Princess and the General Yi Ren Gui

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At the age of twelve, the fairy doctor of the Immortal Valley, who was in the mountains, met with the Dongling State generals who came to seek medical treatment outside the Shanmen, and was sent back to the military to treat the poisoned Dongling State General. The little Jade Commissioner swears: "My master is a doctor of medicine, but I am a little poisonous fairy, not a small medical sage..." The generals were flustered, and they couldn’t do anything. Yu Fu bit his apple while bulging his face: "But if people are dying, let me practice poison." Apple lost, the poison needle flashed, and the poison was attacked to save the generals. The generals woke up and brought her back to the government in order to thank her for her help. It is expected that the generals will have six sons who are extraordinary, different in character and excellent in martial arts. In particular, the protagonist of the world, the beauty of the world, the dragon and the phoenix chapter, see the jade can not move. "This child is the savior of Ben, and your sister is in the future." Yu Fu hurriedly shook his head. "No, no, I don't want to be a sister!" Jokes, to become their sister, how can she enjoy the beauty of the world? ? ——————After many years, she was wearing a royal robe, her long skirt was dragging her feet, standing in the high place where she could not win the cold - sealing him as the general. Under the palace after the rain, she was in his arms, but he asked, "What is the general?" "The East Spirit respects the former Han system, with the generals as the first of the military officers. The dynasty respects the Spring and Autumn ancient system, above The general is the head of the military attache." "So, Chen is still the husband of your majesty, how should you call it?" She suddenly laughed and stunned in his arms. "How do you call someone next to you, you will always be my big brother..."


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