Daddy Fantasy World Restaurant Qing Yu Jiang Hu

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There is a strange restaurant in the chaotic city of Nolan. Here, the elves want to fight the table with the dwarves, the orcs are forbidden, the dragon can only sit around the small square in front of the restaurant, the devil even needs to bring a special stool... but it is such a strange restaurant, but at the door There are long queues every day. The elves ignore the ceremonial string, the dragons are holding the colander around the hot pot, the devils are eating cute dumplings... "The food here can't find the second one on the mainland! This boss is a genius!" The guest commented this way, then sneaked a glance at the direction of the door: "And, don't think about taking the boss or eating the king's meal, or you will die very badly." "Eating, giving money, or killing all the way." "A cute little Loli was squatting at the door, and she said with a milky voice, her eyes fell to the dragon on the side, and the five- or six-meter-high dragon couldn't help but shudder.


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