Chaotic Sword God

By Xin Xing Xiao Yao



Bang! Bang! Bang!

Sees only outside Dong An County protection great formation, the deafening bellow is lingering on faintly, each bellow, follows a formidable fluctuation of energy to wreak havoc in the world, hides all Martial Artist in Dong An County, is in abundance the look changes.

Because in these Martial Artist, strength strongest also God King Realm, and quantity are not many, many Martial Artist under God King Realm, middle many Mortal Realm, Saint Realm, Origin Realm low-level Martial Artist.

In Dong An County protects of energy outside formation wreaks havoc, arrived at Beginning Realm, even is the Great Primal Beginning Realm level.

Such power and influence, hides regarding these low-level Martial Artist in Dong An County, is ordinary just like the judgment day.

„Father, the Dong An County formation light screen rocks quite fierce, can Dong An County unable to block......” in crowd, young little girl expression anxious is staring at the sky, timid saying.

„, Do not be worried, Dong An County has Tianyuan Clan, this formation cannot break, it is said in Tianyuan Clan has Great Primal Beginning Realm top powerhouse, has the asylum of this top powerhouse, Dong An County will not have the matter.” The father of little girl closely grasps little girl that icy cold small hand to speak the comfort, but looks from his tense facial expression, his innermost feelings, so is not calm like the surface.

„Grandfather, can we die.” Another side, a young boy looks at old man saying that face the color of fear.

„Dong'er, Tianyuan Clan is very fierce, we must believe Tianyuan Clan, so long as there is Tianyuan Clan, we absolutely will not die.” The grandfather of young boy gentle feels the head of young boy, said with that hoarse sound.

Similar matter occurred in Dong An County each place, regarding the disaster and difficult position of present bitter experience, hides in the Dong An County huge crowd, some people have the blind confidence to Tianyuan Clan, believes that so long as has Tianyuan Clan, certainly can pass the disaster.

Similarly in some people of hearts has also filled desperately, looked that Tianyuan Clan has been unable to defend oneself, is incapable of sheltering them radically, recognized that must suffer the disaster of fishpond mostly, is doomed.

In Dong An County Tianyuan Clan, as first powerhouse in Tianyuan Clan, Xu Ran personally assumes personal command now here, manages formation, sees only her suspended in the upper air, the body sends out dazzling rays of light, is faint, resembles is carrying on some type to echo with formation.

She manages formation in the strength of by own cultivation level, making the formation might stronger.

Then, is Tianyuan Clan numerous members, from the high-level senior statesman, to the ordinary guard as well as the servant, collects there at this moment completely, the facial expression is a dignity, some maidservants were frightened complexion to be pale, bring to be panic-stricken and restless, in the heart has filled the fear to the death.

„Senior Xu, Dong An County formation blocks them, because of should not have the issue.” In Tianyuan Clan, Great Emperor Mo Xingfeng expression dignified saying of Peaceful Heaven Dynasty, this twofold formation, but Tianyuan Clan took advantage finally.

„Temporarily does not have the issue, but Young Star Lord was bringing another batch of powerhouse to arrive immediately, if they attacked formation together, that formation energy consumption speed will be quick on the several fold, even if had is always here to support, the time of insisting will not be long.” Xu Ran said, in that old sound is bringing similarly dignifiedly.

„When this formation such as Ming Xie arrangement great strength that to block these people, only depends on formation might then to have more than enough to spare, even is can also let their whole army has been annihilated with the aid of killing formation. But was a pity, this formation once was defeated by First Your Highness, many foundations have destroyed, recovered under my restore freely much, but the might actually dropped too much were too many.” The regret of Xu Ran whole face.

When her words just said that in the Dong An County sky, one group of people is the appearance of threatening there, the population are many, has over a thousand fully.

But the person of lead, impressively is Young Star Lord.

„This formation, how long but can also break.” Young Star Lord arrived here, frowns to stare under, in his side, is two Great Primal Realm powerhouse tight steps follows, is responsible for protecting his security.

„Star Lord Young Master, if adds on them, this most day can break.” Is arriving in front of Young Star Lord in to break the formation Great Primal Realm Supreme Elder, the vision looks to the team of powerhouse that Young Star Lord brings.

The Young Star Lord vision looks to hide in Dong An County these scared restless Martial Artist, the corners of the mouth shows a strange smiling face unexpectedly: „Did not worry, transmitted orders, Martial Artist in every Dong An County, regardless of the origin birth and background, everything attacked Tianyuan Clan, this Monarch can give his way out.”

One hear of this words, side Young Star Lord three Great Primal Realm Supreme Elder eyes one bright, on the face simultaneously reveals to wipe the smiling face, one of them praises said: „Young Star Lord this wants their internal disputes? Although inside Martial Artist cultivation level is low, is unable to cause the tiny bit damage to formation, may be is actually used to attack the Tianyuan Clan morale good means.”

„Ha Ha Ha, good, Tianyuan Clan magnanimous integrates in the county city to shelter their safety them, if these people instead attack Tianyuan Clan protection formation in the county city, that does not know that Tianyuan Clan can be any mood......”

„I estimated that the Tianyuan Clan person must vomiting blood of air/Qi perish may not, Ha Ha Ha......”

Three Great Primal Beginning Realm Supreme Elder Ha Ha laugh, their several people are the Four-Divisions Alliance high levels, initially Tianyuan Patriarch Jian Chen united Martial Soul Branch to compel the what kind desperate situation their Four-Divisions Alliance, but they one's own have experienced, at this moment catches the retaliation the opportunity, they naturally cannot be polite, will not speak any morality and justice, naturally must retaliate ruthlessly.

They convey a message to Everlasting Beginning Realm immediately, this Everlasting Beginning Realm elder shouted propaganda by cultivation level, the sound like the thunder, spread over the entire Dong An County county city, transmitted the Young Star Lord decree.

Immediately, in Dong An County a tumult, part saw clearly the situation, in the heart has filled desperate Martial Artist, just like in straw that in the darkness held life-saving results , the gloomy vision, suddenly became bright, slightly after hesitated, then really the passing over gently and swiftly crowd, grazed to go in the Tianyuan Clan direction.

Immediately, the Tianyuan Clan direction, hears low and deep bellows, had Martial Artist to attack Tianyuan Clan protection formation.

The motions of part of people, as if were fuse result, lead more people to join to Tianyuan Clan during the attack.

„Stop, your ungrateful people, how you can such do......”

„Tianyuan Clan puts in you Dong An County, perhaps you already died in the wilderness open country, where can also live now, how you can the graciousness hatred/enemy report, make the matter of this treason and heresy......”

„Li Hu, you dare to attack Tianyuan Clan, has not thought that you unexpectedly are such person, from now we cut off the relations, looks at the sword......”


Tianyuan Clan in Peaceful Heaven Dynasty, naturally also obtained the support of many person, some people attack Tianyuan Clan, similarly also some people protect Tianyuan Clan, rather braves the body dead the consequence of disappearing also to with Tianyuan Clan stand.

Suddenly, in Dong An County, supported Tianyuan Clan Martial Artist and these attacks the Tianyuan Clan person to fight one group, entire Dong An County thoroughly became chaotic.

In Tianyuan Clan, a complexion paleness of Xi Yu, complexion of many other senior statesmen are very unattractive.

Although the attacks of outside these Martial Artist regarding Tianyuan Clan formation, are really itchy with the titillation, but the achievement of these people, making the Tianyuan Clan high and low all people angry.

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