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Push the new pit "Fast wear Su Shuang Life" like the cute little can accept ~ point column can go in and see, directly search for the name is another author, hit the name (捂 face) What is protagonist? After the crossing, the wind will rise! After the rebirth, kill the Quartet! With the system entertainment life! Take advantage of the space to stand out! Join the red envelope group to embark on the peak of life! ...... Life does not open, how can you call the protagonist? However, there are countless cannon fodder behind every successful protagonist. They are not willing to be the stepping stones of the protagonist. If they want to be the protagonists of their own lives, they will still be unique if they are not dazzling. Wen Qing’s job is to help these cannon fodders to fulfill their wishes, eliminate obsessiveness, and let them successfully reincarnate. As for the reward of completing the task - she can take the gold finger of the protagonist. Day, 10 am! No fineness, no slicing, no mitosis... Poke the column~ The end of the article is here~

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Table of Contents

Volume 0 Big bang of golden fingers

Volume 0 Superstar development system 1

Volume 0 I can see ghost 1

Volume 0 Reborn woman has space 1

Volume 0 This anchor is poisonous 1

Volume 0 The counterattack of the reborn girl 1

Volume 0 Imperial concubine's palace fighting system 1

Volume 0 Hongbao group 1 of black heart lotus