Chaotic Sword God

By Xin Xing Xiao Yao

Internal dispute

Internal dispute

„Does not need to consider thoroughly, our Tianyuan Patriarch already contracted enmity with them, we sooner or later can have a war with them.” Jian Chen beckoned with the hand, indifferent saying, letting Tian Shuang does not need to worry.

At this time, Tian Shuang received the temple from the Jian Chen hand, will be imprisoned to be stranded Xing'er Princess and Lan'er Princess in temple putting.

Many years do not see, Xing'er Princess and Lan'er Princess elegant demeanor won the past years, they, was not only Heavenly Yin Body and Innate Principle Body this special physique, and its appearance, was the beautiful woman, shamed the moon and flowers, the extraordinary birth, caused on their two people, inborn has fostered one noble makings, making one have the desire that one type will want to overcome.

At this moment, their two people complexion is a paleness, in the vision reveals desperate and sad and color of anger.

Was walked by the Mu Lin birds and beasts, helplessly looks at Profound Principle Dynasty two big Old Ancestor falls/dies, as well as experiences personally the heavy losses, was submerged Imperial Father in ruins. These pictures, just like together brand mark result, deep inscribing in their mind deep place, lets never experience this big change them to be hard to withstand.

Just put Xing'er and some Lan'er that cavity atheistic eyes from the temple has rotated subconsciously, saw to stand Tian Shuang all of a sudden before their body, that filled the dying embers in the vision, finally glowed an appearance.

„Old Ancestor!” Xing'er and Lan'er as if by prior agreement sent out sad cry, the sound has been full of the weeping voice, a person held an arm of Tian Shuang, the tears class is continuing, entire tender body in slight was shivering.

„Xing'er, Lan'er, do not fear that you were safe, was Jian Chen gets rid to save you.” Some Tian Shuang feeling attached to is looking at Xing'er and Lan'er, makes in a soft voice the song sound: „Xing'er, Lan'er, has not thanked Jian Chen Young Master quickly.”

heard the sound, Xing'er and Lan'er raise one's head has sized up around the eye, their eyes see to be placed in that bloody head of not far away, in the vision reveals the color of dreadful hatred immediately.

After the moment, their vision change Jian Chen, a simultaneously expression of gratitude, the fall in the blues and sadness.

„Old Ancestor, who this person is, actually our Profound Principle Dynasty has any bitter hatred with him, why he must extinguish our Profound Principle Dynasty.” Xing'er Princess to be full of the hatred vision to look at the head of Mu Lin, saying of clenching jaws.

„He and your Profound Principle Dynasty does not have what hatred, I guessed that mostly is because your Profound Principle Dynasty belongs to Justice Alliance, he begins to Profound Principle Dynasty.” Replied that Xing'er Princess, is Jian Chen.

In the Jian Chen heart very clear Mu Lin has regarded as important Xing'er Princess and Lan'er Princess that special physique, extinguishes Profound Principle Dynasty to fear that is convenient two. However to let Xing'er Princess and Lan'er Princess does not have the psychological burden, therefore he shirked on Justice Alliance the reason.

Otherwise, if wants Xing'er Princess and Lan'er Princess knows that the tribulation of Profound Principle Dynasty, in fact is because they cause, feared that will be they will not forgive for a lifetime own, will fall into the deep pain and rebukes oneself.

„Only then I also , the Profound Principle Dynasty destruction, this experience, am not only Profound Principle Dynasty this innumerable years, time whets in one of the on the path of growth strengthen experiencing. Xing'er, Lan'er, you keep Tianyuan Clan first, I must return to Profound Principle Dynasty to examine again.” Tian Shuang starts to talk, now she already completely tranquil, restored as Profound Principle Dynasty Old Ancestor that style.

After saying, she left Tianyuan Clan, re-enters Profound Principle Dynasty through the Heavenly Law plate.

At the same time, in the Four-Divisions Alliance headquarters, five big Old Ancestor of representative Four-Divisions Alliance highest will, gets together in this.

„Mu Lin died, this news could not conceal, he was Young Star Lord only Protector that brought from Star Flash Province, his death, will perhaps stimulate Young Star Lord. Smoke Wind, we can rescue Mu Lin obviously, but you do not let rescue, such does, really right?” Of Gong Ji apertures five big Old Ancestor, during the spoken languages, are having a question obviously.

„We do not get rid, but can also stay out, once gets rid, that may really be involved. Now seems like Young Star Lord also this side us, may in fact, we not have truly ties up Star Flash Mountain this huge influence, therefore, we cannot get rid, once offended Jian Chen, that may quite therefore offend Magnificent Heavenly Palace.” The Smoke Wind Old Ancestor sinking sound track, has many misgivings.

„Smoke Wind, you feared hand to fear the foot, did you have to think us, if continued to be perfunctory Young Star Lord, what was not willing true was Young Star Lord strives, can make Young Star Lord have the repugnance to us, thus went to us. I know that you consider for the alliance, not only wants to win over Young Star Lord to climb up Star Flash Mountain this big tree, is not willing to offend Magnificent Heavenly Palace. Does not make pays, how could also to have been repaid.” Of speaking plausibly that Wu Lu apertures five big Old Ancestor, said that in the manner clarified has not approved of the viewpoint of Smoke Wind Old Ancestor.

„Smoke Wind, the old body is also hugging at first with your same viewpoint, only wins over Young Star Lord, does not offend Tianyuan Clan and Magnificent Heavenly Palace. However along with the development of situation, old body also gradually wants to understand, matter that this in world where has satisfying both sides, at this matter, I thinks that we were the time make to choose, if continued to fear the hand to fear the foot, feared that finally ended up to turn out the try to gain an advantage only to end up worse off result, then on gain does not equal the loss.” Gong Ji expression low and deep saying, at this matter, the opinion maintains consistent with Wu Lu.

On this day, Four-Divisions Alliance these Old Ancestor level characters, since Four-Divisions Alliance was established, first time has had the argument, the Supreme Assembly that finally, Four-Divisions Alliance carries on, to part on bad terms to end.

„What? Mu Lin died, was cut to kill by Jian Chen personally?” Soon, in the Four-Divisions Alliance headquarters, in a splendid palace of decoration, Young Star Lord had known the Mu Lin death news, flies into a rage immediately, angry dreadful.

” Good, good, good, Jian Chen, dares to kill the this Monarch person, this Monarch pledged that henceforth is unable to co-exist with you, one day does not kill you, this Monarch did not return to Star Flash Mountain on 1st. ” Young Star Lord been mad complexion is pale, makes the sound that clenches jaws.

At this moment, in his heart to Jian Chen killing intent, to the hate of Jian Chen, went to the situation in the extreme.

He since making a debut, but also never so is hostile toward a person, but also so has never hated a person.

„Star Lord Young Master, you, if copes with Tianyuan Clan, the old body can help your helping hand.” At this moment, the old sound conveys from outside together, sees only a hair gray old woman not anxiously not slow from outside walks.

This person, is one of the Four-Divisions Alliance five big Old Ancestor, Gong Ji!

„I!” Follows, the Wu Lu form also suddenly appears.

In which two in Four-Divisions Alliance five big Old Ancestor,

Arrived in the Young Star Lord palace together, is all restraining aura, seems just like a mortal.

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