Chaotic Sword God

By Xin Xing Xiao Yao

Cuts Beginning Realm continually

Cuts Beginning Realm continually

The Mindless Boy vision falls on Jian Chen once more, in the eye is glittering inexplicable rays of light, in the heart secretly thought: „But, Jian Chen is the Huan Zhen Supreme Principle Fruit incident, I must make the elder brother know that then discussed the countermeasure......” a thought hence, the Mindless Boy body advantage of terrain vanishes does not see, similarly also left here, no longer pays attention to the Jian Chen incident.

Deep Blue Province, in Nether Water Sect is fights the Huo Lian day at this moment, Xu Ran is stranded four Great Primal Realm powerhouse in Nether Water Sect by Nine Tribulations Burning Mind Formation in formation, is managing formation fully, encounters with four Great Primal Beginning Realm.

But Jian Chen, is grasps the Divine Item Nine Stars Heavenly Law Sword protection outside Nine Tribulations Burning Mind Formation, gives to constrain all Beginning Realm powerhouse in Nether Water Sect, making these Beginning Realm powerhouse absolutely not have the ample force to join up to attack Nine Tribulations Burning Mind Formation.

Although in Nether Water Sect, cultivation level reaches to Everlasting Beginning Realm elder enough 40-50, but these 40-50 Everlasting Beginning Realm join up to attack Jian Chen, not only has not gotten the slight winning side, instead is faint, but also was given the suppression by Jian Chen one person.

Because Jian Chen battle strength was really too strong, in did not use in the Nine Stars Heavenly Law Sword situation, he then had Everlasting Beginning Realm 6-layer battle strength, such strength, in Nether Water Sect about 50 elders, merely also had seven people able with Jian Chen to hit well-matched.

These seven elders, cultivation level weakest in Everlasting Beginning Realm 6-layer!

But if said that can exceed Jian Chen, feared also only then that three cultivation level in the Everlasting Beginning Realm late-stage elder.

Now, Jian Chen uses Nine Stars Heavenly Law Sword, Divine Item in the hand, his battle strength increases once more, has surmounted the Everlasting Realm 6-layer level completely. So the strength, takes a broad view in Nether Water Sect about 50 Everlasting Realm elders, only has that Everlasting Realm 9-layer elder, just now can suppress him.

But facing that Everlasting Realm 9-layer elder, Jian Chen with it fighting, he does not grasp Nine Stars Heavenly Law Sword, whole body sword qi surrounds, sends out to soar to the heavens in the sword intent murder crowd, selects the strength small and weak elder to start specially.




The Nether Water Sect sky, the red blood everywhere spout, in each blood contains not the weak fluctuation of energy, just likes the beautiful flowers of being in full bloom is ordinary, falls from high heaven under.

Jian Chen meets no resistance, breaks in the encirclement ring that numerous elders form to kill the four directions greatly, sweeps away all obstacles, in the short time, five elders are then buried under Nine Stars Heavenly Law Sword.

Without a single exception, these elders, cultivation level is Everlasting Realm initial-stage, cultivation level of this grade of level, almost does not have the strength of resistance in the Jian Chen hand.

Suddenly, in the upper air, the prison that is formed by divine fire quietly appears completely, is having the prestige of God level battle skill, surrounds Jian Chen all round in inside.

This is in Nether Water Sect a Everlasting Beginning Realm 5-layer elder, he senses Divine Fire Principle, at this moment displays God level battle skill to cope with Jian Chen.

This God level battle skill might, poses the fatal threat to Everlasting Realm 6-layer powerhouse sufficiently, however Jian Chen, actually directly regards , if no thing.

Sees only Nine Stars Heavenly Law Sword in his hand to bloom dazzling rays of light, the radiant star light sprinkles, his direct sword cuts.


In the deafening bellow, the flame prison was cut the smashing by Jian Chen, God level battle skill, in him, as soon as under striking explained.

But Jian Chen, is the long hair chaotic dance, the body imposing manner soars to the heavens, the terrifying high temperature in divine fire that he fearless remains slightly containing, the body such as the sharp sword has shot from Divine Flames generally, the Nine Stars Heavenly Law Sword turnover leaves ten thousand zhang (3.33 m) sword light, the direct thorn displays the God level battle skill elder to that.

Even if this elder has Everlasting Realm 5-layer battle strength, facing the prestige of Jian Chen this sword, complexion big change, his right hand wields, at the same time the circular shield quietly appears, sends out the prestige of Divine Item to arrive before his body.

This round shield, impressively is low-grade Divine Item.

Jian Chen Nine Stars Heavenly Law Sword lets fall the next myriad star splendor, brings on circular shield that the destroying the heavens, extinguishing the earth might is cutting, follows, Strength Principle.

Had the Strength Principle amplification, causes the might not only big astonishment of Jian Chen this sword, and contains in strength, is the unusual terror.

But blocks that Beginning Realm powerhouse that Jian Chen this strikes with the circular shield, only felt that a own right arm severe pain, then lost the intuition suddenly at once.

The circular shield is Divine Item, under this strikes is intact, but grasps that Beginning Realm elder of shield, was actually broken the arm by terror strength.

The might that Jian Chen this strikes was too strong, even if he grasps defense Divine Item, is unable to resist completely.

Suddenly, sword light flashes before, the star light is radiant, Jian Chen punctured the second sword once more, this sword, he used Space Principle, Nine Stars Heavenly Law Sword as if broke the limit of space distance, speed quick inconceivable, in an instant then arrived in front of that Everlasting Realm 5-layer powerhouse.

That Everlasting Realm 5-layer powerhouse look changes, the pupil shrinks the small accomplishment needle eye size suddenly, facing this sword, he had one type to be blocked all around space, had no place to hide the misconception.

As if placed in front of him, only has hard meeting!

When Jian Chen punctures this sword, his surrounding space also for it tight, terrifying strength collects in his behind, the palm that being dried up, has the fluctuation of energy and Principle strength of is rushing turbulently, strikes by the potential of thunder to the Jian Chen back.

The palm, space has been vibrating.

This is in Nether Water Sect that strength strongest elder, Everlasting Beginning Realm 9-layer cultivation level.

When Jian Chen gets rid to cope with that Everlasting Realm 5-layer elder, the Nether Water Sect first elder also waited for an opportunity to get rid.

His time action, it can be said that attacks the enemy's rear in order to compel him to give up his own attack, if Jian Chen insists on starting to that Everlasting Realm 5-layer elder, that cannot avoid surely from behind prestige of the palm.

This palm, is the Everlasting Realm peak might, any cultivation level withstood in Everlasting Realm 7-layer following powerhouse this has struck, did not die also causes heavy losses.

In addition, some all around also numerous Beginning Realm elders, simultaneously attacks Jian Chen, enough ten several attacks Jian Chen locking, from out of the blue.

However this Everlasting Realm 9-layer elder has actually misjudged, facing this palm, Jian Chen does not dodge does not evade, withstands by the back of own directly, Nine Stars Heavenly Law Sword in his hand, is speed does not reduce in the slightest, pricked in forehead of that Everlasting Realm 5-layer elder decisively.

Immediately, Everlasting Beginning Realm 5-layer powerhouse, direct body and soul completely eliminated!


At the same time, dull thumping sound sounds transmit, when Jian Chen cuts kills this Beginning Realm 5-layer powerhouse, he also withstood several Daolai from the attack of Beginning Realm powerhouse.

Middle strongest strikes, impressively is Everlasting Realm 9-layer the prestige of that palm.

Immediately, in the upper air the energy is turbulent, energy fallout changes into destruction storm to wreak havoc to all directions, one piece that below mountains river destroys in confusion.

Body hit flying upside down of Jian Chen, his clothing is also torn to pieces, the whole body is bathed in blood.

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