Rebirth of the Strongest Monster Beast (updated) Sun Da Hou

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In the ancient times there existed a black python. After a hundred years, that python would transform into a snake. After a thousand years it became a jiāo. After ten-thousand years the jiāo would become a dragon, one that is able to travel the nine layers of heaven and across the ten lands, command all within the six directions, and lead any force into the eight barren places.
3000 years ago, the human race's Immortal Venerate, Lin Hao, defeated countless yaos and their leaders, only to face rebellion from his own race and die from a disciple's hands.
3000 years later, Lin Hao returns as a black python. With a new status as a yao, he opens a new path toward resisting the heavens as he embarks on the road to becoming a dragon!

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