I am the Monarch

By Cheol Jonggeum

Chapter 224

Chapter 224

The towering Corps flag flaped in the wind.

The identity of the massive Corps was Lancephil Corps, defeating Mad Monarch Simon and the Dark Corps and advancing into Longport Castle.

“Did he really take it?”

Harrison approached Roan.

Roan, who was leading the Corps in the lead, looked to the west.

“Ian would have done it.”

A confident voice.

Harrison repeatedly asked in the face that it was hard to believe.

“Is it just a thousand or so?”

Ian Phillips brought all of the 1,000 soldiers, including Austin and Brian, to take over the Long Port Castle.

Although they are all Legionnaire, Longport Castle was one of the main fortresses in the West of Kingdom.

It was not easy to fall into the Corps scale.

In addition, Ian has just ten days left in Longport Castle.

With a thousand soldiers in ten days, Fort Fortress Castle in the fort?

From Harrison’s point of view it was not easy to believe.

Roan looked at Harrison and smiled faintly.

“Ian would have taken over 500 soldiers.”

He moved his gaze and looked back to the west.

West end not seen with Kalian’s Tears.

There was a castle of Longport.

Roan’s gaze continued to the rear this time.

A carriage that has disappeared between Corps.

There was a small flag in the carriage.

Roan prepared a small, slender but sturdy carriage for Katie, the royal lineage and ungrateful princess.

And he ordered Pierce to stay with him.

‘Justification is important, but …….’

Such a figure of Roan was able to draw favorable support of the nobility and the people of the Kingdom who are still loyal to the Rinse Kingdom.

This was different from Kallum Rinse and Clay who caused the Kingdom of Hamburi.

Roan turned his head again and looked to the west.

‘Now the Rinse Kingdom is over.’

1st Prince, no Simon and 2nd Prince Tommy Rinse, who were on their throne, lost their lives.

In the process Bradley Webster Duke’s eldest Barry Webster, who was killed by Simon, founded the North Rinse Kingdom with Clay.

3rd Prince Kallum Rinse, who has survived alone among the three princes, also founded South Rinse Kingdom with Lucan Diesu, Prince of Diesu Kingdom.

Roan Lancephil was the only survivor of Rinse Kingdom.

‘He who rules the Three Kingdoms becomes the master.’

The situation has flowed like that.

‘No, it must have been the water to flow so.’

The plans that had been implemented for a long time were now interlocking and producing results.

‘The plates are squeezed.’

Now it was time to play.

Roan spat out a long breath and kicked his horse.

Corps Movement speed is even faster.

The movement of Lancephil Corps lasted for two days.

Long Port, which was the destination after crossing a small river and passing through the hills and hills, showed its magnificent and solid appearance.

“I heard about the fortress, but it is really great.”

“It’s really a fortress of impregnability.”

Harrison and other Thousand-man Captain-level commanders have tongued their tongue.

Unlike ordinary castles, Longport Castle was a fortress built from the beginning.

A battleground to stop the powerful monsters coming down from the Grain Mountains.

That was Longport Castle.

Roan stared at the towering fort.

Through Kalian’s Tears, the distant castle seemed as if it were in front of you.

At the moment his tongue gently rose.

Giant banners fluttering along the walls.

Corps was flapping the highest.

Piedes Troop led by Austin.

The flag of the Bender Troop led by Brian was fluttering together.

Roan pulled the horsepot and kicked his horse.

The commanders who followed him screamed with surprise expression.

“Yes, Lord, you will send a chief.”

“I do not know what the situation is, it’s dangerous.”

At that point Roan smiled faintly and replied briefly.

“Do not worry.”

It is a quiet but powerful and relaxed voice.

Commanders above Thousand-man Captain kicked his head with a silly expression.

They quickly reached the altar of Longfort Castle.


There was a low elasticity between the commanders and the general soldiers.

The wide open gates and the walls of the Lancephil Corps.

“Fortress of fortress, Longport Castle really fell in only ten days …….”

Sounds like they could not believe it came out here and there.

People’s gaze naturally headed for the three men standing side by side in front of the alumni gate.

Austin, Brian, and Ian.

They leaned toward Roan with a hard, hard look.

It was not the faces of the winners who had fallen Castle.

Roan got off the horse and approached them.

“What’s going on?”

A word to ask.

Austin still bowed his back and answered briefly.

“The castle was captured, but the captain of the enemy was missed.”

The captain of the enemy meant the Shaman Master Heseul.

Brian was behind the scenes.

“We infiltrated Longport Castle, disguised as a neighbor kidnapped by a spoofed dolls material, according to Ian Phillips’s plan. In an attempt to defeat the enemy’s heart, In the course of the process, the enemy captain used his unknown magic to hide his face. ”

Roan, who was listening quietly, nodded slightly.

‘I use it in an emergency, it seems to have released a moment.’

The instant transfer is one of the finest witches that Roan can not use, and Heseul, the master, was also a magic that could be unleashed if he had to use all his powers.

“Sorry, I did not do my job perfectly.”

It was Ian’s voice.

Roan still smiled faintly after gazing at Austin, Brian, and Ian, who were still lying down.

“There is no such thing as a sinner.”

He stretched out his hands and let three people stretch their backs.

Roan and the eyes of three people got into each other.

“Fortress of impregnable, Longport Castle It is a great majesty to let it fall.

“The lord.”

Austin, Brian, and Ian bowed in complex facial expressions.

Roan smiled faintly and knocked on their shoulders.

“Now is not the time for the grass to die, but there is still a lot to do.”

At that end Harrison came over and bowed his head slightly.

“The Dark Corps has defeated all but one remains.”

Austin, Brian, and Ian burst out with low resilience.

“Monsters in the Grain Mountains.”

Roan nodded slowly.

“According to Heseul’s spells, orders, or contracts, the Grain Mountains’ furious monsters are approaching Longfort Castle.”

Grain Mountains monsters.

Originally, it was Heseul’s ambitious Biggie, who was trying to scour the Rinse Kingdom with the corps of darkness, made up of a spellcaster.

‘In fact, in the last life, this monster was attacked greatly.’

It was not easy to confront the monster Corps, who was assaulted in a stubborn way in front of and behind the scenes with a spell doll.

‘But this time is different.’

Mad Monarch Simon and the Dark Corps have already been defeated, and all the shamans have been killed.

In addition, it was in the state of Longport Castle, a fortress fortress.

Roan looked straight at Austin, Brian, and Ian.

“If you feel uncomfortable, please set up your majors in this monster.”

He turned around and shouted at Lancephil Corps soldiers.

“We are going to kill the monsters in Grain Mountains from now on!

His voice beat his heart, not his ears.

“We are the land, our family, our lives …….”

Roan grasped his fist and lifted it over his head.

“Keep it with our hands!”

After the conversation ended, the Corps soldiers screamed horribly.

“Wow ah!”

“Keep it with our hands!”

Everyone raised his fist high.

Roan looked at him and smiled and turned his head again.

Eyes headed to Austin, Brian, and Ian.

The face, which had complex facial expression, was reminiscent of red.

I felt the same momentum that I would run to the battlefield even now.

Roan’s mouth smiled more and more.

“Yeah, that’s what I want.”

He picked Travias’ Spear of the waist dance.

“We still have a lot of work to do. We do not have time to rest as we bow down and look at the toes.”

The voice grew a little bit.

“Hold your head, look up and look at the world with your head up there …….”


The spear of Travias’ Spear came out with the song.

“We have a way to go.”

At the end of the conversation, Austin, Brian, Ian, as well as Harrison and several commanders who were beside him, were battling.


A raging voice struck his ears.

Roan laughed heartily and made the necessary commands and duties for all levels of commanders.

Once he moved Katie to the resistance in the center of Longport Castle, he left part of the Legionnaire as escort troops.

At the same time, temporary shelters were built between immigration and extraterrestrials, so that the wounded could stay.

With a minimum of defensive troops left in Longport Castle, Roan and Lancephil Corps’ elite soldiers once again set out for the Grain Mountains to the west.

As soon as Roan arrived at the foothills of the Grain Mountains, he set up camps and summoned commanders.


“Yes, Lord.”

Ian, who was sitting on the stool, rose from his seat.

Roan knocked the table with his fingertips and said with a loud voice.

“I will give you the right to operate this battle.”


Ian turned into a surprised expression.

Roan did not mind the end.

“What we need now is a quick and perfect victory. What would you do?”

“That, that …….”

Ian looked at the faces of the various commanders who were standing in a panic expression.

He just joined Lancephil Corps.

Ian could have had a backlash against several commanders when Ian was drafting an operation.

‘Historically, there were many such things.’

There was an anxious light in both eyes.

But somehow, the commanders who attended the military conference were looking at Ian in a gentle eye without any shaking or inconvenience.

‘If you have the ability to demonstrate in Operation Longport Castle …….’

‘I believe enough and will follow.’

Austin and Brian smiled faintly.

After disguising himself as a kidnapped citizen, he enters Long Port, kills the shamans and seizes the enemy heart.

At first glance, it seemed to be a very simple and naïve plot, but Ian’s ability during the planning and execution was amazing.

In addition to disguising soldiers and residents as a proper number of 1,000 soldiers, they persuaded ordinary people who had not become magical puppets in the insurrection process, causing confusion and confusion.

‘And then, with a thousand soldiers, we were able to form a precise form using in-land features to completely defeat thousands of enemies.’

‘Ian is a different genre than Pierce, Brian, and Harrison. It will be a great help to the lord in the future. ‘

In my head, Ian’s work was unfolded.

These Austin and Brian evaluations were passed on to all of the commanders as well as Roan.

The commanders who had received the treats and treatment properly under Roan were rejoiced with pure pleasure rather than jealousy and envy in the appearance of new talents.

In particular, the Lancephil Corps lacked a military capable of reading the premises and snatching the winches, while there were many good armed men.

The commanders expected Ian to be able to play the very short military role.

So when Roan gave Ian the right to operate, it was rather a reliance rather than a rebuttal.


Ian felt low enthusiasm, feeling the enthusiasm of the various commanders.

‘Lancephil Corps. It is much better than I thought, much better than I thought. ”

His gaze naturally turned to Roan.

‘This is all thanks to the lord, too.’

Ian breathed deeply.

‘It was the best choice in life to have a lord.’

My heart was proud again.

He laughed and pointed to the map in front of him.

“When you look at the map, you’ll see that there are many small and small hills from the Grain Mountains to our camp, and there are several small rivers running along the shore.

For a while, Ian explained his well-planned plans in a calm voice.

Roan and the various commanders began to fall into the story of Ian.

His strategies and tactics were nothing special.

It was all about defeating the monster Corps, who was pushing the barracks through proper Troop deployments using features.


‘I’m seeing the feature perfectly so far …….’

‘I’ve just joined the Corps, and I am fully aware of the information I and many other commanders have had.’

“I even see through which leader I am good with the commander.”

‘You know I like attacking rather than defense.’

‘It’s like you’ve known me a long time ago?’

Several commanders looked at Ian in a surprised expression.

Ian was not just good at hair.

He was clearly aware of the information he had to fight and the battlefields he had to fight.


Ian took the center of the map with his fingers.

“This is the end of the operation plan.”

A sweet voice.

Even though it was a fairly long story, I did not feel tired at all.

It was rather a hilarious expression.

This was the first time I had planned operations on the battlefield.

The eyes of the various commanders turned to Roan.

Ian did the game, but eventually Roan had the final authority.

Roan smiled faintly as he gazed at his gaze.

He rose from the table with his hands in both hands.

The gaze turned to Ian.


Ian swallowed the dried spit without even knowing it.

Roan nodded slowly as he saw it.

“There is nothing more to say.”

A pretty voice.

His eyes glanced over the various commanders.

“Go to Ian’s operation.”

Permission dropped.

“Thank you!”

Ian quickly bowed his head.

At the end, Roan laughed and shook his head.

“I am thankful.”

He sneered at Travias’ Spear with a short sigh.

“Thanks to you, now without any worries …….”

The smile of my mouth became thicker.

“You can fight.”

In the meantime, I was wearing clothes that were not right.

Roan was not a military force in strategy and tactics.

It just seemed to be better than others because I knew the future.

He was just a spearman and a spearman in his life and his life.

“So let’s play with it.”

The words that I threw like lightly.

Several commanders, including Austin, rose from the seats and took battles.


A roaring voice shook the barracks.

Preparations for battle were soon equipped.

All the leaders, including Roan, moved as Ian said.

Lancephil Corps was largely divided into the middle and rear, the army and the army, and completely blocked the way from the Grain Mountains to Longport Castle.

In addition, major troops were pulled forward to each army and placed on major landforms such as hills and riverside.

Hundreds and thousands of flags, big and small, flourished along with the Troop deployed in the main camp.

The banners continued north and south.

All under the sky was Lancephil Corps.

“Look at that.”


“I really breathe my breath just to see it.”

The eyes of main soldiers and major Troop soldiers headed west.

Their gaze was at the end of a hilly area, near the Grain Mountains, where the Fief, a group of clans, was sitting.

The towering Corps tanks and Troop tanks fluttered in the wind.

But it was a generic embroidered with a simple handwriting that sprang out more than it.


Five leaders who led only 5,000 soldiers to the forefront.

They were Crimson Ghost, not Crimson Wargod Roan Lancephil, and four of the six heavenly heroes who would be shouting out the rest of the world.

“I’m standing here, so I’m so proud.”

Harrison looked at his side and smiled.

“Yes, I am thrilled.”

Brian hit back.

Pierce, who was sleeping, had a long breath.

“It’s hard to believe, but I think I’ve seen this scene somewhere.”

His gaze turned to Roan.

Roan smiled and nodded.

“I do not know if I’ve seen or not …….”

He looked at other people.

“It is an honor to fight with you.”

“The lord.”

Everyone looked at Roan with an emotion.

Then my feet trembled gently.

Two heads, two heads!

The dust ran up from a distance with the sound of the earth.

“It’s coming.”

Austin, who was watching, said in a quiet voice.

Everyone nodded and took out their weapons.


Pierce pulled the mana out with a new spear.

At the moment, a huge turnout came out from all over the body.


Then Brian wielded his long sword.

The unknown pattern on the main surface of the tremendously thick medium was glittering.


Harrison pulled the bowstring a couple of times and released his fingers.

The new master was larger than Harrison’s trunk.

Austin, who was watching them, tongued his tongue.

“I am going to be with geniuses who are innocent.

At that point Roan shook his head as if to say what he meant.

“Austin, there is no better commander here than you, please take care of the Legionnaire.”

Pierce, Brian and Harrison nodded horribly as the conversation ended.

Austin laughed and looked back.

Five thousand Legionnaires were looking at themselves with a nervous expression.

Austin pulled out his sword and beat his chest with his left hand.

“Do not be nervous, we leave a name in today’s history.”


The Legionnaire replied in a glance.

Roan took Travias’ Spear out of his back, feeling the grim moment.


The spear was stretched with the sound of the spear, and the spear was revealed.


Within a spear, the sword flame soared.

The cloud of dirt reached the nose.

“I’m in awe!”


The monsters’ chastity and ease began to dazzle their ears.

Roan and four leaders bent their knees and looked at the dust clouds.



Roan’s mouth dropped a short order.

He rolled his feet lightly and ran toward dust clouds, no Monster Corps.

“Get hurt!”

With Austin’s cry, four leaders and five thousand Legionnaires followed Roan.

Their appearance disappeared soon after they were trapped in a dusty dust cloud.

That moment.


With the roar, the fire and light exploded.

It was an explosion that signaled the beginning and end of the battle.

Pooh Pooh Pooh!

The horny trumpet, as if waiting, filled the battlefield with the wind.

ridge! ridge! ridge!

Following the magnificent drums, the endless banners of the South and the North advanced little by little.

It looked like a hilly, river moving.

“Excuse me!”

The mysterious nature of a monster hit the battlefield.

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