1054. Chapter 1054 Turn in the country (23)

1054. Chapter 1054 Turn in the country (23)

The strange ringing tone sounded again at the same time on the third day, and then I sat next to it and picked up the phone.


"Miss Wen? Are you coming back?" The people there are a little surprised, or they are very surprised. It seems that she is very unbelievable.


"I heard that there was an accident over there. It is really surprising that Miss Wen can come back." The man paused and the voice turned. "Since Miss Wen has returned, will your brand hang out?"

Time: "What brand of "..."? !

Is Laozi going to pick up customers?

What is this ghost setting? !


When you search quickly in memory, some things are in memory, but when you don't deliberately think about it, you can't think of it.

"Miss Wen?" When I was not talking for a long time, the other side was confused.

"Hang it out."

"Okay, we have a few recent orders, I will give you the preliminary information."

When I hang up the phone, I look at the ‘slot.’ Now, there’s a special discipline for the tombs, and the city will play.

This organization is like an intermediary.

The signing of the sign is to pick up the living. If she doesn't pick up the living, the person there will not hang the sign, and the information will not be delivered to her.

Some old employers will directly name the people they are familiar with. Of course, if there is no sign, they will calculate more money, and the people there will not bother them.

The intermediary will never disclose the information of both parties, so no one knows the residence of these people except the intermediary.

After someone picks up the work, after three weeks, the intermediary will call the residence on time and on time to confirm whether they are coming back and whether they are still alive.

The other party did not ask about Long Xingshan. This is also a rule. They are only responsible for liaison, and they are not responsible for the success or failure. Therefore, if they come back to live, how many people have died, they will not ask.


The information that the man said was on the second day.

This kind of live is divided into two types.

One is that there is already a clear address.

One is the need to find that address.

In the first case, in order to ensure that these people do not go private after receiving the information, the information will remove all the signs that may identify the position.

Unless they are alive, they are not in azimuth coordinates.

The second is no such restriction, because the employer does not know the specific location.

At the time, there were two copies of the three documents that were not available, and the other one was. The risk assessment level was at S.

Yes, the intermediary also has a part-time risk assessment.

This is a taste, ah, organized tomb.

The initial assessment was based on geographic location and employee narration, and the second was based on the demographics that were visited.

This kind of activity is rarely done once and often needs several times.

Can be assessed to the S level, prove that someone has been there, and more than once, but did not succeed.

At that time, I picked up the S-level work.

[...Host you have a cat cake? 】 Take this kind of work well, do not know that now advocates unity and love, rich and strong harmony! You are going to be turned over to the country.When I shook my head, "I think it is fun to steal the tomb."

This game has not been played yet.

Inspirational play all the inspirational games.

[...] The game is your uncle, playing with your uncle, hosting your mission and tasks.

"What are you worried about? The days are still growing, let them cultivate their feelings first, and then I will dismantle them." I was killed at once, and the days were so boring.

[...] This system did not let you disassemble the CP, good heart, calm down the line.

When I picked up this task, she took people to the tomb, and the employer went there personally. When I entered, I was very arrogant, and when I came out, I was like a caterpillar.

Many years later, he was described as such a person - I have never seen such a tomb, and the little devils are not so terrible in the village.

Except for the burial chamber, she didn't destroy it. As long as it can be destroyed, there is basically no good end. What kind of obstacles are not useful.

Being able to live out is a miracle.

Afterwards, if you go with someone who has been with her, you will never find her for the second time.

The murder is too terrible, they are really afraid that the owner of the tomb jumped up and beat them. This is where the tomb is stolen, it is simply digging the grave.

But one thing, with her going down, time can be cut in half, and it won't miss.

[...] Are you too much to host?

The system can't help but want to educate.

"What happened to me?"

[...] It’s a tomb of people. If you are so ruined, isn’t it too much?

"It's not just a glimpse of data. You can't look at the past and fix it. What do you want to do with me?" And she didn't ruin the coffin burial chamber. She felt that she was awesome compared to those who went to steal things. Great.

"Moreover, my character setting is this, I don't steal the tomb, I am doing it?" To do a good job, this baby is a target person.

[...] Let you steal the tomb without letting you dig the grave!

Can you quietly steal a tomb?

And if you don't steal the tomb, you can live very well. Why do you want to steal the tomb? There are cat cakes! The police will talk to you!

At that time, he pulled out a ruling. "I destroyed the cemetery. No one can go in anymore. They should thank me."

When she left, she buried all the exits and wanted to go in again. Unless the excavator was opened, the possibility of manpower trying to dig was zero.

[...] I am so angry that I can't communicate with this mentally handicapped host. It has to change to a host of three positives. The master is coming back soon, and the system is not waiting.

System education does not have any use of eggs. When people continue to violently rob the tomb, and there are several people who dare to steal the tomb, there are several good people. Therefore, under this 100% completion rate, employers can only bow to the evil forces.

Her name is getting louder and louder in the circle. Her reputation has only been passed down among the younger generation, and it has now spread to some big ears.

Wen Jia used to be a big family. He was once a big man in the circle. Later, the people were dying. Until now, only Wenbei was left alone.

Those big brothers, listening to the name of Wenbei, naturally contact Wen.

A variety of hearts played a small ninety-nine.


August 4th.Shi Yan received a call from the intermediary, saying that someone wanted to see and asked her for advice.

When I didn’t think about it, I refused. I was only a few days away from the woman’s August 15th. At this time, someone wanted to see her, and it was absolutely necessary to do things.

Don't go.

Her recent direct life is not to avoid those who are looking for trouble.

One or two is fine, but too much is annoying.

There is always a mental retardation, I want to retaliate, I don’t show up, see how they count.

[...] It turns out that there is such a reason for you to go to the tomb, and it is not the day to host your blasphemy!



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