By Ro Yoo Jin

Memorize Chapter 1037

Memorize Chapter 1037

Woong Woong!

Winging was deafening to the mellow melody.


Even though I closed my eyes, my vision seemed to be moving away.

Not only that.

The sound of tearing the air.

The sound of rough winds that bangs bangs.

The sound of explosion and earth splitting that stretches the eardrum.

And the screaming cry under the castle … .

All the senses really stimulate the five senses of Kim Soo-yeon.

It was not long before all that had ended.

After the noise stopped slowly, the surroundings became silent like a lie.

It feels like you’re running over.

Soon Kim Su – yeon opened his eyes.

“…….”And I lost my words to the scene that I saw before my eyes.

Life in hell.

Other than this word, there was no word to express otherwise.

Is this the source of the greatest earthquake?

The wastelands seemed to see puzzles that were completely overturned and shattered.

At this point, it was amazing that the castle was safe.

There is no evil demon standing there.


Standing, lying down and leaving, even looking for a dead body, picking stars in the sky, searching for needles in the sand.

I was able to guess just what the enemies were like when I saw something floating in the puddle.

The remains are ashes.

There was only one person standing there.

Suddenly a deteriorating sword came up, but Kim Su-yeon shook his head.

I can not feel the energy of the lanterns.

It was impossible to show this power even if you use the ability with your power.

Then Kim slowly looked back and Kim Soo-yeon, who was looking at his face with a devastating face, came into contact with his eyes.

“!”Kim Soo-yeon felt instantly feeling that the vicinity of the umbilical cord was stretched.

At the same time, the scenery of the land that seemed to be far away approaches in a moment.

The feeling of pulling around the whole body was familiar.

Because she was also the ability to use airborne objects.

It just changed from subject to object this time. Check.

Kim Soo-yeon swallowed lightly in the sticky feeling that was transmitted from the boot soles.

It came down more and more clearly.

There is a thin ripple around the foot of the earth where the good blood flows from the stem to the river.

Even though it is a dry land, too much liquid will leak out in a short time and it will not absorb.

It was almost like a marshy place to swim under the ankle and not add an exaggeration.

Kim Soo-yeon, who was watching the torn asmat, turned his head at first.

Kim Soo-hyun, who is approaching soon, is glowing with eyes that are sensitive to blood.

“How would you like it?”


Unexpectedly, it was an unexpected question.

Why not? No, ‘How would you like it?’ Rani

Kim Soo-hyeon is chuckling and laughing at Kim Soo-yeon’s behavior.

“What do you want to do?”

Suddenly he grabbed the hair of Lucchipel, the devil of the Seven Great Minds groaning in the ground.

Kim Soo-yeon realized that the moment she identified her who was barely open with only one eye.

Kim Soo-hyun did not intentionally kill the seven devils. Baal’s head was broken and disappeared, but Liris and Tanatos were still breathing.

No, I was breathtaking.

In addition. “What?”

The meaning of the question that Kim Soo – hyun threw three times in a row.

Bambusae / zhu ru Come on. ”

While speaking, he avoided his gaze without knowing himself.

Because I know.

What the man in front of you wants.


Kim Su – yeon grabbed a tight fist in a slightly teasing tone.

“They are evil. Devil

I do not need to stress it.

It is a fact that she knows that there is a strange past that has not spoken to anyone.

And now the situation is reversed.

“You seem to have suffered more than me.”

“…….””But will you just kill it? Dress

“…….”Kim Soo – yeon shook his body.

It was not a wrong word.

The two are symmetrical, but there is one part.

The most crucial of these is that sex is different. What did she suffer as a woman during her days when she did not want to come to mind?

I do not know if it was embarrassing and terrible to put in my mouth. “If you do not just kill me.”

It seems like it’s okay, though. “What I got. What you got. I’ll give it back more than that. I did it. ”

The soft bass voice is sweet and sweet like a devil’s whisper.

I never thought of it, but I was so eager to hear it.

It just makes you feel happy just to open your imagination.

“We deserve it. You know? ”

Kim Soo-yeon almost instantly nodded his head.

She lifted her eyes with a flaming face.

And I could see clearly.

Blood bundles bundled eyes.

Above all, from the top of the head to the tip of the instinctive instrument.

It was a great evil to believe, even though it was an evil incarnation.


It is hard to believe in the complexion that has brightened for a while.

When I first saw it, I had a frowned face that was hardly symmetrical.

After witnessing his talent, he thought that he wanted to be like that man, and that he was an ideal figure.

But from the moment I just looked, everything is denied.

I did not feel the same person, I did not want to resemble any more.

The strange sense of incongruity that had seemed to be felt as if it had been known was only materialized.

The identity of what had been considered ideal was not a paradise, but a black chasm.

okay . . .

The man in front of you.

It was not human.

Monsters, or even more fierce beings.

The next demon is not even comparable … .

“Well, what should I do?”

It was the fourth question.

It was then.

“first… ”

At the same time, Kim Soo-hyun lifts the hair held in his hand more strongly.

Hook. Kim Soo-yeon, who takes out the sword at lightning speed, inserts the tip of the sword into Lucchip’s umbrella.

As soon as he saw the seven demons who were turning into a handful of ashes, Kim Suhyeon whistled a little whistle.

“…Stop it. ”

I talked calmly, but Kim Soo-yeon’s voice was shaking vaguely.

“It ‘s difficult if you keep it alive or wrong. I’d better kill it neatly here. ”

I can not see my eyes while talking.

Actually, it was an excuse.




“…….”The lips of the man went up like hell, and Kim Soo-yeon laid down his eyes.

I know what my opponent wants.

But did not follow.

I felt the difference in price.

The feelings of envy and jealousy have long been over.

Even if I am disappointed, I can not help it.

Because she’s still … .

You are…

Kim Soo-hyun said now that he understood, now that he understood.

Kim Su – yeon bite his lower lip with his instinct.

“It’s different to me.”

But the voice of Kim Soo – hyun suddenly softened.


It sounded like a pity, not a blame.

* “Did you win?”

Jegal Haesol, who was sitting at the table and was doing his handjob, turned his head and asked.

“So the demon did not win? The Military Union has won? ”

“This is the information we just came from East. I’m sure. ”

The messenger who received the news repeatedly nodded with a firm face.

“Sure dogs ~ horns. Eastern Chirashi … ”

“It was the information that the shadow queen gave me.”

Jogal Haesol, who was snoring, frowned at Ami at once.

“Child, is it real?”

With a hand gesture, he sent out a messenger, pulled out the communication ball, and shed power.

After a short communication, I sighed deeply.

“…It’s real. This is different story. ”

쩝쩝 Repeat your appetite and put on your arms and tie your horse.

“Wow, that’s great. How did he really win? Marmioni, Istantalou, Hamil … . You do not want to stop that army from the three. In addition, the power of the steel mountains in the damaged state. ”

“Was there any real ground zero?” Zegal Haesol, who had been thinking about it, pushed his pretty lips out.

I was only talking to myself from now on.

I looked around and saw my eyes fixed on the seat.

A woman wearing white armor with a slightly exposed shoulder is looking up at her place.

There was a strange smile at the mouth of Jegal Hasols.

“Our saint huh ~. What happened to your face? Did you catch any shit? ”


Van Dahlia, who was sitting opposite, shouted.

Zegal Haesol laughed and shook his hand.

“Joking joke. Anyway, do not be so sad. The victory over here is clearly unexpected. But anyway, is it one of the things we do? ”

“…Is there any good idea? ”

Anti-Darthi’s attitude was slightly alleviated in the relaxed attitude of the opponent.

What is it? Good idea? You do not have that? ”


Jeegal Hazel, who opened his eyes in a circle, knocked his temples with his index finger.

Please, specify two different languages You know. If you have a head, try to think of it. You can speak Korean

You don’t deserve to say that!

“Let’s take it off and see it now. Apart from the Steel Mountains, however, the devilish nerds that they believed were defeated. As a result, the Mercenary Alliance has completely acquired the new continent. But we and the East have held each other a long time ago. So, what do we do here? ”

“I am.”

Yoon Hyun-ah, who had kept silent until now, opened his mouth when Van Dahn was trying to make a big castle.

Then everyone shut his mouth and turned his head.

She still shook her head with an agony.

“I do not like it either.”

“Oh, my love. Our holy Hogu Himesama ~. ”

Zegal Hasol sighed and shook his head.

It seemed as though I expected it to be still laughing.

Yoo Hyunah watched and watched.

“But the devil is a public enemy … . That’s it. ”

Nenê Of course not. ”

“User zegal solstice. This time I can not deny the Military Union’s ball. Success in exploiting the steel mountains of the northern continent was a desperate despair of the devil. They would have been very hard. Now that you come in and intercept it … ”

“Oh, do you hear me? I was wrong. So will we all have a welcome party? ”

Zegal Hasol said to me with a sore thumb that I did not expect it.

Yeah, right. Those who occupied the new continent will become stronger over time. We’ll be stuck in the old continent, sucking our fingers just to the side, and we’ll be eaten. Yes, it is perfect. ”

Some of them frowned upon their attitude beyond the province, but this time, they did not come out.

I know why Zechari Hazel is sarcastic.

Yu Hyun-ah looked at each other once in a row, sighing deeply and asked her mouth.

“…What’s the odds? ”

After a short silence, Cha Seung-hyun opened his mouth wide.

“Is there anything to call it a victory? The eastern part is useless except for the shadow queen and the red fang, but the man is so good that he can use it as a meat shield. You do not seem to get lucky with us, who have a mindless, a crazy year, a glare, a shield of God, and Sura Mahchang. ”

Jeegal Hasols was pouring out the balloon, which was a black window.

“Military Union is strong.”

“Oh, let’s just say it. It was strong, not strong. How many times do you say that? Is it the same as the power of the devil, even though he was attacking the steel mountains? ”


Ahh! It may be true, of course. Something of a sudden natural disaster stood up and the devil was all out, or the hero in a comic book suddenly popped out and helped. indeed?”

So far, Zegal Haesol grinned and pulled out the communication ball again from his arms.

The surface was glowing with a soft light again.

– It’s me. Jegal HaSol.

Yoink! Shadow Queen! Do you think the eastern side was excited quite a bit when you contacted me twice a day? “- Shut up. It’s not a joke situation.

“Yes?” – Now … .

“…….”After a while. The first smile disappeared from the face of.

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