I am the Monarch

By Cheol Jonggeum

Chapter 250

Chapter 250

“Great, save Clay!”

“Save Supreme Commander!”

The druids and other members of the audience screamed out loudly.

However, unlike the way he cried, he could not take a step.

Too Doo Doo Doo Doo!

The red rain that pours long and hurts the blue sky.

I could not dare to go into it because of the rain of fire burning down as if to burn everything.

They just had to stand still and gaze at Roan Lancephil and Clay.

Fortunately, there is no rain on Roan and Clay.

“Eat, Roan Lancephil …….”

Clay called Roan in an urgent voice.

I could not die like this.

I did not come out to the world to die in vain.

Suddenly the faces of the two brothers came up.

It was not a brothel, but he had been playing with a teacher for over 20 years.

Both of them were excellent talent, but they were not comparable to themselves.

‘I can not die like the best of the three.’

Clay looked at Roan ‘s eyes straight.

My lips trembled.

It looks like a difficult story.

“Please save me.”

I broke my pride.

Finally, the arrogant nose was broken.

Roan smiled faintly.

“Want to live?”

A word with no expression.

Clay nodded in a rather placid look.

“If you save me, I will put Count in the highest place.”

His mouth came up slowly.

Once I spit out, I became confident again.

“I have the power to do that.”

In the meantime, I was still overconfident about my ability.

Roan slowly shook his head.

“You have the ability, and it does not matter. You have lost confidence already.”

After the conversation was over, Clay breathed a long breath.

“I swear by Druid.”

I swear that I will lose all of Druid’s ability if I break my promise.

Serifas and several Druids were following Clay’s orders because of this oath.

However, Clay and other Druids had a clear difference.

“It’s just some of the powers I have of Druid’s ability.”

The ability to feel most worthy of oneself was intellectual ability.

If he had his own hair, he could once again control the world.

The ability of Druid was enough to replace many.

Not in the first place.

“I do not betray Count Lancephil anymore.”

Clay bit him.

He came to the end of this fight and realized that he was not Roan’s opponent.

I was confident that I was smart, but it was too late at the latest to judge the situation.

Roan looked at Clay like that.

“I already have great subordinates.”

“Ian Phillips? He’s Greenhorn compared to me.”

Clay spread his arms wide.

“Ian is also a great talent, but he did not anticipate any strategies I had to make, and I risked Count to confuse him and his tribute.”

To some extent it was true.

Roan nodded gently.

Clay was pleased to see it.

‘done. Count Lancephil also admits my ability. If you have a bigger will, you will not be able to kill me. ”

Unfounded confidence rose to the throat.

His mouth grew softly and his face grew calm.

Roan could not help laughing at it.

‘Foolish guy. You are still trapped in a house. ”

He shook his head and loosened his hand holding the necklace.


Clay had a long breath on the feeling of breathing.

It was a sigh of relief.

‘You finally choose me.’

He thought Roan would take him.

Clay bowed his head toward Roan.

“I will try to do my best in the future …….”

When the horse came about.

“Not required.”

Cool voice.


Clay returned with a little surprised expression.

Roan looked at his eyes and looked at him with a gentle voice.

“I did not need to talk to me.”

The voice was still cool.

Clay’s look hardened.

His tongue, which had been rising steadily, visited his place.

‘I do not need you?’

I was embarrassed.

‘Are you just going to let me go?’

The moment the face was distorted.

I put down my pride to beg my life.

But that was because I was confident in my ability.

I am convinced that if I live again, I will be able to receive my trust and authority again.

But now Roan was saying that he did not need to take care of himself.

‘And again, ignoring me again …….’

I remembered the old memories that deprived and deprived the public office because of the surveillance and tapping.

Clay bit him.

‘Roan Lancephil. Do not forget today’s humiliation. ‘

Vain pride and vengeance rose.

Clay lifted his head and looked straight at Roan’s eyes.

“Okay, I’ll follow it if it’s counting, but …….”

Cool eyes and voice.

“The next time you meet, your position will be very different now.”

At that point, Roan smiled faintly and shook his head.

“I will never do that.”

Clay screamed terribly after the conversation was over.

“Ignore me until the end!”

It’s a totally different reaction from what I’ve always been calm.

Roan was still making a hazy smile.

“I do not dismiss it. I will never meet again in the future.”


Then Clay felt something unbelievable.

He looked at Roan with a frown.

Roan also looked straight into Clay ‘s eyes.

“You do not have to bother me …….”

His right hand reached Clay ‘s chest.

“You do not have to be alive anymore.”

Cool voice.

“That, that’s what …….”

Clay was embarrassed and tried to remove Roan’s hand.

But this time, Roan was a bit faster.


The red light came out of the hand that was touching Clay’s chest.

At the moment Clay’s body rises, and then it flew backward.


Clay was surprised to see his eyes round.

Roan looked at it and whispered in low voice.

“Die hot in the rain of fire.”

It was a kind of declaration and judgment.


Clay bit him.

The fall of Roan was a terrible rain of rain over my head.

He quickly faced both hands and memorized odd spells.

Trying to save your life with the ability of Druid, who depreciated himself.

Tspa Bababat!

The blurred film flowed on the whole body.

Furiously pounding hitting Clay’s body.

Let’s go! Chopper!

The rain of fire was bounced out of the blurry membrane.

But Huwei ‘s momentum was overwhelming.

There was a limit to standing in this way.



Clay overpowered.

One spark came through the membrane and fell on the skin.

Cheii profit!

The flame penetrated the hem and melted the skin.

The pain was terrible.

The blurry film that flowed through the whole body was thinned little by little.

‘Oh, no!’

Druid’s defense did not prevent Roan’s faction.

“Hey, Count Lancephil!”

Clay looked at Roan with an urgent look and eyes.

“Please, save us! We will do our best!”

The confidence and vengeance that drove to the throat just before it disappeared without it.

He begged for his life with a red-faced face.

Roan slowly raised his right hand instead of the answer.


The eyes of Roan and Clay were complicated.

No, it was only Clay.

Roan’s gaze apparently had one meaning.

The lips, which were firmly closed, moved slowly.


A gentle voice pierced through the rain and pierced Clay’s ears.

At the same time, Roan’s hands fell to the floor.

The rain of the fire that was poured into Clay instantly became more and more intense.

Tutu Tutu Tutu Tutu!

“It’s big!”

Clay pounded through the blurry membranes and melted into the gigantic flames that penetrated into his body, melting his skins and skin.

He became a black and red fireball in a moment.

“Do not! Do not!

Clay’s cry rang the battlefield.

And finally.

I’m sorry!

The fire flashed with the sound of the North.

Clay burst into flames and exploded in all directions.

Perfect death.

He no longer existed in this world.

The long relationship between Roan and Clay was so done.


Roan spit out his long breath and whispered his right hand.

The rain of fire, which had come out of the wilderness, changed direction and hit the huge trees.

Kuo Oh!

The bizarre bastard sounded the battlefield.

The giant trees quickly turned into ashes.


When Roan once again beckoned, the rain of the fire gradually subsided.


Although Huawei stopped, the entire area around Roan became hot.


The Druids, as well as the Lancephil Fief Army and the Rinse Liberation Army soldiers all swallowed up the dry saliva as if stoned.

Roan stood alone in the midst of the fire and looked around the battlefield.

The faces of the soldiers, who were sober and terrified, were seen.

‘Now is the time to finish.’

As Kinness says, it’s time to end the battle.

Roan gently waved Travias’ Spear.

Let’s hear it!

The flames skyrocketed along the spear and spear.

In addition, the enormous fire that burned the earth also moved along with the spearmanship.

Roan stabbed the spear forward.

The moment a giant flame flew toward the car tower.


With the roar, the car tower crashed and burned.

The flames did not stop, but flew toward the Rinse Liberation Army.


There was a much bigger roar just before.

The flames spread to the left and right and swallowed the enemy camp.


“Do not be ridiculous …….”

Rinse Liberation Army soldiers grieved at the burning camp.

Some of them were forced to sit down or drop their weapons.

Roan looked at the world of fire unfolding in front of his eyes and cried out with a loud voice.

“The battle is over.”

Decisive look and attitude.

It was a one-sided declaration, but no one dared object.

The Rinse Liberation Army II was so defeated, Roan and the Lancephil Fief Army once again won.

* * *

Clay’s death and the second army of the Rinse Liberation Army collapsed and the armies and armies that had been promoting themselves also collapsed sharply.

As Roan declared, the battle in Newark Fief South finally ended with the victory of the Lancephil Fief Army.

Roan entered the Corps reorganization shortly after the battle.

The army, army, and army casualties were transferred to the rear city, and instead, they were recruited as reserve troops.

In addition, the captive Rinse Liberation Army Second Army soldiers were recruited into the rear army only if they wanted, and the rest were detained in the rear camps.

Of course, this was a consideration for the inmates who were forced to flee, and all the aristocratic commanders and the knights and soldiers who followed him were all beheaded.

But there were exceptions among them.

“Seriously, the shackles of swearing that you moved you by the death of Clay have disappeared.”

The Serifas and the Druids, who had been clamoring for Roan, did not react.

I was just making an apologetic and apologetic look.

Roan’s face, on the other hand, was pretty.


A short order has been dropped.


“Lord, that is not possible!”

Austin and Ian and several other commanders beside him screamed with surprise.

Roan swung his right hand and calmed them down.

Serifas and Druids are also surprised.

Roan looked at their eyes and glanced back.

“I refused, but Serifa was also worried about my life during the battle, and I wanted to give them one chance.”

At that point everyone was shedding low.

Because I knew Roan’s heart and Seripa’s heart, I could not object to it.

Serifa and the Druids headed with an emotional expression.

“Thank you very much, and I’m sorry.”


“I have no face.”

A crying voice filled the commander ‘s room.

Roan took a short sigh.

“Go where you want to live the life you want.”

That was the last.

The Serifas and the Druids got up from their posts and once again greeted them and exited the commander room.

“Are you sure?”

Austin asked with a somewhat worried look.

Roan nodded silently.

He once again wanted to believe in Seripa and the Druids.

Not exactly.

‘I believe in my eyes.’

Roan read deep feelings of atonement and regret in the eyes of Serif and Druids.

Moreover, it was a battle for victory and victory anyway.

There was no difference between the Serifas and the Druids when they came back to the enemy.

Roan hit the table and turned a topic.

“You have to defeat the trappings and trappings that are ambushing Newark Northern Fief.

Breaking through Newark’s Northern Fief, he was able to attack Mills Voiza and Rinse Liberation Army mainland, which are located in central North Rinse Kingdom.

“for now…….”

“I think…….”

After Roan’s words were over, Ian and other commanders made their comments clear.

This was one of the reasons why the Lancephil Fief Army was strong.

Even terminal commander can talk about opinion and thought of oneself fully.

These small powers and thoughts gathered, and the Lancephil Fief Army became a historic force.

The day after day was a hassle.

It was to break through Newark Northern Fief as much as possible.

Right then.

“The lord.”

Chris, who had left his office for a while, opened the door for the commander.

His expression seemed very bright somewhere.

“What’s going on?”

When Roan asked nicely, Chris looked at the dizzy table with the papers and replied.

“It is no longer necessary to hold a military conference.”

At that end, several commanders frowned.

“What is that?”

“Do not you need a military conference?”

Chris smiled brightly at the pouring question.

“All of the detachments that were ambushing the Newark Fief were destroyed and the traps were destroyed as well.”

It was an amazing report.

“Uh, how did that happen …….”

Several commanders waved their eyes with their eyes rounded.

Ian Phillips, who counts everything and counts everything, was among them.

Everyone has a stupid face in a situation that I can not understand.

In the meantime, only Roan smiled faintly with a gentle expression.

He nodded slowly, staring at Chris.

“Are they?”

Unknown question.

But Chris noticed the intent of the question.

He nodded his head coldly.

“Yes, they are.”

An unknown answer.

Roan’s mouth smiled more and more.

“I wanted to go where I wanted to live my life …….”

Soft voice and warm eyes.

His gaze turned to several commanders.

“Everybody get ready to go out.

The voice came in.

“We go to North Rinse Kingdom through the way the Druids have opened.”

Finally, the war was coming to an end.

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