755. Chapter 755 Chief Editor Tai Hang (2)

755. Chapter 755 Chief Editor Tai Hang (2)

Xie Yan ran to question Xin Yi, the two said and said that they quarreled, Xie Yan fell to the door to leave.

Xinyi received various harassment text messages. This was the first time to cut the wrist, but it was discovered by the people in the community that there was no death.

From the hospital, I found that Xie Yan and Nie Cheng were rolling sheets, and they had double blows.

Xie Yan is probably awkward, taking care of Xin Yi for a while.

However, the harassment of text messages and information has not been interrupted, and even some people have sent threatening letters to Xinyi.

Until the end of Xinyi was overwhelmed, jumped from the top of the building.

The time she came now is the time when Xinyi cut her wrist for the first time.

It was called a speechless time.

Is the original owner mentally retarded?

They all found that their boyfriend and other men kissed, and even forgive him.

Well, the girls in love are mentally retarded, she has no position to say others.

People who always feel that they like it will change their minds, but they will be eggs.

People are officially matched, and it is useless to look forward to what you are expecting.

The original desire was to find the person who framed her and let him pay the price.

Also break up with Xie Yan, domineering and smashed him.

The harassment text messages received by the original master, and the rumors of the school, were forced to be Nie Chenggan.

When I dare to gamble on an iron sword.

Iron Sword: "..." lying down and shooting.

When he was sick in the hospital, many people in the community came to see her, and they advised her not to think about it.

The people in the community also heard the gossip, but they knew what kind of person Xinbian is and would not do that kind of thing.

At the time of the care of the masses in the community, he lived in the three-day courtyard and was discharged from the hospital.

Her hospitalization time is the same as in the plot, so this time, thank you and Nie Cheng are rolling sheets.

When I was a little excited, the real version!

She thanked the people who picked up her in the community and ran to her home in a hurry.

The door was not closed, and it was time to go in without a sword.

This house has more than 100 square meters. The one she lives in is relatively small. Xie Yan and Nie Cheng live relatively large.

When I entered the door, I heard the voice from the room where Xie Yan was heard.

In order to let the original owner see, the door and the door of the room are naturally unrelated.

When I entered the door, I looked inside through the half-opened door. Xie Yan was on the window sill. Nie Chengfu was behind him and was moving fast.

When I found out the space that she used to crack the background of the system from the space, open the video function, HD version, must be commemorated!

Just Nie Cheng and Xie Yan changed their posture and took a clear positive.

Xie Yan is very handsome, and at first glance, he knows that it is subject, and Nie Cheng is tall and handsome, and he is domineering.

If it wasn't for the task of the original owner she had received, then she was quite optimistic about the two men, and the slag was so thorough.

Xie Yan knows that her girlfriend is in the hospital, but she still has the heart to be here and Nie Cheng.

What about Niecheng?

Unfair competition, directly to Xiaojian's girlfriend to die.

When he was a scum, he felt that he had to study hard.

When I watched the time on the video silently.


It’s almost half an hour!

Is it not kidney loss?In the room, Nie Cheng will thank him for turning over and holding him to himself, dragging his hips and slowly sending his own huge weight into the body of Xie Yan.

The change in position made Xie Yan unable to stand it. The corner of his eye seemed to contain tears, and Nie Cheng’s neck shook his head.

"Don't you?" Nie Cheng whispered.

"No, don't." Xie Yan's voice was a little bit crying, and it was very obvious.

Nie Cheng walked two steps in the room, Xie Yan took a breath of air, and his legs were pinched to Nie Cheng's lean waist.

Regardless of how Xie Yan asked for mercy, Nie Cheng did not intend to let go of the words.

The duration is more than an hour.

It’s amazing for my small attack.

When he took the tablet, he slipped back to his room silently.

The original main domineering smashed the thank-you, she is now in, it is right and the meaning of Nie Cheng, not worthwhile.


Xie Yan and Nie Cheng stayed in the room for a while, and the soundproofing of the room was not very good. When they were in their rooms, they could hear Nie Cheng’s beastly hair, and asked Xie Yan several times.

Such a long-lasting small attack, she is one hundred and one points, more than one point is not afraid of his pride.

Nie Cheng was finally called by a phone call. Nie Cheng left. Xie Yan couldn't get out of bed at all. The back was burning and there was blood on the sheets.

When the door was pushed in, Xie Yan was pulling the sheets and heard the movement. She thanked her with a quilt and covered the sheets.

The room had a big smell, and the time was not standing in the doorway.

"...small clothes...when did you come back?" Xie Yan's face and the blush after the event, stuttering and guilty.

I looked at him at the time, "just now."

Xie Yan was like a sigh of relief, and then his face was full of sorrows. "I'm sorry, smock, I am not feeling well, I didn't mean to go to the hospital to see you."

He glanced carefully at the sight. "The last time I was wrong, I shouldn't have figured out that I was quarreling with you. I know that the cloak is not the kind of person, sorry for the cloak."

When I pulled my mouth and sneered a sneer, I didn't ask the question. "I don't feel well, I will send you to the hospital."

Everyone in the whole community knows that she committed suicide by cutting her wrist. She said that she did not mention it.

"No... no... I will take a break for a while." Xie Yan shook his head quickly, probably involved in the body, he sighed slightly, afraid of what he saw, he quickly covered: "Kids ... can help I am going to eat something."

When the blind man bent, "Okay."

In the past, those women who had collapsed were compared with this man, and it was not a grade at all. Look at the degree of shamelessness.

I still want Laozi to give you something to eat. If you don’t eat it, I won’t kill you.

When I went outside, I bought a bowl of porridge, took it back to the kitchen, and poured all the salt in the salt shaker.

When the porridge came in, he smiled and said: "Have it hot."

Thanks to my guilty conscience, I didn’t dare to look at it with time, so I didn’t see the maliciousness on my face.

He licked a spoon of porridge into his mouth and spit it out in the next second, salty tongue.

"What's wrong? Not good?"

"Kids..." How much salt did you put?"I have given you sugar." When he brought the bowl over, he gave it a spoon with a smile. "If you are sick, you can't eat other things, you will just take a look."

When I was very rude, I was very painful to say that I didn't wear pants. He didn't dare to have too much movement. I was afraid that I could see the scene under the quilt when I was seen. I was forced to put a mouth and no porridge. Salty porridge that is difficult to swallow.

When I was laughing all the time, it seemed that I really didn't know that it was salt.

Thanks to eating a bowl of porridge, the mouth is numb.

"Then rest, I will give you porridge tomorrow."

Xie Yan blinked and shook his head. He didn't want to eat porridge.

However, there was no bird, and he left the room with a bowl.


Little Fairy: Is there a ticket?

Little angel: Yes.

Little Fairy: Cast!

Little angel: beg me!

Little Fairy: Please.

little angel:………

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