I am the Monarch

By Cheol Jonggeum

Chapter 246

Chapter 246

The boundary between heaven and earth was blurred, and blue water flowed everywhere we looked.

Even the water flowed from top to bottom, from bottom to top, and large water droplets floated up and down.

A place that can not be seen as a human world at all.

“We’re late! Let’s go!”

“It’s okay. It’s okay.”

“There’s still room.”

The boys and girls with blue hair and transparent skin rattled and stepped forward.

It can not be seen as a human being.

At that time, the girl ahead of me stood up and looked at the end of the cliff without water or water.

“Huh? Is she …?”

Unpleasant expressions and voices.

The other boys and girls who followed followed him to the end of the cliff and frowned.

“Look at what’s happened.

“That child is an elemental king candidate, that’s ridiculous.”

“Look at my hair and skin. It’s a terrible color.”

Blame was on the brink.


“Everyone has complained about my decision.”

I heard a beautiful voice.


The boys and girls were amazed and bowed quickly.

They stood before them a woman with a beautiful face, a smooth body, and an exuberant grace.

“To Elaim!”

The boys and girls rolled their heads together.

The beautiful woman’s identity was elemental king Elaim of water.

“Are not you late for class? Come on.”

As Elaim spoke lowly, the spirit of boys, girls, and no water disappeared with a quick gentle bow.

Elaim took a short sigh as he watched.

‘There are already angry children.’

She turned around and looked at the end of the cliff.

At the end, a girl with a soft reddish hair and purple skin sat crouched.


There was a sad light in Elaim’s eyes.

Kinness was the girl with a different look than the ordinary water spirits.

Elaim moved slowly to Kinness.

“Are you still doing this?”

A soft hand.

But Kinness did not answer.

She focused on the landscape beyond the cliff with no emotion, no expression, no expression.

No, the eyes were empty.

I was not staring at anything.

‘It’s already been months …’

When Roan became one with Flamdor, Travias to face Simon.

It was then that Kinness returned to the spirit system.

It was not forcibly repatriated because of the strong fire-mana overflow.

No, it was the opposite.

‘The stronger fire-mana, the stronger the strength and the stronger your ability.’

At the time, Kinness was very embarrassed.

The more you absorb fire-mana, the stronger your ability to become stronger, and the more unlikely the appearance that was different from the other spirits becomes more bizarre.

‘I had an intrinsic doubt about myself.’

Besides, when I stayed by Roan, I could not figure out how he would change, and I was afraid of it.

Eventually, Kinness returned to the spirit system without saying goodbye.

Later, in the spirit of the water, he spent time alone, sitting on the cliff of Terre called the end of the boundary, with a soul.

No, I was in deep trouble and was seeking answers.

‘Poor child.’

Elaim came to see Kinness every time, but did not think about trying to do her.

‘You have to stand on your own.’

She believed in the Kinness.

Kinness was one of his elemental king candidates.

And since birth was a mysterious child.

“Kinness. I’m just going to go.”

Elaim smiled faintly and stroked Kinness’s head.

Just then, for a few months, the lips of Kinness, who did not say a single word, snarled.


A voice that has lost strength.

Elaim, who was about to leave, looked at Kinness with a little surprised expression.

Kinness was behind the eyes, looking at Elaim with unfocused eyes.

“What the hell am I?”

* * *

Newark Fief, located in the southern part of North Rinse Kingdom, was a terrific terrain and a great place for ambushing, surprise attacks and various strategic tactics.

In addition, Newark Fief’s south-central stretches of rugged hills and fields were also suitable for large and small turns as needed.

It is a place that is really good as a battlefield.

That’s why Clay has been keeping Newark Fief as the main battlefield from the start.

The first goal of the Rinse Liberation Army, which was already collapsed, was to attract Roan and the Lancephil Fief Army to Newark Fief.

‘I was embarrassed for a while when I was hit hard by annihilation …….’

It did not have to be discouraged, though.

Clay has tricked the Lancephil Fief Army’s advance through Druids.

Roan and Lancephil Fief Army were on their way to Newark Southern Fief thanks to a very careful, very slow ploy.

“Fortunately, everything is being released as it is.”

Clay smiled a faint smile.

He led the Rinse Liberation Army Second Division and took a seat ahead of Newark Fief.

Clay once used each of the rugged features of the Newark Northern Fief to build the Corps and Troop camps, and set up traps on major transport routes and key fiefs.

In addition, the battalion and the detachment were formed separately and ambush was made in the main base area.

As a result, the Newark Northern Fief became a huge fortress of the Rinse Liberation Army.

It is a perfect and solid fortress without any gap.

After all the preparations were over, Clay assembled 70,000 army troops together with the existing Duke Webster family history, the aristocracy of his followers, and the forces of forced recruitment, and headed them to the Southern Newfound Fief.

Sovereign mountains and rivers are moving.

Clay reorganized the army army, army army, army army, and army army of each of the 70,000 army generals and set up a separate camp.

“Try this, take a look at this majestic.”

“It’s really amazing.”

“No matter how Roan Lancephil is, there’s no way I can be ashamed in front of this great force.”


The second army commanders of the Liberation Army trembled as they watched the endless camps and soldiers.

One is as confident as one.

I had forgotten the fear of Roan.

They were really stupid authors.

Only one day passed.

By the time the sun rising from the east leaned westward, the sound of the horn of the guardian dug through my ears.


Clay and other commanders quickly rushed up the tower.

A panoramic view was unfurled before my eyes.

No, the battlefield was unfolded.

“You are finally here.”

Clay looked at the other side of the field and smiled strangely.

The 3,000 troops that showed up among the low-lying dirt.

One of them was wearing a red armor and it looked like a flame. It was the Lancephil Fief Army, headed by Roan.


Several commanders swallowed the dried spit without their knowledge.

Until yesterday, the momentum and confidence that seemed to pierce the sky disappeared like snow.

Without knowing themselves, there was a fear of Roan deep in the heart.

They were now going to lose their spirits by themselves.


Clay sniffed at them as he watched such commanders.

‘Because you are like them, you have been taken from me as an officer of the end.’

Most of the commanders were descendants of a nobleman from Duke Webster or who followed Duke Webster.

Originally, they were fiercely opposed to the power with Clay.

Now, of course, it was a perfectly laid-back style without a tail.

‘They are the ones who will get rid of all this war.’

An eerie thought.

But Clay had no intention of carrying the unappealing ones to the end.

But right now, one person and one person are very important power.

He smiled effortlessly and spread his arms wide, not to worry.

“Do not worry too much, because Newark Fief here is our fortress.”

“That’s right.”

The commanders laughed awkwardly and nodded.

In the last few days, I have come up with a tightly prepared camp, traps, strategies and tactics.

The momentum that was crushed was stretched little by little.

Then one of the commanders, who was close to Clay, asked with a small voice.

“They have just arrived and will not have a mind. Why do not you take a surprise attack?”

At that point, Clay shook his head with a faint smile.

“I do not think Ian Phillips did that much.”

“Do you want to be ready for the rainy season?

But again Clay shook his head.

“He will not have much benefit as Ian Phillips will be preparing for it.”

A confident voice.

But the faces of the various commanders came up with a disgruntled expression.

“So you want to keep those guys alone?”

“A good opportunity like now is not going to come.”

The crushed momentum is blooming, and there is no visible thing.

Clay watched those commanders quietly.

My eyes were dull and sharp.

“There will not be a good opportunity like now ………. Do not you think I’m too late?”

I had a good time but my voice was good.

The moment the commanders’ faces hardened.

“That, that …….”

“Oh, no that does not mean …….”

I was sweating on the back of my back.

In fact, noble-born commanders were intent on ignoring Clay.

Although he was now down, he had ambition and pride that he would regain the honor of the noble family at some point.

Because of this, sometimes the emotions got worse and they clueled without knowing themselves.

For a moment, forgetting reality.

Of course, Clay was also familiar with the commanders.

‘You have to step on it so you can not climb.’

It was one of the reasons why I was so angry and cool sometimes.

It was Clay who left the power of the North Rinse Kingdom at the present time.


The whole silence of the watchtower fell down.

All the commanders watched Clay.

Then Clay smiled and laughed.

“It is a joke, a joke.

At the moment, the strange laughing bloomed on the faces of the hardened commanders.

“Oh, oh, yes.”

“No, you were kidding me.”

The end of the voice shook a little.

Clay knocked on the shoulders of those commanders and was behind.

“As many of the commanders have said, the situation here is clearly troubling and unfortunate, but Ian Phillips is a great soldier who can crush the first tier.

A pretty voice.

“Instead, when the sun goes down and the darkness falls, they run around in front of their camps, ringing their horn trumpets, gongs, and drums to hassle them.”

“Oh, that’s good.”

The commanders nodded, resiliently.

“Let us make you tremble in fear all night!”

“I’m going to be in a strenuous state for breakfast.”

Everyone was laughing and delighted.

Soon, Clay’s order was followed by a fake raid Troop.

More than five Troops were organized to make a constant and turbulent shift.

“I hope the night will come.”

“That’s right.”

The Liberal Forces 2nd Commanders burst into laughter.

On the other hand, Roan and Lancephil Fief Army, who came to the Newark Fief late, stopped on the march to see Rinse Liberation Army II, who had already completed the shingles.

“You were here too.”

Roan smiled faintly.

Clay thought that his strategy was right, and that the Lancephil Fief Army had advanced to Newark Fief, but it was not at all.

No, exactly half was right and half was wrong.

It was true that Roan and Lancephil Fief Army first twisted into the Druids’ practice.

However, Ian Phillips was immediately aware of the direction of the subtle change, and immediately ordered Agens, Tenebra troop, and Evishun to see what was ahead with the expected march.

As a result, five prospective marches have been reported, and Roan and Ian have named the Newark Fief as one of the most prominent places.

At this time, Ian admired Clay’s ability for the first time.

There was no way to march to Newark Fief, even if you wanted to go to another place.

Even though I thought I had noticed it quickly, I was already trapped.

Eventually, Roan and Ian opted for a face-off.

Through the three information Troops, we gathered all the information about the Newark Fief and carefully reviewed it.

At the same time, he began to study strategies and tactics to defeat the Liberation Army II and Clay.

In the meantime, the progress of the Lancephil Fief Army was very slow and I was able to arrive at Newark South Fief at Irene, when he left McGinley Fief.

“How are you?”

Roan asked briefly, looking at the camp of the Second Army of the Liberation Army that filled his eyes.

Ian shook his head with a wry smile.


Also a short answer.

Roan nodded with a gentle expression.

“Can you win?”

Ian gave a strange smile instead of the answer.

When Roan could not hear the answer, he turned and looked at Ian.

Ian responded with a small but powerful voice, or a confident voice, after meeting Roan.

“of course.”

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