Chaotic Sword God

By Xin Xing Xiao Yao

Void Insect Emperor

Void Insect Emperor

Jian Chen has restrained aura, left the dark temple with Great Elder Cheng Ming.

Puts on Battle Armor on the body of Great Elder Cheng Ming, this Battle Armor superficially averagely not wonderful, but Rank is actually middle-grade Divine Item, with protect the Primordial Spirit body of Great Elder.

Outside the dark temple, formidable fluctuations of energy change into the terror the storm to wreak havoc in the world, occasionally also has the several incomparably fearful light beam to shoot from the upper air, is bringing destroying the heavens, extinguishing the earth strength.

Outside fight extremely violent, some people of casualties, the blood already was every time incarnadine the earth, gathered in the rivers.

But Jian Chen and Cheng Ming, is falling of being quietly in the ground, they mingle among the crowd of chaos caused by war, conceals taking advantage of the surrounding crowd, hurries to toward the Imperial Palace deep place.

Overturning Clouds Dynasty all powerhouse are entering the war, nobody notes them, under their conceals desirably, opens access has passed through the numerous palaces, arrived at beyond the restricted area.

Just when arrived here, Jian Chen is in the heart one cold, with the formidable sensation strength, he induced to a crisis keenly.

This crisis, is sufficiently fatal!

Is looking at this piece of spacious spacious restricted area entrance, Jian Chen expression is dignified, he knows that this restricted area, absolutely does not have in the surface to be so tranquil.

„This restricted area, is Overturning Clouds Dynasty that four Highest Beginning Realm the place of closing up, has not obtained they four people of summons, anybody intrudes arbitrarily, must die without doubt. Because in this piece void, the seal Void Insect Emperor Beast Soul, is used to guard here.” Great Elder Cheng Ming stopped, he does not have again close restricted area, but explained to Jian Chen: ” Void Insect is the Starry Sky Ominous Beast of life in void, is a quite special race, inborn has to integrate the void ability, true does not have the shade, does not have trace, copes difficultly. But Void Insect Emperor, endures compared with Highest Beginning Realm powerhouse, to kill it, even if the several levels of strength in compared with Void Insect Emperor, is difficult such as to ascend to heaven. ”

„This Void Insect Emperor luck is not very only good, it met exactly grasped Space Principle Rain Monarch, finally was cut to kill by Rain Monarch, and its Beast Soul seal in this place......”

„Great Elder, this Rain Monarch strength, actually strong?” Again heard Rain Monarch, in the Jian Chen heart also this element to Rain Monarch that has not sought a meeting to produce the curious heart.

Since arriving at Le Province, he hears many are Rain Monarch, this is one unsurpassed existence that makes Le Province all top powerhouse dread.

Cheng Ming face serious, said: „Rain Monarch is very strong, initially chased down your Azure Peng King, is not the Rain Monarch match.”

hearing that, in Jian Chen heart one cold, to this Rain Monarch, had the heart of intense dreading.

„You pay attention to hide aura, cannot in void awaken the Beast Soul of concealment, we prepared to go.” At this time, Great Elder Cheng Ming shouted in a low voice, his hand turned, sends out seven color rays of light Through Heavens Bridge then to appear in the hand, spread to the restricted area deep place directly.

„This restricted area extremely bad risk, not only there is Void Insect Emperor Beast Soul, and also has the formidable formation protection, only has through Through Heavens Bridge, we can go.” Cheng Ming said that then and Jian Chen stepped Through Heavens Bridge.

„It is not good, some people intrude the restricted area, is Through Heavens Bridge, Through Heavens Bridge appeared in the restricted area......”

At this time, big loudly shout passed from the distant place, Great Primal Realm powerhouse had discovered the unusuality of restricted area, made noise to warn.

Immediately has Great Primal Realm powerhouse to leave to catch up, may all stubbornly be constrained by their matches, cannot leave.

„Cannot make them intrude restricted area, quick, awakens Void Insect Emperor Beast Soul...... Overturning Clouds Dynasty Great Emperor Ye Yizhan also to send out to shout angrily quickly”.

Along with his voice, wears mail-armor and helmet God King immediately, in the vision is having color decidedly, sends out the God King imposing manner, threatening overran toward the restricted area.

„Walks quickly!” A Great Elder Cheng Ming brow wrinkle, greeted Jian Chen, two people steps Through Heavens Bridge, flushed away toward the restricted area in rapidly.

When they just passed through layer on layer invisible formation, that wore the mail-armor and helmet God King also to approach this place.

However at this moment, the mutation breaks out, the piece of space near restricted area, suddenly such as mirror breaks, split the spider web black crack.

That wears the mail-armor and helmet God King, its body is cracked in this shatter space, changes into the stump residual limb that sizes varied.

However his Primordial Spirit escapes fortunately, is having a panic-stricken color of face, runs away toward the distant place.

What a pity has not escaped far, his front void then once more splits, seems a monster is opening big mouth to result, this God King Primordial Spirit swallowing.

„Void Insect Emperor!” Overturning Clouds Dynasty Great Emperor Ye Yizhan expression becomes incomparably dignified, he looks at that piece of space near restricted area, in the vision is revealing the deep awe.

At this time, space that nearby the restricted area that split, resembled to receive a disturbance of mysterious strength, was recovering unexpectedly in an instant, however the next quarter, space coagulated suddenly, the myriad things fell into static.

Through Heavens Bridge therefore was also affected, seven color rays of light that on a section of bridge sends out were coagulated, obviously was also given restraint by space of this coagulation.

„Void Insect Emperor Beast Soul was awakened, wants to imprison my Through Heavens Bridge. Snort, if the heyday, must achieve this point naturally to be a cinch, but now, you also merely are Beast Soul.” In the restricted area, Cheng Ming sneers, the thought moves, turns into thousand zhang (3.33 m) long Through Heavens Bridge to reduce immediately, got rid of that piece of imprisoned space unexpectedly.

Finally, thousand zhang (3.33 m) Through Heavens Bridge, turned into the Ling Long (exquisite) volume to be received by Cheng Ming.


Beyond the restricted area, has heard a low and deep whooshing sound, the sound is incisive, puts on gold/metal Lieshi, Jian Chen Primordial Spirit that punctures faintly has produced the sensation of pain.

This is Void Insect Emperor Beast Soul in exuding the roaring sound, the next quarter, space outside restricted area shook violently, the picture of outside instantaneously becomes a fuzziness.

„We walk, here was personally arranged by Rain Monarch, Void Insect Emperor Beast Soul could not come, we must make the best use of the time.” Cheng Ming no longer pays attention to Void Insect Emperor Beast Soul, brings Jian Chen that does not return to depart, walks toward the restricted area deep place.

In the terrain regarding restricted area, Cheng Ming as if knows from A to Z, as soon as he is stripping Jian Chen, ripe the light car(riage) harnesses went to front of an environment graceful manor.

„Here is Rain Monarch the place of diving cultivating, thing that we must look, completely Rain Monarch here.” Cheng Ming points at this manor saying that during the speeches, then directly entered the manor.

„Great Elder, doesn't here have formation to protect?” Sees Cheng Ming not to do unexpectedly guards slightly, asking that Jian Chen cannot bear.

hearing that, Great Elder he he smiles, said: „All protections outside, have wanted outside that pass/test, that is simpler, you felt relieved freely that this Rain Monarch the place of clear cultivating is very safe, has not hidden any crisis.”

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