Women's Dalat's Plane Trader 7

Women's Dalat's Plane Trader 7

Jiang Xiaoman successfully reached a deal with z5079.

He provides food to the other party.

The other party provided him with some advanced scientific and technical information.

If Jiang Xiaoman is a careerist,

He can take these things to lead an era,

Mastering the world,

However he is not. He is just a well-behaved and simple,

The biggest wish is to earn some money to bring my mother to a good college student.

Therefore, he did not respond much after receiving the information. He only thought that the original Chinese cuisine could really exchange goods with other planes.

I even thought, thanks to Wen Qing’s sister reminding him,

Otherwise he still doesn't know how long it will take to think of it.

The idea of ​​investing and turning these advanced technologies into reality only left him in his mind for a second, and he was denied by him.

The reason is - he has no money!

This is a very real problem.

Moreover, he does not have the ability to manage a company.

There is no way to explain to people where these things come from. He is also not good at communication,

Will not deal with people,

the most important is,

He knows the truth of his sin. If someone scolds him for these things,

He has no ability to hold it,

Just losing something, but he is afraid of getting tired of his family. So after he switched to these things, he put it in the system space.

The beam is high.

Wen Qing naturally knows this,

In the original book, Gu Qingcheng used these materials to reach the peak of his life and became the richest man in the world. Wen Qing has no idea about these materials. After all, she is also a person who has been in the future world. If she wants, more advanced things can be made.

But what I didn't expect was that Jiang Xiaoman gave them these things shortly afterwards.

"Wenqing sister, these are for you, I think they can play a greater value in your hands. Just, I can't tell you the origin of these things." Jiang Xiaoman believes that if it is Wen Qingjie, it must not Will harm him, and will not chase his words.

"These give it to me? Are you sure?" Wen Qing turned over at random, her expression gradually became solemn, and she asked with a very serious expression.

Jiang Xiao nodded. The reason why he changed his mind to take these things out is because of the recent "xx Island" incident. He feels that his country is not strong enough, so he will be bullied. In resentment, he thought of the information lying in the space. If he doesn't own it, he won't have any idea, but since he has something to change the status quo of the country, he will be embarrassed if he does not take it out. So there is this out.

She chose Wen Qingjie because he already knew her identity. She was the only heir to the Su family. Because she wanted to experience life, she moved out of the house and rented a house. Although he felt that the world of rich people could not understand, Jiang Xiaoman did not think much. After all, getting along with him for so long, Wen Qingjie was really a good person, solved his urgent needs and helped his mother find it. Kidney source. Moreover, when she moved in, she had nothing at all, and there was nothing worth her attempt.Wen Qing pondered for a moment, saying, "Things are good, but they are not reliant on Lu. So, I will pay to set up a company. You take these technologies to buy shares and make money for five or five points."

Jiang Xiaoman quickly waved his hand. "No, no, Wenqing sister, no need," he only knows how easy it is to get these things, a few dishes, but because of Wen’s reminder, he only thought of it. So how is he so embarrassed to take advantage of Wenqing’s sister? Let her work hard and earn money, and he does not have to do anything to eat dividends in vain?

Wen Qing did not allow him to refute and resolutely give him shares, otherwise she would rather not do it and not want to take advantage of him. Jiang Xiaoman did not know her, but had to agree.

Soon, Wen Qing took the information and left, quickly set up a technology company, and suspended all the factories in the Su family, specializing in the production of new concept phones that Jiang Xiaoman took out. This is her own improvement according to the technology provided by Jiang Xiaoman, because the level of science in her world is still not up to the technical level of z5079, so some things are not applicable here.

Jiang Xiaoman is a technology slag, and he can't see the changes.

Jiang Xiaoman also made the live broadcast business alive during this time. After signing the contract, the company provided him with a full set of live broadcast equipment, which was more than 10,000 times better than his slag pixel mobile phone. Moreover, the company is also cultivating him with all his strengths, recommending and propagating anything, and screaming at him. In a short period of time, Jiang Xiaoman has risen rapidly and fans have easily broken through the million mark.

Of course, behind this is the instructions of Wen Qing.

When his fan value exceeded 100,000, Jiang Xiaoman drew an ancient plane and made a few for his antiques. When he broke through a million, he took the comprehension plane and changed to a few solid medicinal herbs that mortals could use. One was smashed to the mother and one was secretly placed in the food for Wen Qing.

Wen Qing pretended not to know that he had eaten with his poor acting skills.


Gu Qingcheng’s luck on these days was simply to the extreme. First, the land was photographed by huge capital, and the tomb was dug out. Then one of his most trusted subordinates leaked trade secrets and made him suffer a big loss. I just added these shortfalls, and then an important technology in his company was stopped because the environment was too polluted...

He doubts whether he has been downgraded by others, or how can he be so unlucky? He even thought, should he take the time to go to the temple to worship and go to the body?

Gu Qingcheng, who was so badly burned, went to the temple under the impetuousness and found a highly respected master. The master said that he should be married this year, with a happy press, all the bad luck naturally resolved.

Simply put, it is to rush.

Gu Qingcheng is a staunch materialist. He is unbelieving in this set of nature. Seeking Buddha is just a matter of peace of mind. But one thing did smash his mind, he really should get married.

When I thought of Meng Meng, Gu Qingcheng suddenly relaxed. In this bad day, only the companionship of Meng Meng can give him a moment of peace. This is the person he has identified and wants to live with for a lifetime.Perhaps the master said that the rush is really useful. After he married the low-key marriage of Meng Meng, he really got up. He has successfully won several big projects, all of which he is particularly optimistic about.

At this time, Sujia strongly launched a new concept mobile phone - watch form, a meeting to put a virtual screen in front of the screen, the screen content is not much different from the past mobile phone content, but because the mobile phone technology is full, the price is out again Unexpectedly close to the people, the performance is strong enough to kill the ordinary people in the market, so once promoted, it quickly swept the world.

Then, Gu Qingcheng tried his best to acquire a well-known brand mobile phone company, which was directly reduced.

He has been able to cross the mall for so many years, and his eyesight is not bad. Therefore, he only saw Su’s new mobile phone and immediately stopped his company’s mobile phone project because he knew that after another 30 years of hard work, they also broke through. Can't use the technology of Su's mobile phone.

It’s impossible to be angry in the heart, but Su’s eyes are going to catch up with the family. He can’t make a trip outside this time, so he has to let go of this project and focus on its auto industry.

Then, on the day of Gujia's new car launch, Sujia launched a new era of epoch-making new cars, water, land, air and amphibious all-intelligent automatic cars. The performance is tens of thousands of cars, including those of foreign luxury cars. Not too late. And the price is as close to the people as ever.

The sensation caused by this time is even worse than that of the previous mobile phones. The Su family not only surpassed the Gu family, but even made a name in the international arena.

Then, Su Jia took the opportunity to introduce housekeeping robots, industrial robots, agricultural robots, etc., not the current artificial robots that can input actions, but the real intelligent robots.

Not long after, Su Jia launched the world's first holographic online game, officially announced that human beings entered the holographic era.

And this is only on the bright side. In the back, Sujia cooperated with the government and has been using the technology mastered by Wen Qing to study high-tech weapons such as mechs, warships and particle laser guns.


Gu Qingcheng is crazy, he thinks that Sujia is targeting him. Every time his project is terminated because of Sujia, what he does, what Sujia does, is completely against him! And the successive mistakes made the father have been very vocal about him, questioning his ability. He used to be so good that everyone was hiding under his radiance, the heir’s position, the nails of the nails did not do what he thought, but now? Even the younger brothers of the two uncles and uncles dared to blatantly marry his heirs.

To be honest, these defeats are not a problem in his decision-making. Who can think that Sujia will hold such epoch-making technology. But the old man can't look at this. He even said that the technology that Sujia can get is why he can't get it? I can’t see the situation and I can’t grasp the opportunity is definitely my own problem.

Gu Qingcheng had no words to refute. At this time, he had some regrets. He shouldn’t have grabbed the land with Su’s family, so that he was so stiff. Now he wants to share his face with a thick face and can’t pull his face. Even his mother began to repent. If he was Su Wenqing, then all of this is their family.Gu Qingcheng’s slamming door, he does not need to rely on a woman to develop a career, so what is the difference between him and soft food? !

Gu Qingcheng returned to his villa, and he moved out after he got married, mainly because he was worried that the man’s identity would be noticed by others.

When he came back, Meng Menggang made a good meal, tied his apron, and smiled warmly to him. "Are you back?"

Gu Qingcheng's heart softened, walked over, held him from behind, took a deep breath of his body, and the irritated heart gradually calmed down.

After calming down the mood, Gu Qingcheng opened the chair and sat down with Meng Meng. While asking with interest, "What did you do today?"

Meng Meng gave him a bowl of rice, and smiled and said, "All you like."

It is said that Gu Qingcheng’s heart is warm again. It’s the most correct decision in his life.


Looking at the information from Meng Meng, Wen Qing replied -

"Yes, I am over here, the money will hit your account, then the next is to stay, follow you."

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