Daddy Fantasy World Restaurant

By Qing Yu Jiang Hu

Chapter 1263, we are coming to pick up people.

Chapter 1263, we are coming to pick up people.

The magic flies in the sky and collides in the air to make a loud noise.

Tens of thousands of elf guards are watching from a distance. This level of combat, without the commander, is not something they can participate in.

The purple lion cub flies in the sky, but every time he tries to get close to the magician, he will always be set off by the fire.

Krassu was an enemy three, and his chest began to undulate slightly. With his age facing this level of fighting, he still has some strengths.

On the other hand, after the phoenix ruined most of the stars in the starry sky, Bingfeng was finally hit by the meteorite and turned into a shard of ice.

Helena paled back a bit, and there were only a few starlights in the crystal ball of the starry sky, but Julian, who looked at the sky, showed a sneer on her face, and the elves raised the strong people against the three people. If there is no way to kill them, it is difficult for the elves to stand on the Nolan continent.

"Kill them!"

Helena indifference ordered that the hundreds of eight-level and nine-level powerhouses that had been assembled had launched an assault on the besieged three. When the victorious balance tilted toward the elves, the hundreds of eight or nine strong players would become crushed. Their last iron rod.

Sally, standing not far behind Helena, clenched her fist again, and she was relieved when Krassu and Julian appeared, but the situation is still moving in the worst direction.

The magic of the sky, such as fireworks, flew toward the three people. The eightth and the ninth grades were just children in front of the tenth grade. When enough children picked up the knife and attacked madly, they could still kill a giant.

The eyes of the elves will light up, and the power of the elves will be revealed at this moment. Under the force of hundreds of eight or nine, it is enough to kill any strong person into slag.

"Helena, the old witch, really did a lot of preparations." Irina frowned, her mana has been completely overdrawn, there is no way to provide them with any help.

"It's a bit of a hassle." Julian's foot slammed the saplings on the ground, still not afraid.

McGon looked at the magic of the sky, his brows were slightly wrinkled, and the time in his eyes had entered the 60-second countdown, leaving him with less time.

However, his people should also arrive?


Just then, a dragon came and a golden dragon and a frosty dragon appeared above the mountain.

"For the glory of Landiste! Charge!"

The high priest raised the crystal ball in his hand and shouted loudly in the Landiste language. A vast ocean splashed out of the crystal ball and turned into a huge wave that greeted the magic of the sky.

Hundreds of suit mobs hold the trident, like a dumpling, hopping down from the dragon's back, stepping on the wave, and welcoming the hundreds of elf powers without fear.

Above the wave, nine ten-level powerhouses guarded one side, began to cast magic, and then poured into the crystal ball of the high priest.

The crystal ball flashed, and in a blink of an eye, a water curtain barrier appeared in front of Meg.

The magic of the elves' singers slammed on the water curtain, exploding, and bursting with brilliant light on the water curtain like fireworks.The water curtain violently swayed, and after suffering the last magic, it dissipated and turned into a mist.

"This...what is this?"

Everyone present was watching the sudden appearance of those wearing exotic costumes,

The guy with a black toy on his face is all awkward?

But I have to admit that the neat black suit, the black sunglasses with the indifferent expression, the way the suit mobs played is extremely impactful.

And it was easy to block the water curtain of all magical attacks, and it made all the elf's eyelids jump.

This is a group of strong people from where! ! !

More than two-digit ten-level powerhouses are completely inferior to the number of eight-level and nine-level powerhouses in the Wind Forest!

"Who are these people?" Helena's face changed dramatically, and she was already victorious, but she suddenly smashed such a group of unknown people.

She can be sure that this has nothing to do with the goblin family on the border of Chen Bing. If the Gnome has such a powerful force, it will not only dare to shrink the tortoise.

"Is these people?" Irina also looked at her face. Although they looked like humans, they were not the people of the Los Angeles Empire, and they seemed to be on their side.

"It's Mia, Gina and Miss Elizabeth!" Felice looked up at the golden dragon and the frosty dragon in the sky, and was pleasantly surprised.

"It's them." Shelley nodded, then looked at the suit mobs, her eyes brightened: "These strong people should come from Landist."

"It seems that this is his arrangement." Although Irina didn't know what forces Landist was, she already had her own judgment.

Four hundred suits from Randist, the thugs, and the elves of the elite who came straight into the crash.

The huge waves smashed the formation of the elves' strong men, and there was a magic in the air. When they were too late to cast in the water waves, they were knocked out by a sap.

The strength is similar, UU reading The number of people is also very similar, but after the front of the elves are blocked, facing the fierce opponent, the will almost instantly collapse, I do not know who shouted ‘run! 'Hundreds of elf might lose their helmets and turn their heads to escape.

"Shrinking formation, escaping, killing!" Helena pinched an eight-level elf, coldly shouted.

The fleeing elves were shocked and shrank in the direction of Helena.

The other great magicians also gave up their attacks on McGonagall and began to limit the momentum of the sudden appearance of the suit mob. Finally, after the momentum of the waves stopped, they leaned against a jungle to stop the four hundred. The strong, left a mess.

After the jungle, the elves looked at the suit mobs, gasping for breath, and their hearts were full of fear. These powerful unidentified people are too horrible to charge. If they don’t have a level 10 magician, they don’t know how to stay. The next few people.

"Who are you? Why do you want to shoot at my elves?" Helena looked at the high priest who was standing in the air, and asked loudly, the number of strong opponents was similar to that of the elves, but she could not see where the other party belonged. A racial force, for the elves, this may be a war that is evenly matched.The high priest brows slightly and looks at Gina who is standing next to her.

Gina is also confused. Although she recently learned some lingua franca with Anna and Amy, the daily conversation can only understand half. I don’t understand what the elf is saying, thinking about it, pointing the mountain with my hand. The direction, the big voice: "We are coming to pick up people, you, go away."

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