I am the Monarch

By Cheol Jonggeum

Chapter 243

Chapter 243

Finally everyone got together.

No, except for Sammy, who is in charge of the Southern defense of the Rinse Kingdom.

Harrison, Brian, and Pierce, including Roan Lancephil as well as Hoken Castle; Austin and Walter, who took the Irwin fortress; Chris and Tenebra troop director Agens, and Ian Phillips, director of Evishun.

In addition, the main subordinates of Count Lancephil, from Sheik Wiggins, Elva Dionell, and Heath Potter, who made great strides in the war against Kallum Rinse, gathered in the Moshe Castle, north of McGinley Fief.

“I think I want to open a banquet, but now it is not the time for me to understand.”

At the end of Roan, everyone nodded.

He defeated the Kalu Allied forces and reigned over the central and southern regions of Rinse Kingdom, but there were still large enemies.

Rinse Liberation Army of North Rinse Kingdom and Estia Empire, to Byron Kingdom and Istel Kingdom.

‘As well as the rest of Simon and Kallum. ”

To this end, Bernard Landingham and Andre Mold, both from Lancephil Guard Corps and Lancephil Corps’s Deputy Corps Commanders, were tasked with defending the Central Kingdom and Royal Capital Miller,

Roan looked over the faces of the various subordinates and presented the meeting for the last few days.

“According to a report by the three intelligence units, Viscount of Estia Empire is heading south to the Moses Castle, leading the 3,000 elite army, and we intercept the enemies in the northern plains of the Moshe Castle.”

If it was only 3, it was enough to deal with.

“Once the Lancephil Fief Army has been set up as an infantry army, army, and army, and the reserve army is left separately in the Musen castle, the army is organized.”

Everyone nodded.

Roan’s order continued.

“We appoint Austin as chief of staff and Walter as chief.”

Austin and Walter woke up and took a bell.

“Sir! (Charge!) Please leave.”

“I will surely win!”

Roan smiled faintly and looked at Harrison.

“We appoint Harrison to the commander-in-chief, and Brian to the captain.”

By definition, Brian had to be chief of staff, but considering his career and major, Harrison was better suited to the post of chief of staff.

Brian also knew this.

“Congratulations, I’ll be a good assistant.”

First smiling and handing a handshake.

“Well, yes, I’m begging you.”

Harrison, who originally led Amaranth Troop by Roan, nodded with a somewhat grim look.

Roan’s gaze again turned to Pierce.

“I will direct myself to the Lieutenant General, I will appoint Pierce and Viscount Potter to the captain.”

“Sir! (Charge!) Please leave!”

Pierce and Heath answered with one voice and bowed their heads.

This was not the end.

Roan looked at Sheik and Elva.

“Elva Dionell Baron, what do you think I would like to leave you as your next chief of staff?”

“Yeah? To me?”

Elva rested with a slightly unexpected look.

In fact, within the Lancephil Fief Army, Elva’s position was a bit ambiguous.

Although loyalty was a great leader in the first place, even though he betrayed Kallum, he had yet to decide whether to join Roan’s camp.

“I do not mean to go to battle, I can wait for you to make a decision, but I just want to waste that extraordinary ability.”

Roan’s gaze turned to Sheik.

“I’ll put Sheik Wiggins as captain.”

At that end, Elva and Sheik’s eyes shone and shone.

I already knew each other’s heart, so I did not want to fall for a moment.

I had a slight smile on my mouth.

Elva nodded with shy expression.

“Thank you for believing in me, I will do my best.”

At that point, Roan nodded, smiling grimly.

Everything feels as if it is going to its place.

His gaze now turned to Ian, Chris, and Keep.

“I will assign Ian Phillips to the general resignation of the Fief Army, who will be responsible for the strategy of the whole army, and I will leave all the power of Evishun to you, and I will organize Troop with subordinates and articles of the original Count Phillips.”

“Thank you.”

Ian quickly bowed his head.

“Chris leads Agens to closely monitor and collect the dynamics of the Rinse Liberation Army and the Byron Kingdom army.”

“Yes, I understand.”

Chris bowed slightly.

“Keep will lead the Tenebra troop and launch Duke operations within the Rinse Liberation Army, while at the same time concentrating on identifying the remnants of Simon and Kallum.”

“Yes, do not worry.”

Keep replied with a confident look and voice.

Since then, Roan has given orders and duties to each subordinate and its commanders.

There were no major differences because it was the missions that came out of the military conferences that had already been going on for several days.

“Now there is nothing left to wait …….”

Roan, who gave all the orders, had a long breath.

Several subordinates spent time sharing their chat.

How long has passed, finally, the door of the conference room was opened, and Agens, Tenebra, and Evishun information sources appeared.

“Finally moved.”

The report was simple.

Roan nodded slowly and rose from his seat.

“We move.”

The command was also simple.

But there was no one to ask.


A hot voice filled the room.

* * *


The door of the office opened with a blunt sound.

“Supreme Commander!”

A young leader with a shy expression cried out in urgent voice.

“What’s going on?”

The Eastern Regional Corps Supreme Commander Aaron Tate, who was meeting with several commanders, frowned.

Byron Kingdom and Istel Kingdom, facing the border, were not so trendy, and military meetings were continuing each day.

“Woo, I moved!”

The young leader swallowed a dry spit.

He looked at the various commanders and was behind the scenes.

“The Byron Kingdom and the Istel Kingdom began their march.”

At the moment, Aaron and other leaders’ faces hardened.

“Uh … eventually moving …….”

A low penetration flowed out.

Aaron breathed a long breath and closed his eyes.

The invasion of the Byron Kingdom and the Istel Kingdom was something to be expected.

‘It’s actually later than I thought.’

The two Kingdoms suffered massive damage from the preceding wars, but Rinse Kingdom was torn into three pieces and could not resist the civil war.

‘Clay of North Rinse Kingdom should have made a plan.’

Aaron bit his lower lip.

‘Once you have sent a letter to the Lancephil Fief Army and the Northern Regional Corps.’

The Eastern Regional Corps alone could not match Byron Kingdom and Istel Kingdom.

At least the Byron Kingdom troops invading from the north had to take over the Northern Regional Corps.

But the situation was not so steady.

‘Northern Regional Corps will not have the spirit of dealing with the Rinse Liberation Army …….’

It was the same with the Lancephil Fief Army.


I had a long, breathless breath.

‘I have to fight with determination to die.’

Lancephil Fief Army was forced to defeat the Rinse Liberation Army until it came back.

Aaron got up from his seat and looked at the various commanders.

Everybody look sick.

They also knew how urgent and urgent the situation was.

“Everybody die …….”

When the horse came about.


Once again, the door to the office was opened with a blunt sound.

All the commanders, including Aaron, frowned and stared at the door.

A young soldier showed up through a door that opened wide.

He gently tilted his head and pulled a letter from his bracelet.

“This is Count Lancephil’s letter.”

“Hmm ?!”

The people who filled the moment room were surprised.

It was a situation that led to an unexpected expectation in the words of Roan’s letter.

Aaron handed the letter and opened it carefully.

What you wrote down.

“Well, what does it say?”

“Is there anything that could be helpful?”

There was a question here and there.

Aaron, who carefully read the contents from beginning to end, made a faint smile.

He looked at everyone ‘s face with a relieved look.

“Our Eastern Regional Corps is …….”


Everyone swallowed the dry spit with a tense look.

The smile on Aaron’s mouth became thicker.

“We are going to the north.”

Many commanders frowned at the frightening end.

“Yes? Then what about the east?” “What about Istel Kingdom?”

A pouring question.

Aaron smiled brightly instead of the answer.

* * *

“Is that a shingles of Roan Lancephil, a self-proclaimed Wargod?”

Viscount made a strange smile when he saw the formation and camp of the Lancephil Fief Army filled with plains.

“At first glance, it looks plain, but it’s a great herp without a small gap.”

He gleamed his eyes as if he was truly admired.

The Adjutants around me also nodded and struck me.

“It’s a solid shingle.”

“There is no more.”

It was a perfect formation with the tournament in mind.


“But the fact is that it is not ridiculous.

One of the Adjutants sneered.

Heather also smiled at the part to see if he had any trouble.

“Shingles were good, but we’ve seen our soldiers’ ability so bad, we’re not like the Greenhorns in the Rinse Kingdom.”

A confident voice.

He looked at his left.

“Vance Perrin.”

The man, who was as big as the headers in the voice calling in a soft voice, bowed his head slightly.

“Yes, Lord.”

Vance Perrin was a Knightswoman from Myers Viscount for generations and was famous for his excellence in his swordsmanship.

“I will give you three thousand horsemen.

Before the battle began in earnest, I thought I would give a little chitchat.

“Yes, I understand.”

Vance noticed the meaning of Heather and kicked the horse with the answer.

He lifted his long sword and grabbed it and followed it up with three horsemen.

Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo!

The horse ran across the field with Lancephil Fief Army to the Middle Ages.

“The enemy cavalry is rushing in. The number is approximately 3,000.”

One of the Lancephil military guard who was watching the situation shouted in a loud voice.

Roan nodded silently.

He was able to find out from the far-away leader the identity of the leader by Kalian’s Tears.

‘It’s Vance Perrin, who claims to be Header Myers’ right hand.’

It was funny.

‘I want to show the power of Empire’

It was unbelievable to the extent of Vance.

Roan lifted his right hand lightly.


“Yes, Lord.”

Pierce came up and answered with a low voice.

Roan still stared at the front and gave a clear voice.

“Lead the three cavalry rods and cut the neck of the enemy leader.”

It was a difficult command.

But Pierce also bowed without hesitation.

“I’ll be back soon.”

A confident voice.

Soon after, Pierce and three thousand armored vehicles emerged.

Two heads, two heads!

Likewise, the pale dust rose with the sound of the horseshoe ringing the earth.

“Oh, Rinse Kingdom, I thought they were as small as a land mass!

Vance shouted with a loud voice as he watched Pierce coming in.

Pierce laughed and shook his head.

“Estia Empire Are they going to fight in words?”

There was a sense of laughing.

“This, this bastard!”

Vance screamed and kicked his toes.

Compared to Estia Empire, Rinse Kingdom was a small country.

Moreover, Pierce did not seem to be from the nobility.

‘Seeing me from the Empire’s article family!’

I was thinking of banging Pierce’s neck with a sword.


Gunma rushed to the floor and ran toward Pierce.

Pierce snorted at his long sword flying toward his neck.


At the same time, Gunma grabbed his tongue and twisted.


Vance ‘s sword looks like a good one.

Pierce twisted his wrist, staring straight at the blade in front of his eyes.

The spear was greatly wobbling and the spear moved like a dancing.


Vance swallowed a buzzing spear of Pierce ‘s spear moving like a snake.


It was the only country that would be thirsty on a single strike.

He twisted his body as hard as he could and swung his sword.


The light of relief came to my eyes.

I was convinced that the spear in front of me had struck properly.

But it was a mistaken mistake and a misunderstanding.


Pierce ‘s spear passed through Vance’ s sword like a wind and pierced his chest.


Vance’s mouth popped out of his mouth.

Pierce twisted his wrist and shook his chest wide.

“Turn it off.”

Vance reversed his eyes.

Immediately before the death.

Pierce whispered in a low voice in the ear of his cousin.

“If you go to hell, say Spearman Pierce from Roan Lancephil.”

At the same time, pulling the wrist pulled out the spear that was stuck in the chest.


Vance shook his head with a fuss.

That was the end.

He could not move anymore.

Vince, who was a prosecutor and a knight that Heather was proud of, could not stand a single against Pierce.

Pierce shook Vance as he spirally swung.

“I cut the neck of the enemy leader!”

A roaring voice rang the battlefield.

“Huh! Now, General!”

“Perrin Knight!”

The surrounding soldiers screamed and screamed.

Even so, they were struggling against the powerful Lancephil horsemen.

Even the fall of Vance’s throat was horribly taken away by the Troop and General.

complete defeat.

The Lancephil Fief Army, who was trying to show the strength of the Estia Empire army, was hit hard by a collapse.

“Vance is falling on the blow!”

Heather, who was watching, opened his eyes.

His hand gripped his nerves.



I heard a scream of friendly soldiers from afar.


“Will you watch?”

The surrounding Adjutants shouted in urgent voice.

Heather stood up and gave a cold smile.

“That’s not possible!”

He picked up a pair of huge hammers that he had tied to the horse.

“I have to pay Vance’s enemies!”

Heather kicked her head and yelled at him.

“Let’s show the real power of our Estia Empire!”

“Wow ah!”

Soon there was a great shout.

Nearly 10,000 soldiers began to rush alongside Heather.

Two heads, two heads!

The use of the headers running ahead was incredible.

It was a force that would have been called Empire’s bear.

“Is there anyone who can fight me?”

A wild voice.

It was like a cry of a bear.

“You’re really a bear.”

Roan, who was watching the situation in front of the championship, smiled grimly.

Of course it was never a compliment.

“Send Pierce a signal to retreat.”

A short order has been dropped.


The flagship beside him stirred up two small flags with the answer.

gong! gong! gong!

Soon the retreating sound of a gong sounded on the battlefield.

Pierce and three thousand horsemen, who were on the brink of surge, were not looking back and retreating toward their base.

“Where are you running away?”

Heather screamed with a flurry of light.

“Uh ha ha ha! Small countries can not help it!”

The miner popped out.

He kicked his horse more and more to catch Pierce away.

Two heads, two heads!

The horseshoe sounded more loud and the chase speed was getting faster and faster.

Roan smiled faintly as he watched and kept quiet.

How long has it been?

On the temporary wooden tower, the guard, who was watching the battlefield, screamed.

“I’m trapped!”

At the moment Roan’s smile on his mouth became thicker.

He lifted his right hand softly and commanded with a strong voice.

“Begins to hunt bear.”

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