off.

Kinness made a surprised look with his eyes rounded.

Roan, on the other hand, nodded, smiling grimly.

‘Ian Phillips. It’s great too. ‘

Both eyes were admiring the light.

‘When it’s raining correctly …….’

Even before Kinness, the spirit of water, I noticed it a step ahead.

‘The ability to match the weather in my last life was excellent.’

Thanks to Ian in his last life, he had ridiculed the rumor that he controlled the weather.

Of course, Ian did not actually control the weather.

‘It’s just that we have to look closely at the information and natural phenomena accumulated over a long period of time and infer the weather.’

Roan breathed deeply.

The head of the duopus.

The blue sky overhead darkened instantly, and a heavy rain struck the earth.

Kinness acknowledged Ian’s ability and listened to his thumb.

In the meantime, Roan arrived in front of the Rinse Liberation Army’s Third Corps base.

Showers pouring down to the point where it can not be predicted.

Tens of thousands of pairs of eyes were felt through the rain.

“What, what is that? That’s Roan Lancephil?”

“Where? That’s right! Roan Lancephil!”

“Roan! Roan!”

Rinse Liberation soldiers were greatly embarrassed when they saw Roan, who seemed out of nowhere.

“Ho, are you alone?”

“It’s also on foot?”

However, he was frowned upon seeing that he appeared alone, without words, without soldiers.

The noble commanders and the knights soon flushed their faces.

“Do not you think we’re going to deal with 5 million troops alone?”

“The cheeky bastard! Ignore you too!”

The rant has been poured out with profanity.

At that time, senior commanders appeared with Mills Voiza in the center of Jinhyeong.

“Roan Lancephil appeared?”

“Yes, with a sack of windows alone.”


Mills frowned on Adjutant’s report.

He stepped forward.


At the moment Mills’ mouth was pouring low.

The commanders’ words were true.

Roan was standing alone in front of the 50,000 troops stationed.

‘What are you going to do …….’

Mills did not go out or talk.

Head Head Head Head Head Head.

Only the rain rang the battlefield.

Right then.

“Mills Voiza. It’s been a while.”

Roan greeted Mills.

Mills laughed.

“It’s the first time since Elton Coat’s insurgency has crushed it.”

At the time of Elton’s rebellion, Roan was defeated.

‘When I meet again, I made a commitment to win.’

Of course, I never expected the same situation at the moment.

‘How did I get a sword in Rinse Kingdom …….’

I had a bitter laugh at my mouth.

‘no. no. The heart should not be weakened. ‘

Mills took a short breath and looked directly at Roan.

“Are you going to deal with 50,000 troops alone, or do you have other interests?”

At that point, Roan gently waved Travias’ Spear.

The rain flowed smoothly through the spear.

“There is no such thing.”

He pointed to Mills and 50,000 troops as a spearhead.

“I will deal with you alone.”

Scary to end.


“You cocksucker!”

The noble commanders grunted with their fists clenched.

Everyone gets angry.

On the other hand, Roan and Mills were still calm and nervous.

“Roan Lancephil. Even if you are strong, you can not fight 50,000 troops alone.”

At that point, Roan nodded.

“If it is usual, but …….”

The smile on my mouth became thicker.

“It’s raining now.”


Mills frowned.

“What will change if it rains?”

He did not understand Roan’s words.

Roan caught Travias’ Spear with both hands.

“This rain is not usually rain.”

A loud voice pierced through the rains, digging into the ears of the 50,000 Soldiers of the Liberation Army.

“This rain …….”

The end was blurred.

At the same time, the Kinness, flying over Roan’s head, flashed toward the sky.

She spread her arms wide with her eyes closed.

At the moment Kinness’s body came out of the dark red light.

The light was drenched with a steep rain shower.

The transparent rain was slightly reddish.

Of course, it did not just change color.


The flames skyrocketed from the dark red rain.


“Boo, fire!”

“Mom, the body is on fire!”

At the same time, the Rinse Liberation Army rattled around and shouted.

A sword and a flame soared through the helmet and armor.

Gunma’s mane burned black and all food and tents were eaten by the flames.

Until just before, the earth, which was damp in wet showers, spewed sword flames.

The whole world was full of flames.

“This, what the hell …….”

Mills muttered with a half-hearted look.

He was so surprised by the sight in front of him that he could not turn off the fire on his body.

Roan pushed the Travias’ Spear forward and lightly grounded.

“This rain is the rain of fire.”

The spear broke the space.

The sparks of giant fire have sprung up.


The fireworks burst with the roar.

Roan ‘s hand gestures, feet and gestures followed the flames dancing over the flames.

Its appearance reminded me of a god of fire.


Mills and the Rinse Liberation Army fired up with their mouths open.

I have already lost my former position.

Roan rolled his foot lightly and jumped into the air.


The flames covered him in the sky.

Roan waved Travias’ Spear and shouted in a loud voice.

“This is my world!”

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