Daddy Fantasy World Restaurant

By Qing Yu Jiang Hu

Chapter 916 The system, are you maliciously retaliating? (Seeking a monthly ticket~)

Chapter 916 The system, are you maliciously retaliating? (Seeking a monthly ticket~)

"According to the evaluation of this system, this income is the host's unexpected income. According to international practice, 20% of the accidental income tax is required, and the after-tax income is 252 million copper coins. In order to prevent the host from doing business, give up the kitchen god. Dreams and choose to fight home, so this money can only buy 0.5 physical points." The sound of the system sounded.

"Roll! You are the world policeman, the tube is so wide, a food system, even the accidental income tax is given to me." McGonagall, the system is getting more and more shameless.

"Want, 315 million copper coins, buy 0.5 physical quality points? Why don't you rob? I rely on the money I got from the law, why is it discriminated?!" McGonagall is not awkward.

"Please bear the attention of the host, this money is based on your daughter's ability, and has nothing to do with you, this system deeply regrets your childish behavior." The system is strict.

"I..." McGonagall opened his mouth, but found that the system said it was a bit reasonable. The money was indeed earned by Amy.

"Daughter is what I got from the skill, why can't you swear!" McGonagall quickly convinced himself, righteously said.


"System, are you short of money?" McGonagall calmed down and asked with a smile.

"This system... It's really a bit lacking money recently." The system's voice was weakly weak.

"If you are short of money, you can say it. Really, who are we with? Here are 300 million, you take all the flowers." McGonagall said.

"Really?" The system sounded with a few vibrato.

"Of course it is true, let's lie to you, this relationship, I can't give you a twenty-point interest every month." McGonaga nodded with a smile.

The system was silent for a while, almost snarling: "Host! You have completely exceeded the scope of usury! This is simply extortion!"

"Don't be so excited, isn't this what you want? I didn't force you. You see that this gem is much longer and looks good. It's just a golden coin. How much fertilizer can you buy? How much? The greenhouse. When the dishes are collected, they are all white flowers, how much more than interest." McGonagall continued to smile.

The system is in silence again.

"If you don't borrow it, I will just put it in the safe. Anyway, there is no place to spend money." McGonagall said indifferently.

"That... host, can you see that interest can be lowered slightly? The interest rate of twenty points is too high? This completely violates the market rules." The system was silent for a long time, and some weak said.

"System, what do you say, do you see the rules of the market for loan sharks? Although I am a newcomer, I have to have professional ethics." McGonagall smiled.

"Host, you are ungrateful! I launched the elephant restaurant to give you a one-month interest-free offer, even if it is not returned in a month, interest is only four points!" System anger."This, ah, that's fine. I also give you five thousand interest-free credits, and give you four months interest-free, more powerful than your offer? But other money is still calculated according to 20% interest. Meg smiled.

The system fell silent again.

"You think about it, of course, about the price of physical fitness, you can talk to me if you have new ideas." Meg said with a smile, got up and walked towards the kitchen, ready to pick up Felice and Anna. .

"Hey! New mission release: Please host a flame pig within 48h, place: Red Dragon Island! Mission success reward: a recipe for braised pork, mission failure: deduct 1 physical point."

Just then, the sound of the system suddenly sounded in the mind of McGonagall.

"Rely! System, are you malicious revenge?" McGonagall stopped and picked his eyebrows.

"The host does not misinterpret system tasks, complete tasks as soon as possible, will receive rewards, treat tasks negatively, and will be punished!" The system is serious.

"Well, I can't go yet." McGonagall said that he was very interested in braised pork. As a traditional food, fat but not greasy, sweet and fluffy braised pork is also his heart. One of the good ones, when you eat, take a spoonful of soup and bibimbap, the taste, just think about it and want to swallow.

However, when talking about Honglong Island, only three red dragons were folded outside the Mai Mi restaurant today, and then he was going to go to the local plate to catch the pigs. The provocation was really too strong.

However, before Xue Lier said, the Red Dragons also have a ten-level dragon. If you bring Azi, you can't even run it.

It’s just that Long Island is not too far apart. If you make too much movement, you are afraid of attracting the attention of other dragons.

After all, he still has the title of a dragon warrior on his head, and it is not good to shake it in Long Island.

"Tomorrow is just a day off. It seems that I have to go to Long Island." McGonagall thought in his heart, but he was not too worried, but he was looking forward to it.

It has long been known that Long Island is an archipelago composed of many floating islands. The dragons on the Nolan continent live there. One ethnic group has an island. The more powerful ethnic islands are closer to the center, the larger the area. .

As for whether the system has revenge, McGonagall is too lazy to study. Who hasn't had a little temper? Look at his impatience, and the more he feels comfortable.

The system of suffocating death, the serf turned over to be the master.

McGee entered the kitchen, and Felice just baked a string of roast beef skewers. She looked at McGonagall and said, "Boss, you can try one."

Is the roast beef skewer I made? ”

“Is there already confidence?” McGonagall smiled and looked at the roast beef skewers in the hands of Felice. The fat and thin beef was just picked up from the grill, still sizzling, and the fat was baked into crystal. The state, the scent comes from the outside, just from the outside, it is very close to perfection.

Some unexpected Meg took the beef skewer and took a bite directly. The delicious taste of the beef was opened in the mouth, making his eyes shine.The taste and taste of Feili's grilled beef is very close to perfection, but there is still a little lack of fire, but if you replace ordinary beef with iron-copper beef, this is completely negligible and can replace him. Made roast beef skewers.

"Very good, it has reached the level that can be tasted for the guests." McGonagall nodded with satisfaction, and he really satisfied him.

"Sister Felice is great." Anna patted her hand.

“Is it really ok?” Felice is still unbelievable.

"Yes, I didn't expect your progress to be so great in just a few days." McGonagall nodded.

"I had a dream yesterday. I have been doing roast beef skewers in my dreams. Then I remembered my dreams when I woke up today, so I can make it today..." Felice said with some embarrassment.

"I almost forgot the opportunity of the kitchen god trial room given by the system." McGonagall was a bit.

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