Only I Shall Be Immortal Tang Jia San Shao

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In the Heavens or on Earth, only I shall be immortal! In the vast Divine Lands, at the western border, upon the recommendation of his best friend, he began walking on a path he had never thought possible. The Cloudlink Sect, as the ‘Final Path’ of the 7 main sects of the Divine Lands, on their sacred disciple acceptance ceremony that happens once every 5 years, took in a single 5th generation disciple who had a beggar-like bearing. With the gates of cultivation opened wide for him, will this bright and mischievous child be able to mature into a powerful Immortal that rules the world? Please find out in -Only I Shall Be Immortal


  • Cultivation
  • Demons
  • Romantic Subplot
  • Time Skip
  • Daoism
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