I am the Monarch

By Cheol Jonggeum

Chapter 211

Chapter 211

“Count Lancephil, I hope this show will help.”

Ian Phillips, who was hiding between buildings and gaps, smiled faintly.

Count Phillips, or, more precisely, the data collected by Ian’s personal information agency Evishun, Roan was able to pull the power through fire-mana.

‘Count Lancephil was the Trooper Commander of the 2nd Troop Troop, the last battle with the Istel Kingdom …….’

At that time Istel Kingdom, in association with the Byron Kingdom, had invaded the Northeast Fief of Rinse Kingdom.

Roan, who was a Troop Adjutant at the time, showed exquisite strategy and outstanding force, went through the Troop Commander, and rose to the position of Troop Commander of the new second Troop Troop.

Istel Kingdom decided to retreat after Roan’s action, and Aaron Tate Baron, then 7th Corps Corps Commander, chose Troop Maintenance instead of Chase.

However, work began to get tangled as Benjamin Doyle Viscount, an Eastern Regional Corps Supreme Commander, was blinded by his major and ordered to pursue it in his own way.

The 7th Corps, who pursued the pursuit, was hit hard by a devastation of the current Istel Kingdom nobility Peid Nail Viscount.

Eventually Corps Commander Aaron barely managed to save his life, and most of the Troopers, including Rose Troop Troop Commander Gale and Adjutant Kennis, were killed.

‘According to the information collected, Count Lancephil, who later joined the battlefield, suddenly sucked the surrounding flames and turned into a bizarre appearance.’

After that, Istel Kingdom soldiers returned to their home country and called Roan Crimson Ghost.

‘Count Lancephil. The Phillips family can not use force because of the control of the King’s Majesty, no Prince Simon, and the surveillance of Delph Blick Viscount. What I can do is I’m a Regional Corps. ”

Fireworks using wagons and carts.

This was a very improvised strategy.

It was a strategy created when Evishun’s intelligence sources, which had been hidden all over the Royal Capital Miller, announced the advent of Roan.

Roan’s information, which was reported in the past, and Roan’s current state of affairs.

Ian Phillips.

Genius was a genius.

But even there was one unexpected part.

It was true that Roan was able to get a stronger force based on the fire-mana, but it had an enormous side effect.

Because of its side effects, Roan was refraining from absorbing fire-mana directly into the body.

Even now.

‘phew. This is what you do. ”

Roan could not easily manage the Flamdor Mana Technique.

A red flame flickered over him as if to tempt him.

‘Overflow is likely.’

Roan bite his lower lip.

That was also the case.

When I was angry at the death of the Rose Troopers and took the flames of the field into my body.

Roan had no memory at the time.

However, it was said that it was not a human figure by listening to Troop circles who survived later.

Crimson Ghost.

Roan did not want to go through that again.


‘Even the water-mana that controls fire-mana is bottoming out.’

If it overflowed, it would be impossible to restore stability.

The hesitation became longer.


That gig!

The sound of frowning at me was drowning in my ears.

Roan looked at the direction the sound was heard.


A low penetration flowed out.

Walls spread widely to the left and right along the overburdened south gate.

All the great crossbows that were sitting on it were turning and pointing at themselves.

And next to it, Delph Blick Viscount, who was guarding the fortress, looked over the south gate area with a bruised eye.

‘This is definitely a flower pot. Count Lancephil is not alone. ‘

Extremely normal judgment.

Delph broke it.

The first thing to do, then, was not the army outside the castle, but the army within the castle.

Geek Geek!

Hard and tense demonstrations were pulled hard.

Five arrowheads, five arrowheads, five arrowheads, five arrowheads, five arrowheads, and five arrowheads.

In the upstairs protest, I would fire five arrows first, then launch the rest of the arrows.

If the crossbow crossing the firestone fires an arrow with a time difference, Roan will be able to do extreme damage to the enemies that are hidden somewhere.

‘There is no choice.’

Roan took a short sigh.

The spear will lose its life by being stuck in a crossbow arrow.

‘I do not want to overflow.’

A long time has passed since the first overflow.

Flamdor Mana Technique is also a situation that has been repeated training in training.

‘It’s easier to control fire-mana than before.’

Roan grasped both fists.

Travias’ Spear in the right hand trembled.

I am afraid that he will be coming soon.

‘Maybe it might be fun. Travias ‘Spear has never played all of my abilities yet.’

Roan laughed and closed his eyes.

I heard Delph’s voice in my ear.


That’s it!

The large crossbow turned right and left and correctly pointed Roan.

At the same time, Roan operated the Flamdor Mana Technique,



The giant fire that was spreading the power around the south gate area seemed to be enjoyable.

They flocked around Roan, dancing like a living creature.

A red whirlpool revolves around Roan.

“Ugh Ugh! What is this!”

“Boo, the flames move naturally!”

“Flame gusts! Damage!”

The knights and soldiers in the vicinity were scared and stepped back.

Even Delph, who was sitting on the foundations, was stunned by the marvelous sight.

I forgot to give orders to Dae Seok Sung-gwan, but I lost my attention to the flames of the whirlwind.

Kwa Department of Medicine!

The wrecks and wrecks of the wagon broke into pieces and soon disappeared.

“Ah, ah!”


Some soldiers were caught in a flaming fire and became a fireball.

Roan still focused on Flamdor Mana Technique operation with two eyes closed.

He is now in the most important moment.

‘shall we start…….’



The flames that swirled around Roan were sucked into his body.

What happened to a blinking bird.

As the flames disappeared, the vast wind and beating that had struck my ears all disappeared.

Static and peace.

The strange silence fell on the south gate.

Delph and other Blick Knights and Pator Corps soldiers looked at Roan in a half-hearted look.

Roan stands still and still has two eyes closed.

“Boo, where the fire is all gone …….”

Dexkerry, leader of the Knights of Blick, hesitated to mutter without knowing himself.


Because the mouth of his mouth came out of his head.

At the same time.


“Autumn, cold!”

“What harmony is this!”

The surrounding knights and soldiers shook their heads and puffed their breath.

The seasons are the middle summer when the south wind blows.

Obviously, the hot sun was burning on my head.

But somehow, the air that passes through the skin was cold and cold like a blade.

This situation was not the only thing that happened to the knights and soldiers in front of the south gate.

There was a difference, but the Lancephil Fief Army outside the gates, as well as the people of Miller Castle far away from the enemy Aily Rinse and Elf were facing the enemy was feeling cold and cold.

“Pisces, this is …….”

One Elf looked at Aily.

Aily nodded a glance over the one knight that ran.

“Yes, the fire-mana has disappeared from nearby Mana.”

“How does this happen …….”

Aily ‘s gaze headed south as the Elf slammed her head in astonishment.

‘Lancephil. Is it okay? ‘

My heart became more urgent.

She quickly wielded a long, thin sword and put it on the ground.

“I have to go to the South Gate as soon as possible.”

“Yes, I understand!”

Powerful answer.

Soon the beautiful and splendid swordsmanship of Elf broke the space.

They also felt that things were flowing in unbelievably.

No air, no earth, no world.

Roan, who caused such a crime, still kept his eyes closed with both eyes closed.

‘You must finish before moving.’

Delph broke it.

The appendix was an appendix.

A sharp hunch that is unique to the leader who rolled the battlefield for decades.

Delph screamed at Dae Seok’s archers, feeling an eerie fear.

“Launch! Launch all the crossbow!”

“Yes? Yes, yes! Yes!”

The Dae Seok soldiers, who were melting their hands, quickly fired the large crossbow, which was late and had finished loading.

Shoot! Shoot! Two doodles!

A large crossbow crossing over the open sky spewed a spear-like arrow.


A fist-sized arrowhead flew toward Roan with the sound of tearing up the space.

The moment of desperation.

Nevertheless Roan did not move with his eyes closed.


Delph called in delight.


“Just die!”

Knights and soldiers screamed as well.

But their wind did not work out.

When the spear arrows reached Roan.


Roan woke his eyes closed.

At the same time.


A huge fire flashed from his body.

It was a bigger and hoter flame than the flames that originally burned the south gate area.


“Shut up!”

Knights and soldiers retreated with their arms wrapped around their faces in a tremendous craze. No, it was not.

At the same time, the arrow of the large crossbow, which had just been pierced through Roan, disappeared as a handful.

It’s a tremendous heat.

It reminded me of the cowardice of hell.

“Oh, shit! What the hell is this!”

“The flames that have disappeared come out of the human body!”

Delph and Dex, as well as many other knights and soldiers, were overwhelmed by the incredible sight.



The flare that had soared into the sky gradually diminished, and the shape of Roan, which was in it, appeared.


For the moment, the resilience and sighing in the south gate area were stirred.

Roan Lancephil.

Neat brown hair, eyebrows, eyes, and a manly face have disappeared all over the place.

The hair, eyebrows and eyes were sunk by the sunlight, and especially the hair and eyebrows were filled with red flames.

In addition, the hair is grown long under the waist.

A red flame dripped along the end of the hair.

But even more surprising is.

Let’s hear it!

It was Travias’ Spear holding in the right hand.

Spear, as well as the original black spear, was covered in all the red flames, and the heat was unbelievable.


Everyone lost their say.

Roan’s appearance was not human.

It is as if.

“Department, Crimson Ghost?”

The tinnitus that the world called Roan.

That Crimson Ghost really came down to the world.

Even though I’m looking at it, I feel like choking.

“Lord, kill!”

Delph of the castle shouted instinctively.


The same goes for Dex.

If it is not now, I would not be able to see it rebelliously.


Dex and the Knights of Blick rushed toward Roan.

The elite sicknesses of Pator Corps followed.

Hundreds of people wrestled with Roan.


“Be great.”

The mouth of Roan, who had been sleeping quietly, rose slowly, and the necropolis flowed out.

At the same time.

Xu Aaaan!

Travias’ Spear sprang at a tremendous speed and turned quickly.


A bright red flame went out in all directions.

The flames hit the knights and the soldiers.

“Stop it! Just …….”

Dex ‘s cry did not last.

Travias’ Spear When the sword and body came in contact, half of the torso had burned.


He was able to leave half of his body because he had a high level of mana.

Subordinate knights and general soldiers were scattered as a handful when they reached the fire.


Screaming, I could not even leave the conversation.


The cold southerly wind instead of the southern wind which should be originally warmed softly around the south gate area.

The ash powder flew in the sky.

“Mi, crazy ……!”

Delph, watching the situation in the castle, screamed with both eyes.

It is the same with the knights and soldiers who have not survived, who have survived.

“Ear, ghost! It’s Crimson Ghost!”

“God of fire!”

“Monster! Monster!”

The terrible fear caused paralysis.

Delph grunted his fist and yelled.

“Stupid guys! Shoot the crossbow! Do not go any closer, shoot the arrows and throw the spear!”

He encouraged knights and soldiers.

“Roan Lancephil is also a human being!

There was a sore throat.

That’s it!

Soon the great crossbow finished the new load.

Knights and soldiers did not like it, but at Delph’s command, they shot an arrow at Roan and threw it at the spear.

And soon regretted their actions.


I could not reach the body of arrows and spear Roan.

The newly launched large crossbow arrow is also the same.

The arrows and spears disappeared as a handful of minutes to the point of Roan.


“Do not be ridiculous.”

The knights and the soldiers did not know it, and struck back.


Roan, who was watching, laughed and laughed.

Looks like he’s breaking his head.

The sunburst hair with flames gently shaken.

And that moment.


Crimson Ghost moved.

Pa Aaaaaaaa!

Travias’ Spear, which was only the longest, grew longer and thicker.

The flames that flowed along the spear and spear also became larger.

Quark! Kwa Department of Medicine!

Roan waved at the spear of his great fire.

At that time, the ground was a wave and the ground was turned upside down.

The knights and soldiers who were building the encirclement were disappeared or disappeared after they had failed to compete.

“Aaaaaaaa great!”

Roan freaked out that he was a great man.

Delph frowned upon the terrible sound.

“Shoot! Continue to shoot the crossbow! Do everything we can!”

A roaring voice rang around the South Gate.

Rather, it attracted Roan’s attention.

“Are you big?”

Roan glanced at the towering walls.

The sunburned pupil was small and repeated.


Delph swallowed the dry spit with the sting.

‘I met you!’

I felt Roan confronted his gaze.


Delph pulled out a sword.

He is the appendix of the appendix.

It was not a coward running away from the enemy.

“Good! Come on …….”

Houton, who was about to shout, was unable to reach the end.


Because Roan, who was under the wall, sprang from the floor and skyrocketed.

Even the Lancephil Fief Army, famous for its powerful army, was a wall that could not be touched by a single person for several days.

To that extent the walls of the Royal Capital Miller were high and huge.

But Roan leaped up to a higher level than the wall with only one leap.

“Huh …….”

Delph had a snob.

He muttered into a vicious voice as he watched the giant Travias’ Spear flying in front of his eyes.

“Count Lancephil. Are you really a ghost?”

The answer?


It was only an unfamiliar crowd.

At the same time.


With a tremendous roar, Travias’ Spear hit the base and Delph.

Delph Blick, Rinse Kingdom’s apprentice, lost his life without swinging his sword once.

The ruins of the South Gate, which had been steadfastly established since its founding, were also destroyed beautifully.

Kuguugu palace.

The wreckage of the foundations poured out in and out of the gates.

Roan turned and stood on the wall.

It was to destroy the large crossbow that had spear arrows that had spear towards itself.

“Oh, run away!”

“Move! Move!”

“Do not push, do not push!

The soldiers, who were guarding the wall, ran away on Roan’s arrival.

In the process, those who jumped or fell down the wall also succeeded.


Of course Roan did not mind at all.

He listened to the giant Travias’ Spear in the sky,


With a huge roar, the great crossbow was destroyed.

Roan crossed over to the other side of the castle and destroyed the remains of Daejok.

It’s so terrible!

The incontinence went to the hard wall.

To that extent Roan’s attack was incredibly powerful.

“Be big!”

Roan, who took all of the great crossbow, went down the wall again and drove the Knights of Blick and the Corps soldiers.

Travias’ Spear was getting longer and thicker, now its length was just over half the height of the wall, and its thickness was about five times that of an adult male body.

Quark! bang! Quark!

Roan’s spear was no longer a weapon against humans.

The spear floor of a huge fire was cut and the wall was dug.

And finally.

Kugugugugu Palace!

The nearby walls including the south gate area collapsed.

A sight that a man could never think of doing.


Ian, who was watching the South Gate, swallowed the dried spit without even knowing it.

He asked a small voice toward the middle-aged man who was by his side.

“What have we done?”

The look of a middle-aged man is also very soulful.

“I do not know. Well, if that was the real look of the Crimson Ghost, the information that Evishun collected was too poor.”

Ian slowly nodded at the end.

“Yeah, that’s not the Crimson Ghost.”


Once again a dry spit passed.

“That’s God, Wargod.”

I had a bitter laugh at my mouth.

“We have brought the god to this world.”

“Yes, it’s a red Crimson Wargod like blood …….”

While the two talked in a dry voice, Roan moved without rest.

The south gate area was ruined.

Thanks to Roan, where the flames disappeared, Roan again spread the flame hell.

And there, at the same time in the South and North, a group of the crowd showed up.

“Well, that one!”

Austin and the Lancephil Fief Army, who were on the way to Miller Castle through the crumbling south gate, paused and stopped.

“Wow, lord?”

“Why not look like that again!”

Austin and Harrison, who had already experienced Roan’s overflow in the time of the 2nd Troop Troop, did not approve of it and retreated.

“Do not be disgusted, but leave behind!”

A new order has been dropped.

Since the Lancephil Fief Army was a well-trained and powerful army, the orders were immediately implemented.

‘Overflow. If you really overflow, Pia is meaningless. ‘

Austin swallowed the dry spit and looked at Harrison.

Harrison nodded slowly.

He was also like Austin.

For one thing, it was wise to step back to prevent the damage of the ally that might have been.

But as soon as they were about to step out of the south gate, a woman from the other side approached Roan as loudly as she could.


Austin ‘s face hardened at once.

“Danger! Stay back!”

The identity of the woman was Aily.

However, Aily continued to walk toward Roan without stopping at whether Austin had been hearing the cry or not.

Quark! The Quasi School of Medicine!

Roan, who wrecked the giant Travias’ Spear and devastated the area, burst into the heavens as he saw Aily approaching him straight.

“Be big.”

He raised Travias’ Spear to the sky.

Acting like trying to kill Aily.

“Pisces, it’s dangerous!”

“Come back!”

Elf called Aily tortured.

Aily responded with a soft, clear voice without stopping or turning.

“It’s not dangerous, because the person in front of me is Roan Lancephil.”

Travias’ Spear may fall on your head right now.

But she had no sign of fear.

“Are you big?”

Roan looked at Aily as he rolled his spiny pupil back and forth.

The hand holding the giant Travias’ Spear shook trembly.

The braking was applied to the overflow.

Aily continued to step toward Roan.

“Lancephil, now that it’s done, the south gate that was closed was open.”

Beautiful smile and soft voice.

Her large, clean eyes pushed Roan’s sun-shining eyes.

“Now lay down that heavy spear and relax.”

Roan and Aily are now near enough to reach out.


Roan shook his body.

The sunlight shook the left and right eyes.

Aily slowly reached out his hand.

His fingertip hit Roan’s ball.

“I’ll be there.”

A touch that is softer and warmer than the wind.

Roan’s eyes shook more quickly.

The gestures that shuddered were getting rougher.

And finally.

“Aaaaaaaa great!”

A tremendous disorganization broke out.



Between the south gate and the north, Aily’s worrying voice burst out.

But Aily did not shake a little.

She still smiled faintly and grabbed Roan’s face gently.

“Aaaaaaaaa …….”

Roan’s grogginess gradually subsided.

Travias’ Spear, which was half the height of the walls and five times the size of the adult body, also became smaller.

The burning flames gradually disappeared.


The sunshine hair, eyebrows and eyes also regained their original color.


At the same time, the cold wind that rubbed through the skin warmed the southern wind.


The unbelievably warm peace with the heavy silence sat down again in the south gate area.

The eyes of Lancephil Fief Army, Elf, and surviving Pator Corps soldiers headed for Roan and Aily.


Roan’s body glowed red.

At the same time, his body was shaky.

Aily quickly took Roan in his arms and sat down carefully.

It was a dirty dirt floor, but she did not mind.

“Aily …….”

Roan breathed a long sigh with his eyes closed, both with strength.

“Yes, I am here. Do not worry.”

Aily carefully stroked Roan’s brown hair.

Roan laughed softly and whispered like a whisper.


Aily smiled faintly instead of the answer and bowed his head.

Long hair flowed smoothly along the wind.

The bloody battlefield spread a pleasant scent.

Roan lost his mind with Aily’s scent.

So Royal Capital Miller Castle was captured in the name of Roan Lancephil.

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