365. Chapter 365 Green Plum Wine (16)

365. Chapter 365 Green Plum Wine (16)

"Look at the people, Xiao Xia sister wants to believe that your brother is very powerful."

"It's very powerful and I am jealous."

"Little sister wanted to hit the summer, natural to give his sister a small summer hit." Yu smiled and said this is the wine.

When he turned his head, he just saw the smile of his mouth.

She stared at him for a few seconds and handed the phone to him.

The smart machine has not appeared in this era, so suddenly I saw such a thing, the shochu scorpion lit up, just like the sword that saw her.

"Little summer sister, this thing where you come from, super technology is much better." Yuji sideways, just to block the camera at the venue, and let others not see.

"The aliens sent me." When he twitched his mouth, "Do you believe?"

“Small Xia’s sister said, I believe.” Yuji put the phone back in his trouser pocket.

There are so many people here that it is not convenient to study.

When I looked at him, Yushu returned with a big smile. "My body and mind are both Xiao Xia's sister."

"Is it."

Yuji saw that she was not angry. "Well, I welcome Xiaoxia’s sister to come and accept it at any time."

"Well," he nodded. "You have dissected yourself, I will come to the acceptance."

Yujiu: "..."

Yushu thought of the one hundred and one deaths he saw in her room.

The brain is floating in the white coat, and he is tied to the cold operating table...

He is a spirit, and he quickly pulls it. "Little Xia sister, I don't want to be separated from you by yin and yang. I want to be with you for a long time."

After talking about the liqueur, he stunned himself, but he quickly relieved.

His little green plum is so cute, of course, can't be cheaper.

"This is very slippery, and how many people have said it." When the skin smiled, he opened his hand without a smile. "I want to use the tricks of a little girl to marry me. You are too young to look at people." It is."

Yuji swears with three fingers, "I am not interested in other girls."

"Oh? Then you are interested in boys. I didn't see it. The brother of Yuji is so good. I don't know if I will tell Yu Bobo. But you want to lie to me and tell you, there is no door."

Yujiu: "..."

When I laughed, I fought with Laozi. When Laozi was so many years old, it was white.

Yushu puts down his hands and is a little embarrassed. How does Xiaomeimei feel so much about him?

Was it too confusing before?

Yuji tried hard to think back, but the picture was clear before, but at this time it was a little fuzzy, and all changed to her at this time.

He scratched his head and looked at the time when he had turned and stood in front of the wool.

#How to quickly brush the little green plum's good feeling, online, etc., very urgent #

"Look at which one, I will buy it for you." Yuji decided to squat first, she talked yin and yang, and always wanted to marry him, she could not fall in love.

"Let me pay the bill again?"

Yujiu: "..." Think about what you do, and Yuji wants time to back.

"See green." Shouted and let everyone's eyes focus on there.

In an instant, it was surrounded by people.

A louder than a loud voice came out from inside.When it was Shen Jiayin's turn, the audience was boiling.

Others see more than one piece at a time, but Shen Jiayin is seeing green in three pieces. One of them is a rare emperor green, emperor green.

When it was the turn of the boy, the boys almost had no hope.

What is better than the emperor green.

"Heaven, it is the emperor green... or the glass."

This exhilarating voice made the boy look up fiercely.

The emperor green that was just opened is just ice.

The boys are unbelievable.

Is this really what he chose?

No, this is not his choice, it is the girl's choice.

Emperor Green...

Still a glass species.

Shen Jiayin's face is hard to look like. She had seen this piece of wool before. At that time, she couldn't see through it. For insurance, she didn't choose.

The boy's selection of this piece of wool is very large, and all the parts are solved. The people present are all taking a breath.

This emperor is very green.

At least one child around the age of ten is so big, Shen Jiayin is a small circle.

This is all money!

Billions! !

Yumei’s eyebrows rose and gave a thumbs up. “Little Xia’s sister is very powerful.”

There was no buzz when I was there.

She can't watch it, it's a mobile phone that is smashed into the trouser pocket.

The boys were lucky, and one of the other two had iced violets.

Violet is also very rare, and it is not small.

Almost no need to watch, this contest, the boys win.

The boy was asked to leave, it is estimated to go to see the master.

Nothing to watch, when you are ready to leave.

Before they came out of the site of the stone, they were stopped by two people wearing black clothes.

"Miss Summer? Our husband wants to meet you." The attitude of the other party is very tough.

Yushu is a step forward, "Who is your husband?"

"Mr. Long." When the other party said the three words, the tone was respectful.

"He hasn't died yet." Yuji did not know how to come up with such a sentence.

The opposite face changed. "This gentleman, please pay attention to the words."

"What word is it, is he dead?"

Shi Yan: "..." mentally retarded bamboo horses have to do something.

I don't know when, there are several suit men around.

Yu Xingyun and Gu Yan were talking to people. When they heard this movement, they were casually watching, but after seeing it, their faces changed at the same time.

Even the greetings are not allowed to fight with people, and they rushed over.

"Xiao Xia." Gu Yan will be behind him and look at the two people who just spoke. "Is there any place in Xiao Xia to offend Mr. Long?"

These people are the bodyguards of Mr. Long, they all know.

"Mr. Gu?" A bodyguard, "Miss Summer is you?"

"My daughter." Gu Yan frowned.

The bodyguard is suspicious, is Gu Yan not single? Where is the daughter... The daughter is not yet a surname with him.

In such a short time, they could not find the details. They only knew that she was coming in with a little girl. Her signature at the front desk was called Midsummer.

I thought it was the friend brought by the little girl. I didn't expect to have a relationship with Gu Yan.

The attitude of the bodyguard is inevitably cautious."This is the case. Mr. Long wants to see Miss Xia Xia. There is no other meaning. Mr. Gu is not nervous."

Yu Xingyun also came over and looked cold. "Why should Mr. Long see Xiao Xia."

"Mr. Yu..." This is how this is coming, what the little girl is coming to.

Yu Xingyun, a commercial giant that has emerged in China in the past year, his group headquarters are abroad, and recently moved to the country, many people are staring at him.

"Do you have this attitude please?" Shi Yu emerged from the two men who blocked himself. "I was scared that I thought you wanted to kill me."

Bodyguard: "..." Their attitude was tougher, but it was a bit too murderous.


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