1880. Chapter 1880 Night Blood Curse (34)

1880. Chapter 1880 Night Blood Curse (34)

The blood family does not have much to do with things, and her life is still going on as usual.

The green banquet didn't seem to be of much interest. Jingyu had come several times, and the green banquet didn't even see him. What could happen later, Jingjing didn't come again. Liang Seil seemed busy with checking Liang's home. Things don't show up very much.

In short, the men and women of this plane have their own things, and they don’t fall in love at all.

Can't disassemble CP, so sad.

The situation of Star Pure is getting worse and worse, and occasionally I will stand outside the door for a while, and I don’t know if Star Ge can find the serum.

At that time, I was a bit worried that the banquet would also be a problem. After all, he was at the scene. Fortunately, the banquet has been quite normal and there are no signs of onset.

"Green banquet."

The people by the window turned back and looked at them with doubt.

“What do you think is the meaning of being alive?” He walked beside him, holding the window sill and looking into the distance. “Why are you alive?”

When he suddenly asked such a high-level question, the green banquet did not respond for a while. For a long time, he would fish into his arms and hug her from behind, and his chin rested on her shoulder.

He said: "Live, just to wait for you."

He paused. "Living is meaning, it is for you."

He never understood what he was doing for so long, but when he met her, it seemed that everything was clear.

He spends a long time alone, just to wait for someone, waiting for someone to be an inseparable part of him.

When I was leaning against the green banquet, I looked at the blue sky and white clouds in the distance. "It’s good to meet you."

"Yeah." It’s good to meet you.


When I went to school, I heard someone say that she was late, and she listened carefully for a moment. Chi Ning seemed to be engaged, and the object was the one she had seen in the cinema before.

If you don't die, you won't die.

The blood family also dares to swear, and this kind of courage is also going to heaven.

The children of rich families are very normal when they are engaged in small ages. The things that were engaged in the past were not full of school storms, but after that incident, the time was basically not showing up at school, she did not know.

Chi Ning is also mixed with the name of a male god, suddenly engaged, the girls in the school have some ways to accept, crying.

Of course, these people do not affect the engagement between Chi Ning and Anne.

When I saw other people's posts, the engagement ceremony was held more than marriage. After the engagement, Anne was also placed in the school. The girls in the school jointly crowded Annie.

Anne is a bloody family. On the surface, she pretends to be a weak look, but secretly teaches girls who bully her.

"This is the second time. It’s really scary. I don’t know who it is, so embarrassing."

"I heard that it was a bloodsucking madness. The blood of the classmates was gone, it was terrible."

"You said... would it be a legendary vampire?"

"No, isn't that all in the novel? You don't have to look at those things a day, it must be artificial, abnormal..."

Several girls have passed by, and they have talked about what happened recently in the school.Two girls died in the school, all of which were sucked up by the whole body and had bite marks on their necks.

The blood family is now in a mess, and Jing is not in school. This can only be handled by ordinary police.

However, the school's blood-sucking case is not the only one. It happened several times outside. Now the police station is so busy.

These cases may have been committed by the Eastern blood family, or they may have been committed by the Western blood family. Now the blood family has no time to restrain these blood races, and the blood races in the human world naturally begin to chaos.

When you go back occasionally, you can meet the blood family, but they are not close, and they will be afraid to withdraw.

She has the atmosphere of a green feast, and these blood instincts are afraid of the green feast.

When I was sitting in the cafeteria, I looked at the chin and looked outside. The sunshine was just right. The sweet-looking girl leaped around and lingered, and she was stunned and stunned.

When Anne Yuguang swept, she immediately smiled and smirked. She leaned over and said a few words in Chi Ning’s ear. Chi Ning left and Anne came in the cafeteria.

However, when she entered the cafeteria, she found that the person sitting at the window had disappeared.

She was a little angry, and she was not willing to chase it out. When the back door of the canteen was blocked, he was embarrassed.

"Sister Xi, you are so afraid of me? Look at people to hide?" Anne smile is still sweet, so the voice can make the goose bumps, but the boys eat her.

"Don't call my sister." When she looked at her coldly.

Annie Jiao smiled. "You are a sister of Chi Ning. Although I am older than you, I still have to respect you as a sister, otherwise it is rude."

At the time, he sneered at the corner of his mouth. "You have to call my ancestors."

Annie smiles on her face.

Annie quickly reacted. "My sister really laughs. People want to ask the last time the little handsome guy is a sister. Can you introduce me to know?"

"No." The idea went to the old man's wife, Laozi's sword!

"Ah, that's a pity." Anne looked disappointed.

When I look around, I am going to kill this vampire in a sack. Who knows that her sack has not yet come out, Liang Er does not know where it comes from, and can't help but talk to Annie.

Time: "..."

The protagonist is everywhere!

This baby just wants to quietly give people a sack, what do you jump out for! !

It’s not that you are robbing the game.

"Oh, isn't this the last little hunter?" Anne's strength should be very good. In the face of Liang, there is still a mood to laugh. "You can beat me."

Liang Er's look is cold, and he doesn't say a word. The shot is not merciless, and the recruiting is fierce, and it is bound to set Anne and die.

When I found a place to sit down and lick melon seeds, watching the two of you come to me, half a day can not be won.

Liang Se's strength is still worse. Finally, Anne ran away. "Sister Xi, see you next time~"

Before you leave, don’t forget to call it.

When Liang Sei took the gun and walked in front of him, he looked up at her. "Is there something?"

When Liang Sei took out a medical needle and threw it to him, "Xing Ge asked me to give it to you."When you catch the needle tube, there is a green liquid inside, when you get up, and Liang Sai, "Xing Ge?"

"I don't know." Liang Sui's eyebrows are cold. "Xing Ge said that you know the truth about the Liang family being destroyed, isn't it?"

"What do you know?"

“Can you tell me?” Liang’s tone was calm, and the tone was obviously acceptable.

But when it doesn't mean you can tell her, "Why should I tell you?"

Liang Er lowered his eyes and left after a moment of silence.

When I squeezed the needle and watched Liang’s back disappear into the corner, the woman was really fun.

Star Ge can let her send the serum, probably by using her to know the truth of the Liang family being destroyed.

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