1295. Chapter 1295 Major Generals (End)

1295. Chapter 1295 Major Generals (End)

The woman moved a little stiff neck and her mind was blank.

What's up with her?

What is this place?

"Woke up?"

The woman heard the sound and looked up at it. She was a little unbelievable and wide-eyed. "You...how are you going to be fine. What have you done with me? Let me go!"

The woman found herself tied, and she struggled to stand up. "Xu Mei, let me go!"

Xu Mei sat in the shadow of the room, and the voice could not hear the mood. "It’s just giving you something you want to drink for me."

She walked out of the darkness. "I have been crawling in the mall for ten years. Can your little tricks beat me?"

She and Gu Lan have only seen it, and Gu Lan is not the woman who can ask for it.

Her common sense is still there.

She came to want to see what this woman wants to do.

"It’s all my people outside. Do you think you can run out?" The woman suddenly calmed down, and He will arrive soon. She has to delay the time. "Xu Mei is just my defeat, ten years ago." I can steal the greetings. After ten years, I can still let you have nothing."

Xu Mei’s face is a little distorted. “You are all with He Wei. Why do you have to deal with me?”

"Where are they together, she is all in your heart, even in bed, it is your name, I am going to get rid of you today." The woman screamed: "Do you know how much I hate you in this decade? ”

Xu Mei squatted and then laughed twice. "Do you hate me? What are your qualifications to hate me, aren't you taking him from me?"

"That is your own ability, no wonder others." The woman sneered.

"Yeah, blame me for not doing it, then today you will try to prepare for you."

The woman suddenly panicked. "What do you want to do?"

Xu Mei opened the door. "What do you want to do to me, are you not very clear?"

"You dare to move me, my family and He Wei will not let you go!" The woman screamed. "Xu Mei, come back, don't you want to live?"

Xu Mei walked out the door, a man came in from the outside, the door slowly closed, and the woman's scream came out through the door, which was particularly harsh.


When the woman was found by He Wei, it was too late. Although she was not injured, her body has been tarnished.

The woman hated Xu Mei and asked her to help suppress Xu Mei. The Xu Mei, who had already been very difficult, was even more difficult.

The woman even hated with the greetings, and there was no good face to He Wei.

He Wei was sent to a woman to get an intelligence, but she was prescribed medicine and she was pinched by her. He has been holding back for years.

He also didn't know whether he was for his future or Xu Mei. In short, he endured silently.

But at this time, seeing the woman's madness, He Hao's backlog of anger for so many years could not help but erupt.

Perhaps the sudden outbreak of He Wei stimulated the woman, and the woman ran out of the hospital.


"Miss Xu, you can take this condition into consideration." The man's hand touched Xu Mei's thigh from under the table and smiled awkwardly. "Marry me, don't say you want to invest, you want the stars I pick." Give you."Xu Meizhen stood up and said, "General Liu, leave."

Mr. Liu grabbed Xu Mei and held her on the table. "What are you wearing Xu Mei? I heard that there are a lot of men around you. Have you been played by many people? So, stay with me for a night, how can I invest?" kind?"

Liu couldn't help but linger on her, breathing quickly.

Xu Mei's face was disgusted. He lifted his foot and slammed Liu's foot. He pushed him away and took the bottle on the table to Liu's head.

When Liu always screamed, he reached for his head and the blood spilled from his fingers.

Xu Mei pulled off his clothes and turned away from the box and rushed out of the restaurant.

After leaving the restaurant, Xu Mei ran along the road for a while, the speed slowly came down, and she looked a little numb to go forward.

These days, all she met was such a man. After a word has not been finished, she came to bed.

Xu Mei felt that the sound around him was disappearing, and those hateful faces gradually disappeared, leaving only a piece of silence.

I don't know how long it took, and the snoring of the hateful people came in again. She heard someone screaming, and the person in front was waving her hand desperately, showing horror.


The world is turning around.

Xu Mei felt that she had fallen from the sky and squatted on the hood. She saw the woman in the car, looking mad and full of hatred. "Go to hell, go to hell, let Xu Mei die!"

She seems to be back to her previous life. When she died, it was the same... quiet.

It’s all like a dream she made.

Yes, it is dreaming.

Now this dream should wake up.

When He Wei arrived, Xu Mei was rescued and died, and the woman was detained for intentional assault.

The woman was checked for mental illness, her family became a little more active, and the woman soon became fine.

He Yan suppressed all the anger and hatred in his heart, showing in front of them, and when the woman’s family finally relaxed his vigilance, he took the woman to the beach.

When everyone found it, only the wheelchair of the woman was found, and nothing else was left.


After a long period of time, Ye Hao insisted on shutting down and not letting others see it. Before that, he felt that the mental retardation of this plane was quite normal. What is special is normal. This is the late onset.

After being beaten a few times, Ye Hao was not able to succumb, but still dare not turn off again.

However, as everyone knows, Mrs. Ye of the Indigo Group has never seen anyone in the back.

At this time, the body of this world could not be done first. Ye Hao was at her bedside, and there seemed to be tears in her throat.

When he reached out and touched his face, "Don't cry."

"No crying." Ye Hao took her hand and clung to the road.

When he smiled, he reached out and untied his wrist. "Don't you believe in past life?"

Ye Hao’s nod, “I believe that we will be together in the next life.”

"Well, yes, wait for me."

When I clenched my watch and waited for the advent of death, I experienced the old players who died in different poses. This process has become familiar, no fear, and no expectation.

Ye Hao seems to know what, quietly staring at her.The light in front of the eyes slowly disappeared, and the face of Ye Hao became more and more blurred.

At that time, it seems that the confusion in the leaves of the leaves is scattered and filled with clear and transparent.

The kind of eyes that are thorough in the world.

However, when there was no chance to see it, she was completely in the dark.

Ye Xie watched her stop breathing, and the light on her face slowly dimmed, like a plant that needed sunlight. When the sun disappeared, all the vitality in his body was taken away, leaving only the darkness.

Ye Hao walked to the other side, carefully lay down, hugged her into her arms and kissed her forehead habitually.

He closed his eyes slowly.

I just want to live for you.

When the nurse came in, he saw two people lying on a bed and stopping breathing, but with ten fingers.


The thirty-sixth plane is finished.

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