2039. Chapter 2039 Yingge Wanli (39)

2039. Chapter 2039 Yingge Wanli (39)

"Auntie." At the beginning of the summer, her face was pale and the flame jumped in her pupil.

When the pupil was slightly enlarged, "What are you doing, leave there!"

Smiling at the beginning of the summer, she opened her lips, and the familiar voice came. "Auntie, I am not there. You must live well, find one, good for you."

"At the beginning of the summer!" stood up on the table and shouted loudly. "Yu Longwei will arrive soon, you hold on."

Shaking his head at the beginning of the summer, "Auntie, I can only accompany you here, and you have to go by yourself."

She reached out and wiped her eyes and forced her voice to sound normal. "I can't bear you, but I am going to find my brother."

"What are you talking about?"

"Auntie, my last request, I hope you can promise me." At the beginning of the summer, he didn't dare to look at the time. "Ji Die... put a butterfly on the road."

"She betrayed you!" The time has already received news from Xiaolongwei. The reason why Xiajia was so quickly captured is because of the butterfly, "Do you still want to protect her?"

Shaking his head at the beginning of the summer, "Auntie, please, let her live a life."

"People who betray you are not to die."

"Auntie..." In the early summer, there was a tear in his eyes. "Please."


"Auntie, I am going to die."


The flames are getting bigger and bigger, almost drowning in the early summer.

"Why?" When I grabbed the table, my nails broke because of force, but she didn't feel any pain at all. "What good is she?"

She betrayed you, you have to protect her! !

At the beginning of the summer, I had a smile on my eyebrows. "She has nothing good, not as strong as you are, not as smart as you are, not as trustworthy as you are. She is the only light I have seen in the darkness." In ancient times, there was a word called a moth to fight fire, because she was light, so I did not care."

"Auntie, I am leaving, can't be with you, aunt... you have to be good."


The fire devours the figure in the early summer, and the projection flashes twice, disappearing in front of the time, and the silence is restored.

Shi Yan always thought that the last paragraph of the early summer was Ji Die, but when she knew the truth, she realized that the sentence was told to her at the beginning of the summer.


She returned to the Emperor Star, and the Xiajia became a pile of ruins. Only the door was intact. Zhang appeared to have a brilliant family here.

When Qi Longwei arrived, the entire Xiajia had been surrounded by fire. The flame had radioactive materials, and Xiaolongwei did not dare to approach.

It was not until one day before the flames went out, but it has become a ruin.

She was still fine when she left, but it came back like this.

The girl who always laughed and told her aunt, was also buried in this fire forever.

At that time, he did not find the body of Xia early, but he caught the butterfly.

Ji Die was bloody, kneeling on the ground and hanging his head.

When the time came to her, "She let me let you go, but you know, this is impossible, I will not let you go, you have to go with her."

The traitor, the death is not enough.Jidie’s body trembled and his voice was low. “I know, can you give me a month? Just one month, one month later, I will use death to pay for the crime.”

When I looked at the ruins in the distance, the last pleading in the early summer, I promised the butterfly.


As Shi Yan said, at that time she might be mad, and she did not know what it was.

She always told herself that she was not sad at all, and covered the rest with anger.

Why is Xiajia attacked?

There is no impenetrable wall in the world, and when you understand the whole thing, anger can't be suppressed.

The first thing that was unlucky was the royal family. Those who participated in this incident all died under the sword, and the emperor fell into chaos. No one could stop her.

The blood-washed emperor is not exaggerated. During that time, almost every street was bleeding. Those who tried to stop her from killing the people who participated in this incident would not be merciless.

When the Emperor’s man fled, she suddenly withdrew and the whole family began to withdraw.

Some people didn't want to do it at the beginning. However, when they don't care about them, they love to go and leave. If they don't like to walk, they will fall down.

When the time was evacuated, a spaceship left the emperor star, and no one dared to stop.

The crowd thought that she would evacuate the time and would continue to wash the Emperor Star, but after the time of the evacuation, she also withdrew.

Above the port, the time stood on the spaceship, such as the emperor who was in the world, glaring at the army below.

"From today on, your honour and humiliation will have nothing to do with my family."

When the sound of the sound is heard, it is blown into the ears of everyone.

She holds the front line for them, not letting people plunder the resources of the Nether Galaxy, and does not invade the Ghost Galaxy.

They are rewarding her like this.

The royal family did not dare to scream at the time, fearing that she would continue to kill, the sword in her hand was very good, they did not want to provoke this comet.

Those who participated were dead... no one lived.

What surprised everyone was that she did not kill innocent people.

The turmoil caused by the departure of the family was not small. It was not counted. It was not long before the family left. The major families in the Imperial Capital also began to move away from the Emperor Star.

Although their movements are not as big as they are, they are also heart-rending.

The masses who do not know the truth are very confused. What is happening in the end is that many families have begun to move away.


The fact that several major families moved away from the Emperor’s Star has not yet come to a close, and news has come, and the time and the alliance have been fought.

The cause was that she touched the Alliance and killed a general.

It’s still a small thing to kill a general.

Killing a general is not a general, not long after killing one, the league is full of the world to take her, but the results make people stunned.

This time the home owner hangs up, so many people in the league encircle her, instead of not being successful, they will break their own.

Then there are people who have continued to die, and the status of the dead is still quite high.

In a short period of time, Shiyan almost sinned the high-ranking officials of the entire league.

Under the urgency of the league, the rewards of the entire interstellar period are embarrassing.When he was a fearless look, no matter who he came, he was finally solved by her, and no one was rewarded. The alliance jumped.

At this time, the league's reserve pool was robbed by time. She was like a ghost, always appearing in unexpected places, and you were caught off guard.

The time and the alliance's beams were tied, which led to the Nether Galaxy can no longer join the Alliance.

The Four Emperors and the Time are not guarding the Nether Galaxy, and the entire Nether Galaxy has become the main target of the pirates.

When he said that he and the Nether's galaxies set a clear line, they really set a line with the Nether's galaxies. As long as the pirates did not provoke her head, even if the pirates robbed her in front of her, she would not frown.

At the same time, the temperament of the cockroach is obviously more difficult to measure. In the past, she did not want to communicate with others. She was in a line that did not want to be stupid mortals such as Er.

But now it has evolved to tell you that you are the blessing stage of the eight generations.

See who is not pleasing to the eye will be slammed two sentences, and if you get out of trouble, you will start playing directly.

So the whole star has been flying and jumping.

And her reputation is getting worse and worse, and there are so many people who hate to tickle her teeth, but there is no way to take her.

Sometimes, there are some confusions.

I want her to live.

She was also alive at the beginning of summer.

So she is alive.

Stepping on the blood and bones to the throne of the thorns.



Finally put these three words.

Because everyone knows more about the latter, so it is written more streamlined, mainly because the space is not enough, and the obsessive-compulsive injury can not afford.

As for Ji Ye and Ji Wei, in fact, they really don’t matter, just passers-by~

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