System of the male god Raiders 8

System of the male god Raiders 8

Sura returned to the dormitory,

While preparing to push the door,

Hear the voice coming from inside

"It’s really laughing at me,

You don't know the scene when she auditioned,

The director made her shocked.

She blinked the eye,

Let her be surprised,

She blinked her eyes and made her angry, she also blinked her eyes... all the emotions were expressed with blinking eyes.

A circle of people are laughing, even the director is angry. I was jealous of her in that scene, and I didn’t know where she came from to ask the director.

She passed no. ”

"Ha ha ha ha..."

"Good picture,

Did she not notice that others were laughing at her? I really thought that if you look beautiful, you will be invincible! ”

"There is still, after she left,

Someone gave her a nickname.

What do you guess? ”

"what is it call?"

"Calling - blinking eyes!"

"Ha ha ha..."

The people in the house laughed and made a mess.

There was a trace of anger in Sula’s eyes.

Quickly converge again,

He opened the door with a bang. The housekeeper saw her coming back.

The face is very exciting, and it is really embarrassing to talk about others being caught by the Lord.

Sura chin lifted up,

High on the top of them,

Inadvertently, "I don't have any acting skills? At least I still have a face to see! Unlike some people, there is no acting skills, it is too ugly! The ugly people are more eccentric! Cut!"

The three people suddenly blushed. "You say who is ugly!"

"Whoever said me, I will say who!"


"Forget it, are we not going out to eat? Let's go, there is no place to go late." Several people have always been Sura's opponents on the tongue, and this time they know what to do, but she, I can only bear this breath.

Sura looked at them with a sullen look, and laughed at the bottom of my heart. A group of low goods would also talk about others behind the scenes, and cover up their inner shackles by stepping on others! The more they are degraded, the more she proves to her! It’s mediocrity without being jealous!

Sura comforted herself a little, and finally discharged the suffocation of her heart, but when she thought that today’s audition failed, her heart became depressed. Although she was very happy when she was a few people, she had to admit that she did not marry her. She did die. But what can she do? She clearly has worked very hard, can never get the essence of acting, just like the instinct of the five instinct, she feels that she may be born naturally not acting.

Just as Sula fell into self-doubt, a mechanical sound rang out of nowhere. "Do you want to be an international film? Do you want to be a music queen?"


"I am from the [哔-] planet's male god Raiders system, you can make you a full-scale film and television superstar!"


After half a day of exploration, Sura finally figured out the so-called male god strategy system. As long as the system release task is completed, she can reward her with a series of props, help her improve her acting, transform her voice, and help her become an international superstar!This kind of opportunity from the sky, let Sura hi can not help, too surprised whether there is! This is what she needs most! As for the Raiders of the male god, this is not a matter, what is a man, and what is the cause?

So Sula took the system and began to go out to hunt.

The system divides men into six levels, f is the lowest level a is the highest level, and everything is rated as a level is necessarily a quality male god.

"Discover the target! Discover the target! 』

When Sura’s eyes lit up, she involuntarily licked her lips and asked, “Where?”

As soon as the voice fell, a map appeared in front of her, with a red head pointing to the destination, and Sura followed the system to go to the target.

Fang Ziqing once again greeted Xu Wei's girlfriend. He really got his mind into the water and promised Xu Jinjin to enter the entertainment circle. Now it's good. Every day, fans are chasing and blocking, taking photos and signing. His past leisure days are gone.

Two hours from the studio, he has not returned home, is playing a city escape, starring only one of him, the supporting role is a fan reporter of all walks, today can not succeed in killing two, now he is hiding in the toilet, Call someone for help.

He arranged for him to hide from the agent, so he did not bring an assistant bodyguard and came out alone. Now they have to call them to pick him up.

Tang Yue gloats, "Zi Qing, not the brother said you, you can not hide alone, I can not bring it alone! Now it is good, was blocked by the toilet, how many times?"

Can you escape you if you bring someone? The people he raised and raised all rebelled, no one listened to him! Fang Ziqing did not answer him, and said impatiently, "Come on!"

When Tang Yue heard this sound, he knew that the young master had endured the limit. He was afraid that he would do something with impulsiveness and be busy. "Ten minutes, I will arrive soon!"

Fang Ziqing hung up the phone and stared at the time on the phone. If he dared to let him wait a second, he would strike next week!

At this time, there was a question from the next door. "That is, are you going wrong or am I going wrong?"

Fang Zi froze when he was in the clear, without him, and Gain’s voice is obviously a woman.

The air was quiet for a few seconds, Fang Ziqing did not speak, listening to the door next door and closing the door, and gradually away from the footsteps, he quietly sighed, no matter who made the mistake

His voice recognition is too high. Although he only said a few words, he was in trouble if he was heard.

When he didn't finish his breath, he saw a pair of feet wearing canvas shoes outside his door. "I went to see it. This is a female toilet, so Mr. Fang is wrong."

Fang Ziqing was a stalemate. The first reaction was to take the wrong toilet. This oolong happened to him! Then I reacted. It was not terrible to go to the wrong toilet. The most terrible thing was that he went to the wrong toilet and was hit by someone! If you pass out his face, don't want it!

The outside person also kindly suggested him, "Mr. Fang, no one outside, I will help you cover, you hurry out."

Out, still not? Do you still think about it? Fang Ziqing opened the door and went out.Sura saw Fang Ziqing, only that he was better than the screen, it is worthy of being recognized as a man by the system! If it is this level, let her go to the Raiders is not a loss!

Sura pressed down the heart of the heart, and smiled quietly. "Are you a fan of hiding? I know a staff channel, you can go straight out from the back door, I will take you there."

Fang Ziqing glanced at her and nodded. He lowered his hat and followed her.

Sura saw that he didn't react to the beauty he was proud of. He had some subtle loss. He didn't think much, he took him out.

It started very well at first, but how can it continue to have an intersection with him? So when he was out of the back door of the mall, Sura fell, and this moment of silence attracted the attention of others. The fans knew about their own love beans, and they only saw the disguise of Fang Ziqing and screamed at a glance. Chased over.


Sura instantly changed her face. "No, they found us!"

nonsense! Still use you to say! Fang Ziqing’s performance on this woman was very speechless. At first she saw that she could still be calm and self-conscious. She thought it was reliable, but she did not expect it to be reliable! Fang Ziqing is ready to run, and it is not difficult to open these people at his speed. It is too tired.

I didn’t think that the woman ran up smartly and ran, and ran and said, “Run, I will take you out!”

Fang Ziqing is mad! He knows to run fast! The problem is that you don't stare at me! It’s completely dragged down by you!

At the crucial moment, Tang Yue was able to survive. A nanny car suddenly appeared, and the door opened automatically. Tang Yue’s owed face was exposed. “Come up.”

So Sula pulled the square and jumped into the car and went away.

Ten minutes later, the headlines of major media websites were all screened by Fang Ziqing's love. This time, it is not a hole in the wind. There are evidences, pictures and truth. The picture is a very beautiful girl with a back view.

The more Tang is busy to clarify, Fang Ziqing is upset by one phone after another, and the little brothers can go back, but the grandparents, grandmothers, grandmothers, uncles, aunts, aunts, and aunts can’t be jealous. A good and sultry explanation, explaining that half a day people still don’t believe, they have to let him take people home...

This kind of labor and labor is too inhumane for a late-stage patient with lazy cancer. Therefore, Fang Ziqing has recorded a stomach fire on Sura. If this woman is not able to suffer such a big crime?

However, today's crisis is just beginning, the next few days, he will always have unexpectedly met her, she was always meaning but misguided, make him feel irritable, anxious to beat her meal.

Sura glared at his dark face and secretly asked the system in his heart. "System, do you have a reliable route to the family? How do I feel that it is counterproductive?""Reassuring, no problem, the Raiders route is based on a series of factors such as personality, preferences, emotional intelligence, family and so on. Fang Ziqing has no desire, no interest in anything, only this can make him to you. Impressed, went to his heart. 』

Sura is clear, this is the heart of the kidneys! she likes.

The route of the system is correct. After a period of violent, mad, and tempered, Fang Ziqing did not know her and left her shadow in her heart. The goodness of the 75 on the system is the best proof.

"Then you will play with him, and you will be screaming from time to time. 』

So, when the accident fell in Fang Ziqing, when the other party moved to love her, she said, "You can't do it? If the technology is not good, I will be disgusted!"

The past experience tells Sura, usually this time, the man should smile with a fascination and say, "I can't do it if you can't try it?" Then the thunder slams the fire, the sauce is brewed, and the battle is 300 rounds. It is good to prove that he is good with strength.

However, this time she was miscalculated. Just after she said the sentence, Fang Ziqing instantly blackened her face, and her feelings fell from 75 to 15 and fell below 0.

Sura is dumbfounded, is this story wrong?

Where does she know that the four words that are not good in technology are the unspeakable pains in Fang Ziqing's heart. After six years, they can't be relieved. Ordinary lovers can be used as love and fun, and they can't do it at all.

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