1693. Chapter 1693 The World (28)

1693. Chapter 1693 The World (28)

As the ministers gathered more and more, the time was irritating, and the Guards Army drove all of them down.

The royalists from the wall ran to the wall below.

It may be that the time is not very concerned about their embarrassment, the courage of these ministers is like a hang, like a cow.

Of course, we can't blame these ministers. It's mainly a matter of doing things. It's all about rudeness. It's just a violation of normal people. It's just being shackled. It's not bad to be co-authored.

At the time, he stood on the wall and looked at the surging crowd below.

The fighting man is very conspicuous. When he glances at it, she looks at it. She looks at him a few times. According to the routine, I am afraid that others will see the costume of the face.

Sometimes, dressing up and changing clothes, changing makeup, changing hair styles, throwing them into the crowd, is not really love powder, absolutely can't recognize them, don't understand that they want to fight against Mao, obviously more conspicuous among a group of ordinary people. Well!

The fighting man probably perceives the gaze of the time and looks through the black crepe. At that moment, the two people's sights meet in the air, igniting the electric light and flint.

At the time of the mouth, the tip of the mouth was slightly hooked, and suddenly he raised his hand and waved. "Catch the shackle with the fight."

The Guards below immediately looked at the moment and looked at the past with a well-trained approach to the fight.

The Guards Army is still not close, and the fighting man flies up and falls to the wall easily.

The guards on the wall were shocked and immediately surrounded the fight.

The Brawler did not put the Guards in his eyes at all, and the eyes of the black gauze fell on the time. "The Queen of the Phoenix only knows how to eat, drink, and play, and it is fascinating."

At that time, he waved his hand and let the Guards Force retreat. "How is it rumored? Now, you have to use the jade to change the Phoenix Jun, and you still indulge in beauty."

Indulge in the beauty of the wife can not extricate themselves.

The fighting man looked away from Shenbei, who was surrounded by people. "Is that the seven emperors of Laos?"

"Antidote, Yuxi." When the time is not a bird fight, the male directly reaches out, "Can't change?"

The brawling man blinked slightly, and his eyes flashed a bit of doubt. "Her Majesty’s Majesty gave the jade to the next? Just for a man? How many men in the world, he is dead, you can have more."

I was impatient. "How much do you talk nonsense, change it, say a word!"

So many of them are useful, juvenile, let’s just do it! ! !

Fighting man: "..."

This empress is a little different from what he thinks. This set of roads doesn't come, so is he changing now or not?

Fighting men’s eyes are swept away from the time, and one-half of them may be fraudulent...

But Yuxi, this opportunity.

"Her Majesty first talked about how to change the law, how can I be sure that after the change, will you let me leave safely?" There are so many guards on the bright side, secretly do not know if there is.

"Hey, haven't you just flew? You haven't set up a net, you fly."

Fighting man: "..."

Suddenly want to kill her, what is going on?"It seems that the sincerity of getting a drug to get rid of it is here." The martial arts boy said: "The phoenix prince of Her Majesty, I don't know if I can survive the dark."

"Threaten?" The courage is great!

Dare to threaten the old man's head! !

Laozi’s sword!

The old man in the fight is standing, not answering, but the meaning is obvious, I am threatening you, and you have to be threatened by me.

When I looked at Shenbei, I looked up and raised my eyebrows. "How do you know that the antidote you gave is true?"

"The empress of Her Majesty is sincere, and in the end it will give you a real antidote. The purpose of the next is just jade."

"It seems that this jade is still a baby, what is inside?" When the eyes glanced over from the jade, the jade of the Fengyi Kingdom had existed for a long time, and it is estimated that no one can tell which dynasty, which king.

Brawler obviously does not want to let him know what the use of jade is. "Her Majesty, after the jade has been used, I can still give it back to you, and you have nothing to lose."

When the scorpion flashes slightly, it is to complete the jade.

When I suddenly retreated, I reached out and pulled the jade out. I took out the jade belt hanging from the jade and extended the wall. "Throw the antidote, I will throw the jade, and you will catch it."

The fighting man is probably afraid of throwing the jade out, and he is a little nervous. He doesn't want to let him see it, so he stepped back and took it back quickly.

"Her Majesty..."


When the hand was loose, the brocade was going down, and the fighting man probably didn’t expect it to be so determined. It didn’t seem to care that he couldn’t get the antidote.

"One..." When he slammed his hand, Yuxi went down the tower.

The fighting man was shocked, two! ! !

Did you eat it? !

The Guards did not know when to put a bow, and pointed at him at the moment when he was screaming. If they blocked themselves, they would certainly not be able to catch the fallen jade, so the fighting man decided to take out the antidote and throw it at the same time. People also smashed out.

This series of actions did not delay how long, but when he chased out, the jade has fallen to half the distance of the wall.

Just as he was about to grab the jade, a few people suddenly burst out under the wall, and at the same time flew up and snatched the jade.

When he was holding his body, he squatted down.

The fighting man has already been huddled with the few people who suddenly came out. The few people are obviously a group. The jade is passed on by them, and they are so angry that they fight for the men.

"Your Majesty, a bit like the people of Laos." The Yi Yi also squatted on the wall.

"So you want to be a jade, then let them all share a little better." When the sinister smack of the test, the light flashed from her palm, and the jade that was shackled in her hand flew toward the sky.

The people below are all looking at this scene with enthusiasm, and even forget about the fight.

After the jade rose, a simple array appeared below it, and the light was emitted from the array, and the jade was shrouded at high speed.

In the eyes of everyone, it is a group of rotating light, which is very strange in the air.When he turned and went to Shenbei, he calmly let the stunned doctors check whether there was any problem with the antidote. The doctors could not concentrate on the spirit, and it took a while to make sure there was no problem.

Of course, they can only guarantee that there is no problem in the antidote itself. In the end, they can't detoxify, they don't know, they can't afford this responsibility.

When the face was expressionless, the antidote was fed to Shenbei, and the doctor was frightened, so he fed it...

What if it is not an antidote?

What if the poison in Fengjun's body deteriorates? !

Why are you so impulsive! !

The roar of the medics had not come out yet, and they heard a small explosion outside the wall.

At the same time, everyone looked up and saw that the sky had blown up a fireworks. The light spots like fireflies sprinkled all over the sky. It was beautiful.

Everyone is looking at it with a slap in the face, and can't return to God for a long time.

Yuxi... fried? !

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