1883. Chapter 1883 Night Blood Curse (37)

1883. Chapter 1883 Night Blood Curse (37)

"After the death of the blood king, there has been no leader. The five generations of blood and the elders are dealing with the blood. The five generations of blood are the people of me and the star, oh, yes, and the one that was killed by you... he is four generations. Blood family." He paused. "His ambition is very big. He always wanted to be a blood king, but everyone felt that his ability was not competent."

While holding the seeds, "You are afraid of him, prove that his strength is stronger than you, how can he not be competent?"

"He is a four-generation blood family, a generation higher than me and Xing Ge. He is certainly better than us. He is not competent because of some of his practices... In short, everyone does not agree." I am not willing to elaborate.

"The green banquet will be competent?" When he turned his eyes, isn't this legendary murderer not blind? Let him be king, this is not the sheep into the tiger's mouth, lying to let him kill?

When you sit down, you are around. "You don't know if he used to be a blood king?"

The time is down.

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"He only became a blood king who was less than a hundred years old, and he did not do it afterwards. But when he was in office, the development of the blood family was the fastest, and almost no one in the blood family dared to make it."

“Why?” I asked very well.

For a moment, "I heard that the elders forced him to marry the queen. He disagreed. The elders used extreme means to anger him. Since then, he has rarely appeared in front of the blood family, and he rarely has blood. Things."



It is worthy of my wife.

Hey: "..." You show this... Well, what a proud expression is, what is it so proud of?

I still want to say, suddenly I feel a little cold behind, she turned back to the cold eyes of the banquet, and his eyes are quietly watching her gorgeous long snake.

Awkwardly jumped from the ground and the teleport disappeared.

I hate dead snakes! !

For the green feast, you still need to raise a snake!

The snake is also a wonderful flower, how long has it been with him, and no death, so she hates the feast! ! !

When the snake slid to the side, when he smashed his head with his head, he tried to wrap around her wrist. However, before he started to wrap around, he was thrown into the back grass by the banquet.

When the green banquet was sitting around, he whispered: "I don't want to care about the bloody family. Do you think I am cold and bloody?"

“Why do you think so?” I asked a strange question.

"Humans..." think so.

He has seen too many such examples. If you have the ability to not get along, the other person will feel that you are cold and bloodless, and will reveal another face.

As he was at the beginning, he was too lazy to think and act according to what they said, but they felt that they could influence all his decisions.

When he opposed it, they felt that it was his fault.When she was slightly biased, her long hair fell to her chest. She smiled at the bottom of her eyes. "I am different from others. And compared to cold blood, you don't think I am worse than you?"

"That's fine." The green feast leaned over and fell a soft kiss on her forehead, and repeated, "That would be good."

I am afraid that she can't accept herself, so he has never dared to say the past.

Why did he hide from these blood races, why did he kill the bloody people without blinking.


In the evening, Jing Hao and a group of blood races reappeared. This time, Liang Er, who was not in contact with her, went to the distance and listened to the negotiations between Jing Jing and Qing Ban.

Jing Hao asked the Qing banquet to preside over the overall situation. Originally, because the Western blood scams weakened their strength, the infected blood races could not go to the battlefield.

Among them, the bloody family has the highest score and the strongest strength. If he does not help, the blood family may not be able to survive.

The green banquet was rejected in a chilly tone.

Negotiations have not yet resulted, and the following Western blood races suddenly launched an offensive.

The killing sound spread throughout the battlefield.

All the blood races were shocked. How did they suddenly fight?

They also refused to negotiate and quickly brought people back to the battlefield. In this battle, the Western blood family released several variant blood families, and they could work together to deal with one. Now, several of them can’t be dealt with.

When the battlefield moved on the side where it was, the corners of the mouth twitched slightly. "They are coming to you."

As for why it is not rushing to her...

Because she has not had the chance to offend the top of the Western blood family - but it should be faster.

The battlefield soon moved to this side, the Western blood family was chasing after it, and the Eastern blood family was hiding behind the green banquet.

The Western blood family waved to stop them. One of the blood races wore the court dress of the Middle Ages, and gracefully walked out of the team. One hand leaned down to the chest and bent slightly. "The banquet, my king waited for a long time." ""

"I am not interested." The green feast is cold.

"Herald banquet, my king sincerely invites you, even if you refuse, you have to face up and refuse to show sincerity is not?" The other party smiled.

The green banquet was unmoved.

"You are not going to follow the green banquet, then these blood races will be buried here today. Under the age of knowing that you don't care about them, you will eventually be nicknamed, how will you write in the future?"

The tone of the other party is called a good one, and the traces of a little angry can't be seen.

"What are they talking about?"

"I don't know... When is the banquet of the banquet related to the curls of the West?"

"This group of curls threatens us, despicable, shameless, with such a mess, if not so many of our compatriots..."


The blood family is more angry at the back, but the green feast does not even raise the eyebrows. "How do you write me in the later generations? That is my business. I can't care for your king."

"Your banquet, you are still as stubborn as before." The other smiled a little, and when the eyes fell on him, "I don't know this young man, would you have any other thoughts?"When the blind man squatted, he gave the other party a big smile, and then chopped the sword in the strange eyes of the other party.

Suddenly, when the banquet was banned, he was slashed.

At that time, the blood-stained iron sword was taken out from the other side of the body. "There is no end to it. If you want to fight, you can hit it. If you don't hit it, the battlefield is used for chatting? Don't pay the venue fee?"

"Mom, fight with them!"



[This is a fake group]

Reporter: Will the little fairy, if the time and the phoenixes fall into the water, who will you save? (Hint: You can only save one person. When you save, you will be hacked to death. Save the Feng dynasty, Feng Yan will kill you. Please make the right choice.)

Little Fairy: My niece will swim.

Reporter: Suppose she doesn't.

Little Fairy: My niece has a force artifact.

Reporter: Suppose she doesn't.

Little Fairy: My niece has a character.

Reporter: Suppose she doesn't.

Little Fairy: Then she must not be my niece, fake, not saved, let them die.

Reporter: ... no votes!

Little fairy: (holding the thigh) I choose to die.

System: What about your exercise?

Little fairy: fed the ticket.

ticket:? ?

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