1664. Chapter 1664 Wenzhizhixin (34)

1664. Chapter 1664 Wenzhizhixin (34)

Hao Biao was heard that there was a wild man, regardless of the risk of being chased by his parents, and he came back from abroad. As a result, he found that his own little green plum was always with him. He wanted to die.

In the whole process of the warmth, the eyes of the ‘how the man knows my girlfriend’ are stunned. The disgusting meaning is very obvious, so that the baby’s big nerves are obviously felt.

"Su careful, is he disgusting me?" Hao Biao asked Wen.

"Yeah." Is it just that you are abandoning you?

At this time, the expression of the warmth has been converted into ‘you like this is not worthy of standing with my girlfriend’, so he will take it to his side and squeeze the baby directly.

Hao Baby: "..." Why? !

"This is my girlfriend, please keep a distance with her."

"What your girlfriend, this is what Lao Tzu grew up watching, what are you?" Hao baby's fried hair, how is his good cabbage so arched? ?

Although it will be arched by the pig sooner or later, you can't find a good pig if you are careful?

Wen·Pig·I’m staring at Hao’s baby.

Hao Baby: "..."

What kind of Hao baby, even if he is now cautious about him, he can't replace his position for so many years, hehe!

"She will only live with me in the future."

"Then you don't know what she used to be."

When he hurriedly reached out and interrupted them, he took Hao Hao to the side. "You don't say a few words."

"How do you say that I don't say him? Well, Su is careful. Have a man forget the bamboo horse? Is it a thing that you have no conscience, and I am running back, so I am afraid that you are being cheated, you I am still bullying me with him now!!" Hao baby is indignant.

When you lick your mouth, "Big Brother, please, he can't be too excited. Don't irritate him. If something goes wrong, you will be in trouble."

Hao baby blinked. "You still find a neuropathy??"

Xiaoqingmei may be a neuropathy, even if he is looking for a neuropathy, will he not have to deal with two neuropathies in the future?

Shi Yan: "..." Although I feel that this is a bit sloppy, I don't think he is right about what is going on.

"Sure, why don't you think so, you can't open your mind, it's not a problem for the country and the people. Why are you looking for such a man, is this man in the world dead?" Hao baby is still jumping.

Ah! ! !

His little green plum was arched by the pig, so good! !

When I was too lazy to continue to be nonsense with Hao Bao, I dropped Hao Hao directly and left with warmth.

The warmth was originally a bit sullen and immediately restored to peace.

"Su, please wait for me!!"

Hao Bao said that when he came back to China, he found out that he seemed to be hiding from someone. He was nervous all day, and everyone seemed to be following him.

When he wondered if he had met a metamorphosis abroad.

Until one day, she saw a girl staring at Hao Bao, and she looked at Hao’s baby with the look of 'Don’t be willing to die, and the old lady didn’t kill you’.

The latter cried and pleaded for mercy, trying to escape the girl's magic.In order to hide the girl, Hao Baby forcibly occupied the place where he lived, and then he had to move to live with him.

There was more than one person in the room of the warmth, and there were more things in the room. It seemed that I was not used to the extra things in the room. I tried to throw things out several times. After being discovered by the time, I silently came back and put them back.

Time: "..."

The room was on a bed, and when I stood by the bed, "Where am I sleeping?"

The warmth pointed to the bed.

"What about you?" asked him like a smile.

Wenchen pointed to the ground, but obviously disgusted, reluctantly said: "You are a girl, the bed gives you sleep."

When he said this, he was very reluctant, and he had to show the man's demeanor, so the expression of forcing together seemed to be somewhat wronged.

"I don't mind sleeping with you."

Warm eyebrows slammed, and bowed his head and said: "I can sleep on the ground."


I took a look at the bed and looked at the ground again. If I didn't sleep, I would feel uncomfortable.


I took a deep breath and nodded.

The ground is also very clean, but I always feel uncomfortable when I am warm, and I can't sleep. The people on the bed didn't move. I warmed my body and looked at the bed. I hadn't had time to look away. I just had a pair of eyes.

"I... get up and drink." Wen warmed up from the ground, and was accidentally smashed by the quilt in the dark and fell directly on the quilt.

He squatted on the quilt for a while.

Until someone later lifted him up, he couldn’t help but put him in the bed and stuff it into the quilt.

"Don't make trouble, hurry to sleep." He stared at him and kissed him on his forehead.

Going back to my bed, the uncomfortableness of the warmth of the body disappeared immediately, but because she was very peaceful in her arms.

When she was warm, she took out her hand and changed her hand to hold it. She lowered her head and covered her lips. The tip of her tongue swept gently over her lips and explored it tentatively.

"Don't make trouble, I will be a big animal in a while."


The warmth should be heard, not only did not retreat, but held tighter, some oysters opened her teeth, the hot tongue tipped into the inside, hooked her little tongue entangled.

At that time, he resisted his desire to turn over and let him slowly explore.

The space is full of smoldering heat, and the interweaving breathing is getting worse.

When the time was kissed, it was soft, "warming... warm..."

Wen seems to want to go further. When he plunges into her clothes, he grabs his hand and the blurred eyes gradually wake up. "After, your body can't stand it."

The impact of love is too great, and it will definitely happen.

When you are warm, you are biting on the lips. "You are the one who seduce me first."

"Where is the reason, who is the first to kiss?"


Shi Yan: "..." Well, the patient is unreasonable.

I don't know the patient!

When he took him back, he warned: "Sleep, don't kiss me again."

"I'm afraid I can't help myself." The whisper of a sigh like a sigh, retracted him in his arms and hugged him.The two men were so sweaty when they were so tossed. At this time, they were more hot and warm, and they were uncomfortable kicking the quilt. The whole person was soft and holding like a big pet.

I didn’t sleep at night, and I didn’t fall asleep when I was tossed.

When I got up in the morning, Rong Shu stunned their expressions, revealing their ignorant and faint worried expressions, and determined that their young masters had no problem and that the fear disappeared.

Lying on the sofa, sleeping with her eyes closed, holding her is like holding a fire, she can't sleep at all, but he likes the fire very much, very comfortable...

"Get up and eat something."

"Don't." Wen turned over and used her back to face her.

"Obvious." He picked him up and "drink milk to sleep."

The eyes of the warmth were half-smoothed, and the tip of the nose smelled the thick milk. When the hand was finished, the hand was finished, leaving a circle of milk beard. He stretched his tongue and pointed it, then he leaned forward and forced himself. I looked at her face.

Time: "..."

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