123. Chapter 123 Learning to take medicine (4)

123. Chapter 123 Learning to take medicine (4)

When the whole villa was looking for her, the protagonist who was found had already touched the room. The consequence of this incident was that when she picked it up the next day, she was stunned by Bei Ze.

Time has been ignored without feeling.

Yesterday, if you were first sorrowful, would this baby be guilty?

Kitazawa gloomy face, a person slammed the door, and Ji Xiaoyu stood at the door.

This North Villa is far from the school. She used to go to Beize’s car. Today, Beize is gone. How can she go to school?

Her nephew turned and saw that he was getting on the bus, ran over, whispered, "Miss, I have to go to school, let's go together, you are definitely not familiar with the school, I can give you a guide."

"No," he said quietly.

"The Alice school is very big. I lost my first time. Miss, you have never been there. How can you not use it?" Ji Xiaoyu looked like a self-cooked person and stretched out the front door.

Hold the grass!

What happened to the female hostess?

This baby and you only meet for the second time today!

It’s true that people all over the world are your friends!

I don't really want to be friends with you. After all, this baby is a vicious female partner who wants to destroy your marriage!

When he stood outside the car door, he did not go up. Ji Xiaoyu also shook the window. "Miss, get on the bus, be late."

When he closed the door, he said to the driver, "You send her to school, I will not go today."

"Ah? How is that going, isn't the lady reporting today?" Ji Xiaoyu reacted faster than the driver.

When I saw Ji Xiaoyu, "Who told you that I am reporting today."

She just wants to go out and buy something, but the female lord is going to school, she has to help!

After Ji Xiaoyu left, he took out his mobile phone and boarded the Alice School Forum to edit a post.

In this forum of the school, there is an anonymous section, and some black materials are often exploded. It is also beneficial for the school to leave the school. If anything happens, you can see it on the first time.

The content of the editor-in-chief of the time is that Ji Xiaoyu and Kitazawa are suspected of being male and female friends.

This baby is simply a god assist.

The female host does not have to thank the baby too much.


When Beize came back in the evening, it was still a person. Ji Xiaoyu went to the villa in the dark and looked quite wolf.

The atmosphere between the two looks a bit strange.

Kitazawa is already a little like Yuki, but he likes it, and communication is another matter.

At the first glance, the post was deliberately deliberate, and Beize’s first suspect was the beneficiary of this incident, Ji Xiaoyu.

There was no communication between Kitazawa and Shizuka. When I finished eating, I went back to the room. It was a little fish, and my eyes looked at her with some anger.

"What are you doing with me?" I looked at the little fish strangely.

Sorry, the brains of the female lord are not ordinary. She really can't guess what the female lord thinks.

Ji Xiaoyu walked over a few steps, angry, "You deliberately let me go to school alone, let the school people misunderstand me?"In the morning, she obviously wants to go, but she doesn’t go, what is it not intentional?

"It turns out that you think so."

Who is forced to go to my car in the morning, hello!

This baby has given you the car, or the baby's fault.

Therefore, the woman is right to do whatever it is, and the woman is wrong.

"Small fish, the young master calls you."

When Ji Xiaoyu looked at it, he glanced up and went upstairs indignantly.

When I was speechless, I rolled my eyes.

The next day she deliberately walked earlier, waiting for her to sit in the class, Ji Xiaoyu was late.

"Now you have to focus on academics. Some students have no capital, so they must study hard." The teacher said a bad tone.

The whole class laughed low.

Ji Xiaoyu was ashamed and angry. In the end, he could only walk to the seat with a red face, and his heart was indignant.

Great money.

Not your parents, a group of locusts, without them, you are nothing.

At the same level as Beize, and Ji Xiaoyu read high one, Shih was assigned to the Kitazawa class.

When she went there, it caused a sensation. The appearance of Beibei was absolutely not bad. When Bei Ze looked at the time when he was surrounded by people, his face became worse and worse. Finally he kicked the table directly and was out of the classroom with anger.

The movement was quiet, and the classrooms were quiet, and they all looked in the direction of leaving Beize.

"What happened to North?"

"I don't know, suddenly I lost my temper... Could it be because of Ji Xiaoyu? I heard that this is the self-directed performance of Ji Xiaoyu."

"I didn't expect that Ji Xiaoyu was so motivated. I thought it was pitiful to see her being bullied. It seems to be alive now."

"It’s hard to think about coming in, but it’s not to find a gold lord, you don’t have to worry about it for the rest of your life.”

Shi Yan and these bear children have nothing to say, perfunctory a few words, those people seeing such a cold, consciously uninteresting spread.

At noon, when I went to the cafeteria to eat, I saw that Ji Xiaoyu was slapped and there was food on the ground.

"What are you talking about, I didn't seduce him, it was him..."

"You wouldn't say that North is seduce you?" The girl who played Ji Xiaoyu sneered and interrupted her. Ironically, "Ji Xiaoyu, have you really put yourself a few onions?"

"No... I don't care about him." Ji Xiaoyu was anxious. "You don't want to talk nonsense."

"It doesn't matter if North is so good for you to take the car of his home, Ji Xiaoyu, do you use the means of not influencing the seduce of the North?"

"I didn't." Ji Xiaoyu shook his head. She suddenly saw the time after standing in the crowd. It was like seeing a savior. I opened those people and rushed to the front. "You will explain to them, yesterday I It is your car."

"Who is this? So beautiful!"

The crowd involuntarily gave a sigh of praise.

"North's younger sister, just transferred today."

"There are sisters in North China? I am a sister of North Shao, so beautiful, good temperament."

"You will tell them soon, I really didn't come to Beize's car yesterday." When I saw the time, I didn't speak, and Ji Xiaoyu was anxious.Time has been wondering who is in the text.

Now she finally understands.

At this time, the female is mainly silent, or is to fight with these people, definitely not so low to ask her to help speak.

The person is set by the author, but the extent of the collapse is not controlled by the author.

As long as there is a slight change in the plot, there will be dozens of different changes in the set.

A choice can sometimes change a lot of people.

When I say so much nonsense, what I think now is --

Let the female owner blacken it!


Ask for tickets~...

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