478. Chapter 478 Zhengjing Gongdou (17)

478. Chapter 478 Zhengjing Gongdou (17)

At that time, he sent a look of emptiness.

Go back to the palace and take out the kit that Ming has given her.

The kit is blue, embroidered with dragon-shaped dark lines.

Hey dog!

This alum is very arrogant!

I dare to use this kind of pattern.

When you open the kit.

Inside the kit there is a piece of jade and a small note.

Letter -

A token of love.


The emperor's nephew dared to eat, eat Sanlu?

When I looked at it with Yu Pei, it looked very valuable.


"Master." Tao Shu is making a bed. When she hears, she screams at her and immediately ran over.

"Take this to the emptiness. Checkout, two clear."

"The master, is the master of the void." Tao Tao corrected.

"Well, let's go."

Tao Tao has never seen this piece of jade, some curiosity, but when she told her to send to the master of the void, she did not dare to delay.

The road to the palace is very long, and now I can chase it out.


Alum came out of the Yangxin Temple, and the bright moonlight dragged his figure, and it overlapped with the shadows swaying around.

"Master, you have been too impulsive." The boy put the cloak in his hand on the alum and pressed his voice down.

Just now the master even helped the cloud to talk.

Does this prevent the emperor from suspicion of them?

The Ming dynasty gathered a cloak, the night wind slowly, licking his cheeks, driving the blue silk.

His voice was blown away by the night wind.

"People are not impulsive and young."

"Master, don't forget..."

"Yuyuan." Ming Hao interrupted him softly.

The child knows that he has lost his words. This is the palace. If you say the wrong word, you may be in trouble.

The palace in the middle of the night is silent.

Alum slowly walked out of the palace, and the child gave money to the guards of the gate to open the door.

"Wait a minute, wait a minute."

The void rushes out of the darkness, and beforewards, it takes into account the style of its own superiors, slows down the steps, and walks forward from the guards.

The palace door closed and made a heavy sound.

The void gave a greeting to Ming Hao, "Ming Gongzi, so good."

Alum was slightly decapitated, but his eyes were suddenly a meal.

"How can the jade of the master be here?" The child is pre-emptive, and he rushes over to grab the jade in the hands of the void.

"Oh." The emptiness is tight and jade. "This is what Yunxiao gave me. How is your master?"

"Clouds?" The child was stunned, and then furious, "nonsense, how can the jade of the master be in the clouds?"

The two of them each pulled the end of the jade, and no one would let go.

Alum took out a stack of silver tickets from the sleeves and handed it to the void. "I will change it for you with a silver ticket."

Seeing the silver ticket emptiness scorpion shines, holding the silver ticket to look at the quantity, laughing and yelling Yupei back to the child, "Since it is Minggongzi, then give it to Minggongzi."

"You!" The master's own things still need to take money to redeem, redeemed this stupid priest even dare to say back to the master.

"The time is not early, the poor road takes a step first." The void holds the silver ticket, and the soles of the feet are windy and slippery.Hurry and leave this right and wrong! !

"The main son..." Hsiao-Yuan wiped the jade and handed it to Alum. "This jade?"

How come in the sky?

"I sent her." Ming sighed, "unfortunately she does not."

"Master, you don't want to mess around, this jade you can give Yunxiao, she is the emperor's nephew."

So many women, the master has to look at the emperor's woman, and give her such important things.

"so what."

so what?

Did you listen to him in the Lord?

"She is the emperor's nephew!" The child increased the volume.

The cold moonlight shrouded the face of Alum, and the gentleness between the eyebrows was a little bit cold. He turned back slightly, and the moonlight shattered in his eyes. He looked at the imperial city and his lips flapped. ,"so what."

The childish spirit is so gasping.

But there is nothing to help.

There is basically no room for change in the things that the master has identified.

What is the goodness of Zhuang Qiong?

Alum and Hsin-Yuan just stepped into the mansion and were shocked by the wolf in the yard.

Is this bandit into the village?

"The son..." The little wandering sly ran out and ran out. "You son, you can count it back."

"What happened?" Qiaoyuan asked urgently.

Xiao Yan took a breath and pointed to a noisy direction. "The sword that the son brought back... the evil door is very good."


Alum lifted his foot to the other side.

Qiuyuan also refused to ask questions and quickly followed up with Ming.

The iron sword with the coldness is floating in the air, and the buildings around it are destroyed very thoroughly.

Some of them stood in the distance and pointed at the iron sword.

Alum came over and a group of people immediately encircled. "The son, the son, is this sword a legendary artifact?"

It didn't take long for the son to leave, and the sword would be awesome. If anyone dares to block it, he must be cut.

The child looked at the iron sword a few times. "The son, this sword you took back from the academy, who is it?"

It is possible to float in the air.

Alum light microcoagulation.

The iron sword smashed his house, just like cutting a radish.

He tried it in the afternoon and didn't look so sharp.

and so……

Is this sword really spiritual?

The rumors of the rivers and lakes, the weapon of the gods will give birth to their own spiritual knowledge, but it is not true, no one has seen it, just rumors.

This is definitely the first iron sword he has ever seen.

"Kon, you can stop it! In this way, where do we live?"


Shu Shu was finally found to be evidence of poisoning. In the case of Shu Yu’s family, Yu Wenqi did not want her life, but she was also beaten into the cold house.

The little prince is not in danger of life, but Lu Ruo was punished by Yu Wen because of his unfavorable care.

Tao Tao reported these news to the time.

Since Yu Wenzhao gave her ten days, no one has poisoned and no one has touched the assassination of porcelain. It is hard to be quiet for a few days.

"Master, tomorrow is the last day." Is there really something that the master said?"Anxious, the news over there has been coming, it will take several days." The tone was relaxed. "I asked you to inquire about it?"

"I have inquired that there is never a palace in the palace."

The silence was silent.

"Master, what are you looking for?" Tao Shu is really curious.

If the baby knows what he is looking for, it will be fine.

When you can't fall in love with the table, you dare not give me a hint.

The hints of these two words are too special.

There is no clue at all.

[Host, are you not self-confident? 】 It’s time to test your IQ, go on, Pikachu!

What about Laozi’s sword?

Oh, yes, still cutting the house.

Iron Sword only works at night and does not work during the day.

So those people were repaired during the day and abandoned at night.

Alum did not send the iron sword back to her.


There is a perverted baboon.

[...] I am all abnormal and I am good at others.

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