1274. Chapter 1274 Major General (17)

1274. Chapter 1274 Major General (17)

The last farce came out with the mother of the valley.

Ye Hao still got the wish to enter the yard.

Gu Gu took the Gu father into the kitchen and gave him a sneak peek. "The old Ye family's children, why are you so careful?"

"What I am..." Why is he careful? Gu father sighed in a sigh of relief. "I don't tell you this. I got to see them."

The mother couldn’t stop, but she shook her head in a helpless and funny way.

This meal is basically watching the father and Ye Hao.

Well, the main thing is the Gu father, Ye Hao occasionally should say, but as long as he speaks, the valley father will be defamed.

"Mom, my dad and Ye family have hatred?" When he moved to the valley mother, he moved.

"This is a long story, but don't worry about it. He will talk about it and he won't really do anything about Ye Hao's child." Gu mother laughed. "There is a chance for Mom to tell you later. ”

Shi Yan: "..." What is special is a river of grievances.

They are all routines.

After eating, I will send Ye Hao out.

Mainly, the father of the valley was drunk by Ye Hao, otherwise it was fixed to stop.

The two walked out of the yard, quietly outside, and Ye Hao took the time and walked slowly along the path.

He drank the wine, and there was a faint scent of wine on his body.

As he approached the gate of the district, he suddenly slammed into the wall next to him, slightly draping his head, and his nose touched her. "Little girl, who am you?"

"What do you think?"

Ye Hao smiled a little, his head tilted a bit, and he covered his lips, and he did not have time to go on.

At the end of a kiss, Ye Hao loosened her and her fingertip rubbed twice on her lips.

"Little girl, you kiss is good, huh?" Ye Hao's voice is a little dangerous.

"Natural, no way."

Ye Hao decided to marry her for a minute, then sighed. "Go back, start the day after tomorrow, enter the special training camp, you can't just come out, and prepare what you have to prepare tomorrow."

The special training camp was her alone. When she had a lot of time, she was with her. Ye Hao thought so, she was in a good mood, and she was rewarded with a kiss.

Ye Hao’s breath is a bit unstable. If it is not outside the military area, he is expected to directly ask for it.

Finally, he held the fire and sent it back.


Into the special training camp can not come out, so there are a lot of things to do when she wants to do, she first contacted several companies I have seen before, after talking about each other, let her hired people over there to hand over, and then remittance.

After doing this, it’s almost a day.

When I thought about it, I decided to go and beat him.

This breath is not out, she is not good.

When He Wei came home from work, he was inexplicably beaten by a sack of sacks. He didn't see anyone, but there was an intuition in his heart.

He Wei came home, Xu Mei was shocked. "What happened to you? How was it hurt?"

He Yan’s face, “Nothing, when people are training, they are accidentally hit.”

When he was beaten by a sack, he would dare to say that this is no shame.

Xu Mei is a bit suspicious, and this injury is not like training.Xu Mei suddenly thought of the individual, "Is it a valley blue?"

He Wei shook his head. "No, don't talk nonsense."

"Whoever dared to beat you?" Xu Mei was dissatisfied. Before she was wrapped around He Wei, she still beat him. She has never seen anyone like this in this way.

"She is the daughter of the deputy commander and can't just hit people. There is no Wang Fa. I have to go to the deputy commander of Gu."

Xu Mei said that she is going to go outside. She still doesn't believe it. This world is not as good as the future. Can't it be so indulgent?

He Hao quickly grabbed Xu Mei, and the tone was a bit heavy. "I said nothing, what do you mix!"

"I am tempering?" Xu Mei stretched his finger and pointed at himself. Who is she for? He even said that he was blending.

"This thing is not as simple as you think. Do you think that you can find the result of going to the deputy commander? If you don't understand anything about your woman's family, don't mess with me." He Wei was recently angered and his heart was already A bit uncomfortable.

Xu Mei is too angry, "Oh, I am nosy, you see I still care about you."

Xu Mei entered his room and slammed the door.

After he met, he felt that he was a little heavy, but the man’s dignity made him unable to swear Xu Mei, and he could only calmly return to his room.


When Ye Hao came to pick up early in the morning, Gu’s father was so angry that he smothered the leaves for a long time.

"Small blue is a bit of a thing, you see I don't cut a layer of skin." The special training camp is not a joke, and the Gu father can't take people out, just wait for the assessment and then find a way to put people. Give it out.

"Uncle assured, I won't let her suffer." Ye Hao nodded again and again. "The uncle's time is coming, let me go on, and I will be late for a meeting."

Gu Gu looked at the time and turned his head and looked at it. "If you go in, you can be lazy and lazy. After the assessment, Dad will get you out."

Time: "..."

This is really a relative!

Finally, the Gu father was sent away, and Ye Hao and Shi Yan drove to the military area.

When passing by the courtyard where Xu Mei lived, he just took a photo with He Hao who came out, and when he smiled, he said, "Yeah, He Lianchang, what are you doing at night?"

He Yan sank his face and his voice was fierce. "Why do Miss Gu know how to ask?"

"He Lianchang is quite smart. I hope that the next time the company commander can make a little progress, but don't fight it anymore."

He Yan's face is more heavy, she knows it is her!

"Miss Gu is now a man in the military region. Do you know what is the crime of beating the company commander?"

"Isn't you still able to reunite the Jiuzu?" Shi said without hesitation: "He Lian grew up to report... The most important thing is that you have evidence?"

As long as she insists that she is not doing it herself, He Wei can't get any evidence. What can she do with her?

When He Wei was angry and screaming, she was really fearless.

He Wei looked at the man in the driver's seat. His hand was free to ride on the steering wheel. All of his body was exuded with a lazy, completely unrecognized military integrity.He seemed to notice his sight, his eyelashes moved, and his eyes fell on his body. "Little girl, have you finished?"

"He Lianchang, see you." When he huddled back to his head, "Let's go!"

Ye Hao started the car, and once he stepped on the gas pedal, he only left it to the tail gas.

After a certain distance, Ye Hao asked: "You have a hatred with him?"

"Nothing, what am I doing with him?"

Ye Hao is like a general nod.

When he glanced at him, "Don't you say that there is a hatred for me to help you, and to wear him wearing small shoes?"

"Well? Little girl wants me to help?" Ye Hao raised an eyebrow.

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