183. Chapter 183 Full Service Enemy (31)

183. Chapter 183 Full Service Enemy (31)

At that time, I unloaded the gods on the computer, and boring the webpage.

Drops -

The mobile phone at hand suddenly lights up, and there is a strange number in the same city.

I took the phone and answered it.

"There is no money, there is insurance, and the family is there."

Then he hangs up and hangs up.

After five seconds, the phone came again.

"There are cat cakes? Where are you? Believe it or not, Lao Tzu is called Drip."

There was a very clear male voice on the other side of the phone. "It's me... looking for ink."

When I took the phone to the front and looked at it, the serial number seemed to be a bit familiar, and I put it in my ear three seconds later.

"What? I don't agree."

"...you broke the game and now I am forced to delete the number. Shouldn't you compensate me?"

"The last thing you sold, there are not hundreds of thousands and tens of thousands, isn't it enough?" In addition to the few things that they sent to the moon, they gave them everything they needed. The rest of the things were given to him.

"Do not delete the number, I will earn more."

Time: "..."

When he hangs the phone directly, he tells him a wool.

Ji Yan continued to fight, and when he was beaten, he was impatient. He shut down directly and the whole world was quiet.


At that time, I saw the mulberry at the school. It looked very awkward and completely lacked the pure appearance I had seen before.

Although she deleted the game, the game can still be seen from the forum.

The game company was forced to update the version in advance, and what was originally updated in the past year and a half was now released directly, and the game was buzzing.

The popular world dominated the alliance that was not too late. At the beginning, the two were quite good. I heard that they still met in reality.

But then there were more and more sister papers around the world, and it was insignificant when the mulberry was too late.

Later, someone posted that she was now following the departure of the line, a confession, provoked the admiration of the world to kill her, and finally was smashed out of the game.

In reality, the East will not look at the mulberry eyes from the outside world. Before they were familiar in reality, the East suddenly ignored her, even the cold eyes.

How can the mulberry heart think about it, even take the initiative to start entangled in the East, all day is a heart, and the academic performance is falling.

"Chu Mei, the head of the institute is looking for you." A girl took a slap on her shoulder and pointed out the door.

When he looked down, there was a boy standing in a black casual suit, his head slightly lowered, his face was invisible, but he looked a little weak from his body shape.

Does she know this person?

At the bottom of my heart, I screamed and screamed, and got up and walked toward the front door.

When she stepped out of the front door, the boy didn't know when to block the door.

"Women, where do you want to go?" The boy's voice was very nice, but there was an unspeakable gloomy.

She said how a normal person might become a villain.

"Schoolmaster, I am in a hurry." When he looked up, his face was full of smiles."I will accompany you to the toilet." Ji Yan couldn't help but say that he would fish into his arms. The slender fingers pressed her waist. He slightly turned his head and said in her ear, "Since it has provoked me, Don't think about running, otherwise... I don't mind interrupting your legs."

Your uncle, there are cat cakes!

Which mental hospital released the deep well ice.

When I thought about the chances of pulling my sword to slash the dead season, there are too many people, there are monitoring, even if it is successful, there will be a series of troubles, not worthwhile.

Ji Yan really sent the time to the toilet. "I am waiting for you outside, don't think about running."

When the mink smiled, he pulled his lips.

She is not stupid, why not run?

The toilet had a ventilated window, and the cockroach flipped straight out of the window, but the floor was on the second floor and she had to jump from it.

When she landed, she felt a flower in front of her eyes and was caught from below.

There was no one behind this. When he kicked the squat directly to the season, when the cockroach turned his head, the wrist turned over and the iron sword appeared in her hand. The cold blade crossed the neck of the season.

"Grass your uncle, Lao Tzu does not show up, you still want to go to heaven!"

After the scorpion smashed, he was sure that there was no weapon in her body. Where did the sword emerge from the air?

"Don't follow me, I will cut you." When he slammed his wrist, he cut off a strand of his hair.

Hate's stunned quarterly glance, when the sword left.

Sure enough, I hate school, and it’s so troublesome to throw a corpse.

Ji Yan looked thoughtfully at the back of the sly, and the scorpion shone with the faint light.


Seeing Ji Yan again is at her house.

Yes, her home.

The housekeeper brought her to her room.

The identity is Chu’s new assistant for her.

Assistant wool!

This cargo is uneasy and good.

Is this really what the relatives have done?

"Miss, a lot of advice." Ji Yan smiled meaningfully.

When I got a goose bump, I wanted to kill him in minutes.

When I got up, I pulled a wrinkled dress and closed the door in front of the season.

"What do you want to do to me?" The season slammed his head, and Bai Junjun’s face was stained with a layer of blush.

"Do what you want to do." When the mouth reveals a white tooth, the next second slams up, "kill you."

This is her home, it is much more convenient to kill a person while throwing a corpse.

At that time, he smashed the iron sword from the desk next to him and cut it toward Ji Ji.

Can apply for her assistant, Ji Yan is not bad, easy to avoid the iron sword, iron sword cut on the table behind him, split into two.

Ji Yan’s eyes were slightly picked, holding the sofa and jumping to the back. He hugged her from behind, holding her hand with the iron sword in one hand, and blowing her breath in her ear. “Girls play such dangerous weapons. Not good."

When I was too angry, my body was too poor, and I couldn’t do it for the season. I was slammed on the sofa.

"We are coming to Japan."

Come to Japan, your grandfather!

The season was quickly released, and when the time was not slowed down, he made a noble etiquette and left the room.When he sneered, he threw the iron sword on the ground and made a bang.

When I am afraid that you will not!

Come, hurt each other!

So, the next time, the idea of ​​trying to kill the season, but the season is like a hanging, every time will be safely avoided, and then turn around.

When I don't want to see the season, Ji Yan sticks to her like a dog skin plaster.

"What do you do with Xizi all day?"

"Because I like Miss!" Ji Yan’s face is taken for granted. "And it’s my duty to protect Miss."

“Like?” I sneered. “What do you like about me?”

She and he only know how long in reality, he likes it, there is a cat cake.

"I like you to make trouble, like you... I always want to kill someone else."

Time: "..."




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