I am the Monarch

By Cheol Jonggeum

Chapter 215

Chapter 215

It was a sudden battle.

In addition, his opponent was neither a human nor a monster.

In the last life, beings were called Corps of Darkness.

The Corps of the doll that has been powered by magic.

They were definitely different from regular undeads.

“It’s big!”


The spellcasters were very agile as they ran through the floor.

The Legionnaire, leading the Lancephil Fief Army at the forefront, frowned over the spoons.

“These guys are fast!”

“Better than the undead!”

Usually, the undead is difficult to kill and strong, but joints and muscles are stiff, very slow and unnatural movements.

In contrast, magical dolls moved at the same speed as living humans.

No, because he lost his reason and emotion, he showed a slimmer figure than a living human being in extreme circumstances.

Soldiers who are not afraid of death.

It was obviously awkward beings.


“Damn it!”

The Legionnaire, with some mana levels falling, was pushed back.

The sword of the magic doll flew to the chest of Legionnaire.



Spreading the elongated spear space, it flew and smashed the head of the magic doll.

Black spear.

Travias’ Spear.

The spear owner was Roan to say.

“Legions of Mana are down, back up!”

Quick command.

At the same time.


A young man rose from behind in the voice of the battlefield.

This was Harrison, the Thousand-man Captain and general commander of the Lancephil Fief Army.

After several months of research, he quickly pulled the protesters in his hand,

He was one of the Legionnaire who also learned the newly born Lancephil Mana Technique which was complementary to the supplement.


The three arrows, together with the heavy sound, split the space at the same time.


The arrow pierced the head of the magical doll.

Roan poked open at the front and waved Travias’ Spear.

In a sharp anticipation, the body of the witch dolls broke up and down.


Then the new order fell.

Harrison, who descended on the ground as if he had waited, quickly sent a signal.

The battalions located in the rear spread widely to the left and right and pulled the bowstring.

They stood still and did not aim for the enemy.

Lancephil Fief Army’s archers did not stop for a while.

They moved like the wind and shot arrows like lightning.

Burberry Burber!

The arrows flying over the sky pierced the dolls.

The heads of those who ran agonizingly fell in unison.

Roan pulled the fire-mana out of his body and fired the ground.


The raging voice once again struck the battlefield.

The bright light gleamed among the Legionnaire who had retreated for a moment.

At the same time, the soldiers broke through and the bright glows came to the forefront.

The brilliant Troop vendor, including Brian Miles, pounded the wind and assaulted the magical doll, the Dark Corps.

“All-out attack!”

“Follow me!”

“The army is detouring! The army must attack the enemy’s side!”

Thousand-man Captain Commander-in-command of the supernal commanders was quick.

Two heads, two heads!

The horseshoe sounded loud and a massive attack began.

The light flashed and the loud noise rang.

The blood blooms and the screams pour out.

The battle quickly settled at its peak.

And at the height of its climax was Roan.


Roan has undergone a major change since the Royal Capital Miller.

No, exactly since I met Flamdor and Travias at Vertex, there was a breakthrough in mana level and operation.


‘I feel like I’ve just started to learn the real Flamdor Mana Technique and Travias’ Spear.’

Outwardly, there was no big change.

Roan still flames and adjusts spear length and thickness freely.

But internally, with much less mana than before, I was able to control the length and thickness of the spear freely, generating flames much faster and smoother than before.



Roan gently curled with Ngal.

The flames of his body soared in the moment, and the hair was scarleted.

Farababa Bababat!

At the same time, his new type continued for a long time and he digged into the gaps of the magical doll.

Following his steps, the earth was made of a flame of fire.


Travias’ Spear was as thick as Roan’s body and hit the ground strongly.

At that moment, only the adult male bullets popped up.

“Aaaaaa great!”

“Excuse me!”

The figurines fell into a puddle or a fireball,


Roan spat out a long breath.

The color of the hair, which was sunk by the sunlight, came back to its original color.

He is now able to adjust his Overflow appearance, often called Crimson Wargod, very briefly and freely.

Roan looked up at Travias’ Spear, watching the soldiers of the Lancephil Fief Army as they tide behind him.

“Sweep the enemy off!”

A voice that shakes the sky and earth.


Legionnaire and the soldiers answered in a singular voice and put the floor down.



Witchcraft dolls without reason and emotion went back to fight without thinking.

But they were wolves in front of wind wheels and wagon wheels.


Both sides collided with the roar.

The premises were unilateral.

The Lancephil Fief Army and Crimson Corps were swept over the battlefield.

* * *

“The post-war process is proceeding smoothly.”

Austin collected and delivered each Troop Commander class report.

Roan nodded, looking at the soldiers who were doing post-war.

“When the sources near the Fortress of Long Port return, they should write the relevant report and present it to the soldiers without a hint.”

Roan was just about to reveal the identity of the witch dolls of Lancephil Fief Army soldiers.

To monopolize information solely to prevent unnecessary misunderstanding.


Roan spat out a long breath.

Leading the group has consumed much more power than I thought.

Then Austin, who was guarding him, asked with a careful look.

“But the lord …….”

He looked around for a while and then turned to a smaller voice.

“Though it is the war of succession to the throne, I am afraid that it will be emptied too long.”

Roan grasped at once the hiding place in Austin’s words.

“Is Clay worried?”

Austin nodded with a grim look.

“Yes, I’ve been taking surveillance to the Elf, but I can not help being nervous.”

A faint smile followed.

Roan smiled and shook his head.

“You do not have to worry about it.

“I know that you are trapped in double, triple, but I wonder if you need to stay in it until you do it.

Austin was clouded.

The face was full of anxious colors.

He preferred to use his body rather than his head.


Roan smiled as he understood Austin’s intuition.

His gaze went over Austin ‘s back.

“I guess I’ll ask the person who comes over there.”


Austin turned his head in a strange expression.

A man was approaching the soldiers from far away.

The man seemed to be wearing a Gittie, but he made a simple impression somewhere.

“The author …….”

It was a normal impression, but Austin was a well known man.

One of the six men that O’Neill praised by Lancephil Personnel Bureau was obvious.

Roan nodded.

“Swift, the administrator of the manor.”


Lancephil is the representative of six men later called the brain.

He left the estate and appeared in the Inpek Fief, west of the Kingdom.

“I’ll see you.”

Swift leaned in a polite attitude.

Roan nodded briefly.

“There is a lot of trouble.”

Short tit.

Swift shook his head.

“No, I can not say that this is hard work compared to the Fief Army soldiers who are directly and directly fighting on the front line.”

Modest attitude and voice.

Roan also asked briefly.

“What is your mission?”

“I finished it safely. Viscount Potter in the South can be relieved.”


Unknown sound.

Roan nodded with a satisfied expression.

His gaze turned to Austin.

“Swift. There’s something about Austin here.”

At that end Swift looked at Austin.

“What are you curious about?”

She smiles faintly as if she will answer anything.

Austin nodded his nose and asked him straight forward.

“I wonder why Clay knows what he’s up to, but he just leaves it alone.”

“It has …….”

Swift laughed and laughed.

“There are three reasons.”

“Three things?”

Austin got a little surprised.

Swift was speaking with a gentle and casual look.

“First of all, we, the Lancephil Fief Army, are mostly engaged in the war of succession, except for some of the frontier borders,” he said.

“It’s not a big deal,” Clay said, although he is Druid, but his position is only executive, Legionnaire.

Austin was overconfident.

But Swift shook his head.

“It is not, because Clay is not alone.”

“I know there are some sympathetic forces, but that would not be such a big threat,” he said.

Austin had a headache.

Swift laughed.

“I do not know until I have a direct encounter, and my opponent is not another, Clay.”

That was true.

If everyone knew Clay, it would not have been so simple.

Austin frowned.

“Then why is the second reason for the guy to stay …?”

The answer was not from Swift but from Roan’s mouth.

“The second reason is because of the great weakness of our Count Lancephil Order and the return.”

Swift took over later.

“Our territory has achieved tremendous expansion in a short period of time, starting with Tale Fief, Baron has now developed into a Counting Order that includes all of the Northeast Kingdom’s Fief,” he said.

Austin nodded.

Swift’s words were true.

In simple terms, the old Baron Tale joined the subordinates and peasants and the old Count Lancephil joined the subordinates and peasants.

There are a lot of people from all over the Kingdom and a lot of people who came to find a place to live.

The Count Lancephil Order is now flooded with migrants.

“On the surface, it seems like everyone is happy and happily living.

Lightly flipped questions.

Austin frowned.


I could not answer easily.

Clay was already revealing the black enthusiasm.

Swift had a long breath.

“I and my colleagues were somewhat late, so I was able to objectively look at the Count and Count orders both inside and out.” The Count Lancephil order is obviously a little bit rotting a little, according to Agens and Tenebra troop, They are in agreement with Clay. ”

I had a bitter laugh at my mouth.

“I wanted to get rid of all the rotten parts of our estates through Clay, so I and my colleagues had to trap the lord for Clay to dispose of his property. In fact, I was anxious to leave Clay to the Elves who were in the woods for hundreds of years, but the lord reviewed our proposal ……. ”

Swift’s eyes turned to Roan.

Roan smiled faintly and nodded.

“I approved it.”

The eyes of both of them turned to Austin again.


Austin shed a low pace.

The story of Swift is part of what I have become aware of myself.

At the same time, however, it was a part that I was ignoring.

Since Count Lancephil and the Greats were greatly developing, I had tried to cover up the minor problems that were going on at the bottom.

When the power was out, the small greed and the mistakes were closed.

Because of the feeling that it will be scratched and scratched.

But Roan and Swift, his colleagues did not.

Even though they were somewhat painful, they intended to take away all the sickness on this occasion.

“If I lose my ability, should I close my eyes, even if it is somewhat corrupt?”

Swift asked with a gentle voice.

It was not the question I wanted to answer.


He soon shook his head.

“So it is no use, because I will use it to fill my stomach, not the people of the Kingdom.”

Roan nodded.

‘I do not need those trash.’

It was the talents that he did not need in the world he dreamed of.

No, it was exactly what I had to cut out and get rid of.


Swift laughed and laid out three fingers.

“For the third reason, we simply did not want to be content with just punishing Clay, using him to shake up the war of succession, and in a very fair way …….”

“What is it …?”

Austin did not understand well.

Swift whispered in a small voice.

“Clay had been with Bradley Webster Duke before, but Duke Webster died in Simon’s hands.”

“I know that well.”

Austin nodded.

Swift smiled and spat out.

“What would Clay do now?”

“If Clay, of course …….”

At the moment Austin ‘s face surprised me.

He was in the back with a little excited expression.

“That’s your cause, making Duke Webster’s command to attack, is not it?”

Clay will try to take control of the Duke of the Conqueror.

Count Lancephil was planning to attack the Duke Webster Command for the reason that he had to dispose of his property and punish Clay for taking out the property.

Roan and Swift nodded and laughed.

Austin swallowed the dry spit.

“But will Clay move to his will?”

Agens and Tenebra troop had a limit to Duke.

Swift nodded, smiling faintly.

“I inserted the last piece to complete the puzzle.”

“The last piece?”

Austin asked with a careful look.

Swift looked at Roan instead of the answer.

Austin’s gaze naturally went to Roan.

Roan nodded and replied briefly.

“Piccio is the last puzzle piece.”

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