By Ro Yoo Jin

Memorize Chapter 871

Memorize Chapter 871

The window was filled with frost because it was windy. When it comes to cold wind … . Even if I have a grudge mind, I know that I can not help it because it is a natural phenomenon. Still, I do not have to worry about my heart, but eventually I open the door and go out to the terrace.

The midnight wind is quite cold. In addition, it is very sharp and penetrates thinly and loosely gowns without hesitation. What ‘s a shirt of hope, but I feel it is cool just right. Look at the open field of vision while gently shaking the shirt’s hem.

The deep night’s garden is tinted with dark blue moonlight. The buildings, the trees, the waterways, and the grass are all still calm. It seemed as if he was watching his natural breath. To be more precise, everyone is quietly watching.

In the middle of such a garden, “… … ”

Hundreds of thorny vines are rounded. The entwined vine was laid barely in layers as if to protect something. Its size is also enormous, even if you look at the height, it is over six meters in diameter. Perhaps there is Mar at the center of the object that does not know the identity.

Of course it was not that from the beginning. When I first used a thorny wooden casket, I was very surprised to see a vine that suddenly protruded around me. But soon I understood that it was a process of awakening, and I’ve been waiting all along.

Today, today, I am waiting for the end of the day to finish, but I have no news even though it has passed. In the meantime, the vine gradually grew up in the middle of the garden was just enough to occupy the center.

“When will it end? ”

It ‘s hard for me to just look at me blankly. I do not worry about anything but worry. I do not see any information from the third eye, just wait for it.

In the end, when I was about to return to the room, I was suddenly tainted. Somebody is kneeling in front of a vine and holding both hands tightly. I blinked blindly in the reflection of the yoyo in the corner of sight. The woman who prayed quietly was Nimyu.

At the time of the summoning, the clan members did not see Niumi with a good eye. Maybe it was because he thought it was plausible.

However, after Mar ‘s awakening began, Nimyu’ s attempt to go away from his attempt and pray with a sincere attitude showed that the enemy changed into sympathy at any moment. It’s hard to say good-bye yet, but there seem to be a few clan members who feel sorry for them.

“Hmm, hmm!”

It was then. While I was looking at Nyumyu in the middle of the night, I heard a sudden awkward clank behind my back. It seems as if somebody has been secretly in the mental mind when it is sold.

In this late hour, who has no courtesy … . When I turned my eyes to unintentional eyes, I saw Vivian leaning on the terrace door at an angle.

“Nevertheless, I have not slept yet.”

“Vivien? What are you doing at this time? ”

When I asked him puzzledly, Vivian laughed as he spoke slowly and walked slowly to the terrace. I do not know why, but anyway. I did not sleep at all and I was bored.

“What?” Do you think I expected you to be doing this? ”

“Oh, I see.”

I nodded to mean convincing, and then I passed by Vivien as it was. And now that I was supposed to sleep, I mumbled and went back to the room and fell in bed.

“…Hey, there? ”

The reaction came back later than I thought.

Kim Soo-hyun

“…What? Oh, yeah. OK.”

What is it? Well, what’s up? ”

“Have you come to the air? It’s pretty chilly, but the scenery is good and you’ll enjoy it. ”

“Oh, no. It’s not … ”

“Then, take a proper aeration and go back. Do not ever wake me up because I’m sleepy. Just wake it up. ”

I threatened to finish the conversation and covered my bed.

“Hey, yo ~. I’m here. Do not joke, get up. Let us talk. Yes. it is.

“…….””Are you going to sleep? Do you really sleep? ”

“…….”Silent, pretending to be nails. I heard a sickening sound about this situation, but I ignored it and closed my eyes. Come on, sleep … .

So, how much time has passed. Vivien, who constantly cried out for about five minutes, suddenly calmed down. Instead, I heard the decompressing breathing sound for a while, and then the sound was cut off.

After a while. “Hua Huang … ”

In the end, it starts to weep.

“What the fuck, uh … ”

As she glanced, Vivian cried out on the terrace railing and cried. With both knees stuck, the tears running on the cheeks are very eerie. Yes, cry and cry. Cry like a flowing river, Vivienne.

“This is Nabe Nomea … . Swallow it up … ”

I heard a giggle, and Vivian mumbled what he could not understand. I woke up and cried and looked like a child looking like a mother, and fell asleep on the bed. I wanted to push it for a moment, but I barely dragged it into the reference. It’s so pitiful.

“Nabe, Nabnomo … ”

“Yes, yes.”

“You are a child, I am a child. ”

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry. So you should not be so nervous from the next? Promise me?

I whispered in my ear and pounded my back, and Vivian spoke to me without knowing what I was talking about. After a long time, the crying began to slow down.

I started to listen to the giggling sound, and I hugged the crouching Vivian. I feel a little sorry, but I feel like I can sleep comfortably. I feel more depressed because of it.

* Steam, Steam … .

I was utterly shocked by the annoying noise of scratching my ears. It looks as if the inside of the room is ashamed and it looks as if it has fallen asleep. I thought maybe Vivian was drowning, so I tried to grab him. However, there is nothing touching the hand. It just stirs the air without meaning. He frowned and gave power to his eyes, and he was able to see Vivian in a visually stunning way. The problem is that the distance is very far away. It is also breathtaking at the end of the bed.

It may be difficult to sleep, but I do not understand a little. I went up there by myself, and could you lie flat and pretty like that? It also covers the futon finely.

At that moment, the silver glow was brilliant. Something shining alone in the dark is shaking. There is someone. As soon as I realized the fact, my mind flashed. Reflectively, the horsepower is maximized as well as the horsepower. The inside of the dark room was lightened at once. That was the moment.



As soon as the focus was completely restored, the things in front of me were crooked. At the same time, I felt a hollow feeling. Transparent eyes are staring at me in front of me.

It looks like the first time, a face somewhere unfamiliar. The fragrant brandy fragrance that tickles well is aged.

I do not have a little bit of it, but suddenly the rabbit came up. It’s not just a rabbit, it’s a rabbit with a bunny dress.

The eyes that face me are definitely clear and pure, but like a calm lake, the sinking seems to be ripe enough. At first glance it seemed innocent, but there was a somewhat nauseous feeling of color.

I shook my head and looked at it again.

Are you going to be a high school student or a good middle school student now?

There is Ati everywhere on the face, but it looks like it, but the atmosphere is similar to that of a quiet and innocent gig. The slender and soft jaw line seems to be less common yet, but the silver hair that flows over the bosomed bust of the sock brings out a splendid and elegant dignity.

Yeah, so … .


At that time, the woman who first saw her smiled and said. No, I called you Dad.

“It is because of me.”

It’s like a girl, but a polite and noble lady’s voice.

“I’m sorry. I saw you sleeping, but I was so lonely during my awakening. Dad wanted to see so much. ”

And the moment I heard the loud and lively voice, “…Hmm …

At first, I decided to start with sound.

* Although it was not cold yet, it was as clear and quiet as any day.

“Ahh ah ah!”

But one floor of the castle, “Hey, this profit?”

It is very noisy and cluttered today. Even though it was time for dinner, all the clan members were gathered in the square. I did not lose a single person. It is quite unusual to gather all these things, but of course there was a reason.

The awakening is over.

So, Marg came back.

But the clan members seemed unable to accept it as a substitute.

Understanding is gone. First of all, the appearance was very, very different (I had to be really good at the old dry school year). Even me, I could not believe for a long time when I saw it at dawn. It is not unreasonable to be awkward to grow this storm, since I have raised and looked after my baby. …No matter how.

What in the world…… Is it really, really? Do you know who my mom is? ”

Ahem. Yes. Of course. It’s your sister. ”

“Well, this is amazingly amazing.”

“I’m a little awkward, too. Afterwards. …Oh, I’ll apologize for moving it to the end of the bed at dawn today. I was jealous for the moment. ”

Haha So should I call you Marquez now? ”

“Child, I hate it if you make fun of it.”

okay . . . This reaction is normal.

“No! Give it back! Give me a pure and cute Maru Oh! ”

The cries of Ahn Hyun seemed to get a little grasped and said, “Huhuck, high school girl! High school girl, Daisuke! ”

There was also a crazy man named Jin Soo Hyun who shouted open arms.

Brother I’ll be able to take you as a craftsman in the future, Kuk! ”

As soon as I kicked Jin-Soo Hyun, who is losing his temper and is running away, Ahn came up with a tearful face.

“Brother, is it really Maru? Is not it? Have you ever written a mar … ! ”

“…Take it easy. And look at the garden. ”

Ahn seems to want to deny the reality somehow, but now she is married to a woman sitting in a chair surrounded by layers. As a result of checking with the half – soul, I found that the vine that occupied the garden was gone without a bird.

One night, the birds disappeared. I think that he went back to the thorn pavilion, which was placed on the top of the pillar.

“Anyway, is your body okay?”

Oh, and then I forgot to check the status of Marilyn. I was so surprised that I did not even think about it.

“Yes, Mr. I think it’s back to normal. ”

“Once, is it?”

“Yeah. Absorption and control of the disorderly pattern was completely accomplished. But as the awakening ends, the miracle of heaven, which gave me the composition of my incomplete body, disappeared as well … ”

“Is that it?”

The dry hands are gently smiling on the left knee.

Looking at the newly born queen, I activated the third eye.

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