429. Chapter 429 Song of the Early Qin Dynasty (2)

429. Chapter 429 Song of the Early Qin Dynasty (2)

I don’t know if she is arrogant, right or wrong.

But now there is such an opportunity, she is not retaliating back to such a wrong thing?

[Host, not everyone is like you. 】 All day knows to kill and kill.

Some people choose to escape and relieve themselves after going through a series of events.

I don’t understand, how is it different? Not a pair of eyes, two nostrils, one mouth?

Is it good to have revenge?

[Host, please don't make your own claim. 】 When the system reminds you, when everyone has the same force value as you?

It is a host of this home, it is simply addicted to CP, and people are asking you to provoke you.

When I shrugged, "You also know that the plot is so powerful, even if I don't provoke them, they will be sent to the door to promote the plot, so..."

This is really not her willing to disassemble the CP.

The CP sent to the door is not removed.


"The CP that can be dismantled is not true love." The time interrupted the system.

The system feels like it knows what is going on.

The host likes to disassemble the CP, do you think that those people are actually not true love?

In a novel, the love between men and women is often the most determined, so she likes to dismantle men and women, but not very interested in others.

Then how does she feel that she and Feng Yan are true love? Something wrong?

No, the owner said that she doesn’t like Feng’s words at the moment...

It is difficult to run and I want to go offline slowly.



"Hey..." Someone knocked on the door.

When the time is over, the system is closed and the door is opened.

Standing outside is a rather rigid woman.

This is the mother of the original Lord.

The woman frowned and her face was a little bad. "Xiaochu, how do you have a conflict with your sister? This time, your sister is mad."

Qiao mother likes Joe shallowly. The daughter of the original owner is sometimes shallower than Joe in her heart.

When the original owner was pregnant, the mother knew that the child was not the male owner. She felt that Joe had ruined the doorstep and had to break the relationship between mother and daughter.

There is a reason why Joe is so disliked by Joe.

When Joe first hit a small, naughty, what climbed the wall to climb the tree and ostrich eggs, fighting to skip classes to play games, there would be no her.

After going to high school, I was even dissatisfied with discipline, wearing a strange dress, and being right with the teacher, early love...

Compared with the women who have good grades and can do well and do not worry, Joe is too troublesome.

With the contrast, Qiao gradually disappointed with Qiao.

But Qiaomu didn't know that Joe didn't eat hard at first, and the more she was harsh on Joe, the more rebellious Joe was.

When I leaned against the door, "What is going on with her?"

However, it is a noisy sentence, the woman mainly did not want to leave here, she will go?

"She is your sister!" Qiaomu could not help but raise the volume and disappointed. "Look at what you are like now, let you go to school to study, not to let you learn to bring some messy habits back."

"I slept." When I slammed the door shut.Joe shot the door outside, and the sound of the number continued to pass through the door panel.

Finally, Joe came over and called Joe.

Qiao’s family is not rich, but it is not short of money.

Joe is a wife and a stricter, and he is obedient to Joe. He is still concerned about Joe, but every time Joe is here, he dare not say anything more.

Because the woman owner moved away from home, Joe did not miss the time.

When I was annoyed, I packed up and went back to school to live.

"In the beginning." Father Joe chased from behind. "You are a child, mother is also for you."

Good for her?

Three sentences are not leaving the woman, where is it for her?

However, this was also the original owner's own, and she did not feel that Joe had anything wrong. After all, everyone likes to listen to their own words.

But she chanted in her own ear, she couldn't stand it anyway.

"It is inconvenient for the school to live, and you will not take care of yourself. You will come back with me." Joe said when he stretched out.

"Dad, I am so big, I know how to take care of myself." When he broke away from Joe, "I am running at home now, it is quite inconvenient."

"But how does the school live..." Joe frowned, and the child never lived in school.

At that time, he was determined not to go back, and Joe had no choice but to leave.

The school host is a four-person dormitory and is now open for a while.

At this time, I went to live in the school and I was assigned to the dormitory of the senior.

There are two school sisters internships outside the dormitory, renting a house outside.

The other one is preparing for the postgraduate entrance examination, soaking in the library all day, and stepping back at the access point in the evening, so the dormitory is basically occupied by one person.


When I was ready to go to the cafeteria to fill my stomach, my shoulder was suddenly shot.

When I turned around.

The name of the person automatically jumps out of the brain, Chen Xi.

Don't look at the name so cute, this is a boy.

"How have you not seen you recently, and have been confined by the family?" Chen Xi looked at the expression that I definitely guessed.

Chen Xi looks not particularly outstanding, but the smile makes people feel very kind, more self-cooked, and also a school celebrity.

Chen Xi and Qiao Chu have a very good relationship. At the time of school, Qiao was basically in the same place as Chen Xi.

Many people think that they are lovers, in fact, they are buddies.

"No." When he turned his head, he continued to move forward.

Chen Xi blinked his eyes and quickly caught up. "What's wrong? Not happy? Was it trained at home? I told you, don't run outside all day..."

Time: "..."

Who will give this baby a fork out.

This baby just wants to use a meal quietly.

"You go to occupy the position, do I go to buy rice, or braised pork ribs?" As soon as he entered the cafeteria, Chen Xi consciously went to the window.

Although he asked this question, he obviously didn't wait for the time to answer the question. He squeezed into the queue in a few steps. With his good personality, he squeezed into the front with little effort.

At that time, I found a position by the window. Just after sitting down, Chen Xi came over with the plate.

"Come here, your braised pork ribs."

The original owner liked to eat the braised pork ribs in the school cafeteria. When he was not picky, he took the chopsticks and started."Hey, are you so busy today, so quiet, lost love?" Chen Xi can't stand it.

Shi Yan: "..." Lost a fart, she has not found her man.

When I think of Feng, I feel a little depressed.

The last face is not in the face, I don’t know if this plane is absent.

Who is the ultimate villain of this plane?

When I thought about it for a long time, I didn’t find any information about the villain...

So there are hidden plots?

There is a hidden plot that represents Feng’s resignation.

I immediately felt the aura of this plane.

Not even weak...

It’s amazing.


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