Doomsday's Edge

By Chen Ran



Strong sweeping away, compels Alan. Paul's slipping suddenly, spreads out. Both hands joint hold to lift up high, the brown source strength ray ascends piece by piece, flutters like the flame. Paul aspirates the sound, separates the spatial bang fist, rumbles the brown source strength ray from the fist front place is similar to the mighty current pats together toward Alan.

Alan does not dodge does not evade, lifts the hammer then to pound. Fights the hammer bang to enter in the light class/flow, Alan suddenly feels has different. The source strength light class/flow that Paul this fist has seems like the ordinary gathering strength attack, but this mighty current, is actually hundred comes ten mutual entanglements the source strength comprised. This source strength is not only a body, each one. And half poured into fighting the source strength on hammer blocks, actually dissipates less than half, as if the thin flame whip pulls out is striking Alan.

The armor of Alan's clothing gives to rip open immediately.

If Paul these source strength can the thin refinement, melt tie to become trace/strand. Then only this, can sliver the fragment Alan. If the hair silk tiny source strength may also operate continually freely, Alan nature is virtually impossible to guard against. Now is actually a different matter, Paul's source strength striation is limited, the source intensity of pressure is not very big. Alan contracts oneself source strength, forms one to protect the shield in the body surface. Then, he seems like river washout the reef. Although the river water is anxious and quick, is actually not able to wreck the reef.

Paul sees that clenches teeth to increase the source strength output. At this time saw Alan's head to present a monster empty shadow suddenly, then several strange eyeballs appeared around oneself. In these eyeballs, Paul saw oneself form, simultaneously felt that an ice is cold, when under hood, is similar to from the beginning drenches to the cold water to the foot. Strange force field use on oneself, Paul fainting from fear source strength such as a deep pool mire, actually does not listen to direct suddenly, expedites shipment motionless.

So the phenomenon, was Alan uses the Szo Doma's original ancestor to project. This incomplete evil eye Alifet are many, even/including card that awakening may also be slightly certain. Paul did not have the promote step to awakening, was inferior compared with it greatly. At that moment let alone acts, even/including Yuanli also gives closely to fetter.

Alan seizes the chance to pound Paul's source strength light class/flow crushes, a hammer toward him, when the chest bang goes. Paul shakes off the fetter of evil pupil finally, catches up before fighting the hammer and body keeps off in the both arms standard.

The depressed violent makes a sound, Paul flies upside down. within the body source strength makes a Alan hammer pound in great confusion, Paul coughs continually several blood, thinks that the courage vigor was happier. Raised the head again, Alan already ran without a trace.

After pounding upside-down Paul, Alan did not have the interest to continue to him to make a move. This time was frustrated, rushed in the manor dungeon, actually incurably arrived in Leon. At present the guard in manor responded, does not stay for a long time. Alan can only choose to retreat, when taking down several guards, about to turns the wall, but. His heart has a feeling, south an corner/horn toward manor looks like lightning.

By a fountain, is standing distantly a man. Wears the long dress, after both hands lost/carrying, resembles in the facial features that to have the light happy expression with Leon. He opened mouth, two people at least are separated by half meter, in Alan's ear actually clearly hears his sound: „Gave regards to Mr. Horne for me.”

Alan who has climbed up the tall wall almost falls down.

He collects the mind, deeply looked at that man one eyes, jumped, dashes about wildly to the dim light of night of wilderness.

The men smiled, turn around to move toward the main building.

A main building three living room, the man has transferred the threshold to buddhism, then sees one person to be built on near the window. He said with a smile lightly: „You have one group of good friends, Leon.”

That person has turned around, should be in Leon in dungeon. His handsome face two years ago not different, but among features were many several points of maturity. He shook the head, said: „Several fools.”

Although it is so, but his corners of the mouth actually cannot bear show together the happy expression.

„That may no wonder they, they should not to know that you have shown Carthew to kill you in first evidence, therefore family elder assembly makes the face the time, this time goes back to arraign you also to run an interlude.” The men said with a smile: „But this does not appear extremely rare, is rare your friends to put together the future not to want, is willing to take the big risk to come this to save you.”

„Mention is really the satire, in the middle of the family mistrusts each other, the brothers may also quarrel, close may also slaughter. Was actually inferior that several friends come the absolute sincerity, Leon, treasures them well. This is a huge wealth.” The men said, turns around to depart.

Leon bows to say in direction that man vanishes: „I knew, father.”

After returning to Babylon, Alan and the others will move the weapon and an attire that fire last night uses burns down. Over the next few days feels uneasy, Alan and black closely keeps William Family/Home the news in bit by bit. May news about Leon not transmit, that night the manor received attack not to have any news to spread, one week later, somewhat is unexpectedly uneventful.

On this day Alan sees to rest, discussed the related demon to be able with him the detail in coverall. According to the present progress, wants, when the release conference one time announced that two types of coveralls are impossible. Rests meaning to manufacture the roaring flame to fight the soldier full power, so long as the roaring flame fights the soldier to obtain the approval of populace. At the appointed time may one and announces the conception of refined appearance knight, may make the corresponding progress, pours not to need to go to reluctantly the simultaneous development two types of coveralls. In order to avoid not being able to attend to one thing without losing track of another thing, instead is not beautiful.

Alan also expressed the approval, returning to old castle backward Horne to convey has rested meaning, therefore the roaring flame fought the development of soldier to be put on the agenda officially.

Returns to the wing tower, Alan received the flatter black communication. Presents young girl in communication picture said right in the face: „Evening arrives at the Venus hotel.”

Alan knits the brows, said: „Now where has that mood.”

„Has the news of Leon, do you want to listen?”

Alan is startled, said: „That did not say here on line.”

„Really wordy, you do not come in any case in the evening, this young lady sends for tying up you!” Made faces, flatter black had finished the communication.

Alan shook the head, does not know what in the flatter black bottle gourd sells is any medicine.

Arrived the evening, Alan arrived at the Venus hotel. Remembers two years ago Christmas days, four people are assemble here. Two years later today, the Leon life and death end divination, gold/metal including the city went to the surface not to have the news to feed. Now in Babylon on only remaining him with flatter black, unavoidably sobs. He deeply inspires, arrives at the theater box that flatter black subscribes.

He opens the door to enter, in the theater box the ray is dim, actually may see that a person carries to stands. Alan is beginning to have suspicions, suddenly the light is greatly bright, Alan sees clearly that person of white western-style clothes, after the pale golden head posts a volt brain. When he has turned around to stretch out the arms, on that face is brimming with the familiar smiling face.

„Leon?” Alan surprised say/way.

At present a flower, grasped to Leon. Leon made an effort to pat his back, said: „What was needless saying that Brother. Thanked you for all that I made very much, in that case, you still may abandon all save me. To be honest, I was moved am about to cry, if at that time were not the father.”

Alan shoves open him, said: „How you were all right.”

„Is a long story.” Behind resounds the flatter black sound, the young girl is taking the bottle champagne, said: „Or we celebration said?”

Three wine glasses bump in the midair, send out „ding” a resounding. In Alan's drinks cup champagne, said to Leon: „Confessed quickly, this outcome what's the matter?”

Leon is swaying the wine glass, looks that the champagne in cup shines upon own face, said leisurely: „This and Paul they expedites together, I know that they will not plan to be together harmoniously. But I have not thought, they are so mean, attempted to pervert in the information unexpectedly, harms me, as soon as foot treads the tight encirclement, almost does not come back.”

He snort/hum the sound, continued saying: „I break through a tight encirclement, under the severe wound does not dare to return to the advanced base, can only seperately find a place to heal from a wound. After waiting for the injury almost to be good, returns to the base. Sees me to come back, Paul they are very accidental/surprised, I even more affirmed killing bureau that this is their infusion. Their hands and feet but actually also clean, one and destroys that related information, but I had made at that time a backup. This is my custom, therefore, I also hold them to my disadvantageous first evidence.”

Afterward Leon at that time that information as well as own bitter experience returned to with own secret channels give own father, later, Paul they were disadvantageous to Leon over and over again. After the following evidence returns to Earth one after another, Leon feels the opportunity to be mature, official and Paul break off, bringing oneself corps to leave the base, wards off the battlefield again.

Hereafter more than one year of management, Leon opened up the perspective quickly, has controlled 35 cities. At this time, the Paul two brothers were flaunting the banner of family, actually flaunted is annexing the abacus of Leon territory, requesting Leon to hand over the control of territory. Leon naturally no longer gives way to traffic, therefore the war between brothers started.

„Said that also calculates Carthew to have bad luck, in him my idea, had crashed by the star indigenous control strategic place at that time. Later although has killed, was actually seriously injured, was killed by me at one fell swoop. I also planned camouflages broken to encircle his death inadequately, fights vigorously dead. May afterward cancel this idea......” Leon to say with a smile.

Alan knits the brows: „To attack your big brother Paul, but did your this also too take risk?”

Leon laughs, said: „Your this head transfers actually quickly, but my this act, does not attack Paul to be so simple.”

Leon makes Paul seize the handle intentionally, Paul fruit such as he thinks, makes the family punish Leon eagerly, the trace that therefore keeps intentionally Leon regards the evidence to report. But he does not know, Leon grasped him and Carthew's wealth of evidence, by this showed that they got up have killed the heart before. Has this evidence, then Leon, even if has killed Carthew, belongs to the right response.

Concerned about the family discipline that family ancestors subscribe, elder assembly must arraign Leon, the fathers in Leon will announce at the appointed time these evidence. Finally, Leon like present putting. But instigator Paul, then because murders and frames oneself brothers, the appraisal in family drops sharply. At this time, Leon did not even need to make a move to cope with him, so long as he continued to proceed, can fling by far Paul.

This is to Paul's attack, is the part that Alan guesses correctly.

„As for another goal, actually ahead of time looks for the enemy.” Leon sways the wine glass to say.


„Right, the enemy in family. But they are in the hidden place, just may through this opportunity, recognize them.”

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