M E M O R I Z E Ro Yoo Jin

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A man who had lost everything. An almighty power, the [Zero Code] held within his hand. “Player Kim Su Hyun, do you truly wish to revert the time of Hall Plain?” “I want to go back 10 years. To that period when I first came here.”


  • Male Protagonist
  • Overpowered Protagonist
  • Sword And Magic
  • Alchemy
  • Arrogant Characters
  • Beautiful Female Lead
  • Demons
  • Friendship
  • Strength-based Social Hierarchy
  • Sword Wielder
  • Artifacts
  • Game Elements
  • Hiding True Abilities
  • Monsters
  • Transported into Another World
  • Calm Protagonist
  • Clever Protagonist
  • Second Chance
  • Determined Protagonist
  • Magic
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