1384. Chapter 1384 Reaching the same path (12)

1384. Chapter 1384 Reaching the same path (12)

"Jiang Chenjing."

Fang Yuxun stood underneath, carrying a shoulder bag, proud of his face. "I was sorry for the last time, I invite you to eat."

The last time there was such an accident in the basketball game, so the gambling was not mentioned.

"Okay." Jiang Chenjing showed a little smile, which made the face more colorful.

"Han Shaoye is also together?" Fang Yuxun rushed Han Han to raise his chin.

Han Han’s brow wrinkled, and the point that covered the bottom of his eyes was not happy. He stood up with Jiang Chenjing, and the meaning was obviously going together.

The three people went out together outside the school, causing the brain powder to scream.

When they were far away, they heard their voices. She opened her Luo Yan impatiently.

The woman was still outside, she was caught as soon as she came out, and she knew that she should overturn the wall...

No, she didn't do anything, why did she overturn the wall?

Made her afraid of her.

"Luo, you can't say a few words to your aunt? You will delay you for a while, and your aunt has something important to say to you." When Luo took up, he gestured very low, as if he was asking for her. .

"Ah, it is Jiang Chenjing."

"Male god, male god, I love you, just like mice love rice."

"Han Han Han..."

During the onlookers, the background boards of Luo and Luo Yan, diligently turned their attention to the trio that was coming out of the school.

"Hey, Luo Wei, you still block the road, what is going on, our family goddess is coming out, let it go."

"Quickly let go, don't think that this kind of god will look at you."

When I was cold, I looked at the brain powder that kept her away. "How big is your body god?"

The door of the Magogbi school is so wide and wide. He is the president of the country. Should he go alone?

Brain powder: "..."

what does it mean?

It took a while for someone to react. "What do you mean by Luo?"

I dare to say that their male god is fat, is their male god a standard figure?

"What you understand, mental retardation."

"Luo, can you still mean to be more mean? No matter what means you use, the male god will not look at you more. You are dead!"

Shi Yan: "..." is not a sister, the above plot, where did you interpret the idea that Laozi had a disagreement with your male god?

The brain is poisonous!

"He just posted it to me, and I don't want it." Who is a rare man, not her daughter-in-law.

"You..." The sister paper was irritated and beautiful, and the meaning of the eyes was interpreted as ‘you dare to dislike my male god, what qualification do you have to disappoint my male god’.

Therefore, sister paper does not care about her own male god, directly rushing toward the time, there is a person to do it, and others follow it.

When they wanted to teach, they used to learn. Although some of them had been beaten before, most people just heard it and never seen it. At this time, the male god in the heart was dismissed, and the brain powder broke out. Learn about this woman who is in the eye.

Jiang Chenjing and others just approached the school gate, and suddenly there was a fierce battle in front, and three people were stopped inside.

Then he was forced to watch a scene of a group of people being stumbled."She is Luo Yi." Han Yu poked down Jiang Chenjing.

This name has been broadcasted recently, and they are not familiar with it. And Luo fell down, they also ate some.

Jiang Chenjing looked at the girl standing in the crowd, and the blind man stunned.

What he saw from Fang Xunxuan was arrogant, and it was very different from those girls who were delicate.

And that girl, she also has arrogance, but more is arrogant.

The biggest arrogance of the world's Laozi.

People wait for them to beat up her arrogance.

When I patted the clothes, the faint road said: "Who else wants to beat?"

The brain powder lying on the ground mourns, and so many of them can't beat her alone.

Fang Yuxun Yu Guangguang swept the river dust scene, and when he stared at it, he couldn’t help but sink, and she didn’t talk. When she didn’t talk, she looked over and said that she laughed and said that she was over. , stop a taxi to leave.

"This Luo Yan..." Han Yu's tone is strange, just her eyes, too calm, calm to people can not help but heart.

She experienced the decline of Luo Jia, can she grow to this point?


At the time of the news, she received a bombardment from Su Yeye. She just found a place to eat and opened the news.

Su Yeye: Have you robbed the bank?

Su Yeye: Did you do it?

Su Ye Ye: Lying in the trough, you are not there! !

Su Yeye repeatedly asked several questions, robbed the bank, and whether she did it.

When did she grab the bank?

When I first opened the webpage and searched the city news, one website has been released, and one bank in the city was robbed, which happened one hour ago.

I go!

The rushing of the bank during the day has made the group so powerful.

A group of mental retardation: no time, don't give me a hat.

Su Yeye: Really not you? ? ? ?

Sue leaves back in the second, from her few question marks, enough to see how excited she is at this time.

A group of mental retardation: No.

Su Ye Ye directly came over a picture, it was her chat record with Su Shi, it was the last sentence she said, going to grab the bank.

A group of mental retardation: How much does he sell to you?

Su Yeye: ...you know him well?

The bureau has been checking this number, but there is no clue at all. Now the owner of this number has actually caught up with Su Shi.

Her brother, even if the criminal gave him money, as long as he is happy, he will help. Of course, he will sell it again in the middle and earn a police station.

Don't ask why you don't catch him, no evidence.

A group of mental retardation: Ok, I am going to soak him.

Su Yeye: I am grass, are you really a girl?

A group of mental retardation: Is there a problem?

Su Yeye:...

A little bit of doubt about life, can a girl be so powerful?

Su Yeye: Really not you rob the bank?

A group of mental retardation: I just said that you also believe? I also said that I want to be the president of the country. Do you want to sue me for rebellion? Besides, it is illegal to rob the bank. I make money by taking the formal route. I am a serious person.

Su Yeye: It’s just like it’s true.

Last time you also broadcast the black scorpion will trade, can you be a serious person?When you cut the interface to Susie.

A group of mental retardation: You are not interested in playing like this, you are a false report to the military! ! !

Ma Gobi actually betrayed her.

Su Shi does not bird her, but Su Yeye keeps sending messages.

Su Yeye: Why don't you think so, do you want to soak?

A group of mental retardation: it will open when it is soaked.

Su Yeye: ... who are you? ! You must know Su Shi... You want to approach him in this way, right? You must be short of heart, even look at him, hehe.

Su Yeye opens the detective mode.

A group of mental retardation: Are you busy? The robbery is not going to happen?

Su Yeye: This case is not under our control.

A group of mental retardation: ...

So why are you paying for a message at Su Shi? How much money? Not very understanding of the world of rich people.

Silently be a bandit.


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