158. Chapter 158 Full Service Enemy (6)

158. Chapter 158 Full Service Enemy (6)

[Private chat] Ten miles of Yangge: Come to Linglong Tower.

The snow falling under the moon is almost a second back.

[Private chat] Snow falling under the moon: Push tower? Isn’t the little carols falling back to the valley to see people fighting?

[Private chat] Ten miles of Yangge: watching the drama, leaving here.

Under the moon, there was no snow in the snow. I didn’t know what I was doing for a minute, but soon she saw the windy paper and the glittering gods.

Under the moon, the snow flutters the gods and finds the time in the crowd accurately.

It’s cool to invite you to join the team posture, and you agree.

When I almost slipped, I refused.

This name...

[Team] God: You are not yourself?

When I entered, I saw this sentence.

When I was slightly frowning, the original owner seemed to have nothing to do with this famous local tyrant?

[Team] Ten Miles: Why do you say that?

[Team] My God: I saw it when I was singled out yesterday, and it was different from the previous Qing Dynasty.

[Team] Ten Miles: The previous number is the studio.

Anyway, they all said that the original number is the studio practice, then she said that there is no loophole!

[Team] God: You are good at technology, why should you give it to the studio?

[Team] Ten Miles of Songs: What are you doing, can you afford money? Do you ask so much to fall in love with me?

Mom forced me to ask for an endless.

Your teammates are kicked out of the team by the captain.

Time: "..."

[Nearby] Snow falling under the moon: I am not finished, I am scared of my little songs.

[Team] Snow falling under the moon: Don't listen to that little donkey, what are you looking for?

God joined the team.

[Team] God: Snow comes to my house tonight

[Team] Snow falling under the moon: No, we don’t want to be a brother! !

[Team] God: Are you sure?

[Team] Snow falling under the moon: ... I am not sure. Xiao Yangge, help! !

When I watched this conversation silently, the two had a basic feeling.

[Team] God: Don't mind if you don't mind, please forgive me for the offense. I am afraid that this guy is cheated.

[Team] Ten Miles: This is stupid... I lied to waste my IQ.

[Team] God: It makes sense

[Team] Snow falling under the moon: Well, you are bullying me!

The hurricane joined the team.

Join the team alone during the month.

Join the team in the month of the sea.

After several times of joining the information, the team immediately became busy.

[Team] Hurricane under the moon: Hey, the two couples are dating!

[Team] Individually under the moon: Love triangle, small Yangge is also. It is more likely that the snow-covered wall will be caught by the elder brother.

[Team] Moon in the sea: Little Yangge, you are subtle.

Yesterday, she only saw the words in the world in the world. What is his meaning in such a proficient tone?

Is this baby not familiar with you?

[Team] Snow falling under the moon: Are you brothers, I am pulling you to let you deal with my brother!

[Team] Hurricane under the moon: My brother is our gold lord, we can't offend him, let alone be the boss.[Team] Everyone under the moon: The wind is very right.

[Team] Moon under the sea: Yes

[Team] God: I roll over tonight.

[Team] Snow falling under the moon: No! I don't go, I won't go, I am offline. You have lost me, and 10,000 gold can't find me back.

It took more than a minute for such a gag, and when I went to Linglong Tower, I was gone.

She quickly opened the world channel.

[Trumpet] Ten-year-old Yangge: It’s all over the world.

[World] Snow falling under the moon: holding the grass, leaving the little cockroach to take the risk.

Because of the shackles that once lingered in the world, the basics of online now know that the world is full of people and the drunkenness is in the back to the valley.

[World] Grip: What do you call me?

[World] Wind blows pants, butt itch: Is Qingxi sister paper in these people's monitors? How can they do live broadcasts? But what is the inexplicable funny thing?

[World] Live broadcast: I feel that I want to lose my job. I don't even know such a big thing. Having said that, it’s because of the loss of the city war. Want to crush the world on the first floor of the Linglong Tower?

[World] Azure: The Great God will not be so shameless? Maybe the ten-year-old carol is talking about it? She did not sell the drunken room yesterday.

[World] Ten Miles of Songs: How many times did Laozi say it, saying that I betrayed the drunken flower, can I get the evidence? No evidence, don't be there.

System Announcement: The player's ten-year-old songs launch a 50-gold reward order for azure, with a time limit of twenty-four hours.

System Announcement: Players will launch a 250 gold reward order for Azure, with a time limit of 24 hours.

[World] Azure: Ten miles of songs, you are a monk, I said that you have to give a reward to Laozi, is it sick?

The azure color only lingered, and the reward for the gods did not seem to be seen.

[World] Cuihua on sauerkraut: God's brother actually helped the ten-mile singer to make a reward order. What happened to me in a night's time?

[World] I will see the play: I don’t understand it. It’s snowing under the moon, is the god-in-law’s empathy?

[World] Ten Miles: I sent my reward order, you said yours, I didn't block your mouth, you still want to stop me from making a reward order? So the cow is going to buy the game company.

[World] Hariya Deer: Hahaha, I am going to be your brain powder.

[World] Snow falling under the moon: Xiao Yangge V587

When I looked at the building that had already reached the Pacific Ocean, I was helpless. This is totally different from what I wrote in the online game!

She cut back to the team.

[Team] Ten Miles: What do you want to make a reward order?

[Team] God: Azure and I have a hatred

[Team] Hurricane under the moon: Azure has been chasing the moon under the snow. Hahaha

[Team] Ten Miles:...seconds

[Team] Snow falling under the moon: Don't mention this kind of thing again? My brother will not let me go tonight, are you a brother?

[Team] God: There is also self-knowledge[Team] Under the moon, do you have a small carol? You said this in the face of the little girl.

[Team] Ten Miles Yangge: Rest assured, I can afford it.

As a senior author who has seen countless Xiaowen Huang Xiaoshu, this degree can't stand it. How can she claim to be senior...

[Team] Ten Miles of Acura: The Four Seas and Eight Wilds are coming.

In the direction of the gate of the city, a few people rushed to the ground.

The red name cannot enter the city.

The mall has the props to wash the red name, and it is necessary to use the props to wash the sin value.

But the props are a bit expensive, not everyone can afford them, so there are not many people brought by the four seas.


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