Chaotic Sword God

By Xin Xing Xiao Yao

Plans Huan Zhen (really)

Plans Huan Zhen (really)

hearing that, a Jian Chen silence, he consumes numerous Five Colors Divine Crystals to receive in exchange for Myriad Bones Building powerhouse an opportunity of getting rid,

To cut to kill Sea Mountain Old Man, is Kai Ya revenges to prepare.

Finally, when he returns to Star Flash Province, inquired when Sea Mountain Old Man news, actually the accidental knowing personal enemy died, this news lets his accident, simultaneously in the heart is also an emptiness.

He cannot revenge personally, that Kai Ya the enmity, is not considered as the report, this makes him extremely not willingly.

„That is Sea Mountain Old Man, what influence respective?” Partly after making a sound, Jian Chen continues to ask.

Venerable Hua Yun naturally can feel the Sea Mountain Old Man death news, has not let killing intent weakened in Jian Chen heart, this makes in his heart sigh gently.

If not had Sea Mountain Old Man death, if not that matter has alarmed Saint Realm supreme Weeping Blood Supreme, he is decidedly not so prudent treats Jian Chen.

Because previous time occurred at the Star Flash Province matter, lets Venerable Hua Yun deep understanding, Jian Chen this person, is far from the surface being so simple.

„Sea Mountain Old Man, is on Deep Blue Province Nether Water Sect Kaitian Old Ancestor.” Venerable Hua Yun said.

„Deep Blue Province, Nether Water Sect!” The Jian Chen expression low and deep, closely has remembered this name.

At once, he opens the mouth to ask once more: „Previous Senior gets rid to break Sea Mountain Old Man Floating Water Heaven's Concealing Barrier, once had said finished karma with me, but I and Senior are unknown, does not know that this so-called karma, is actually from where? Is it possible that because is Five Flowers Sect Crossing-Province Level Transmission Formation closes suddenly?”

The Venerable Hua Yun slight bow, has not spoken.

The Jian Chen vision stared at Venerable Hua Yun to stare at the moment, the facial expression was light throughout, did not see the mood to fluctuate, afterward neither arrogant nor servile has held holding the fist in the other hand to Venerable Hua Yun, said: „Thanked Senior to inform the Sea Mountain Old Man information, Junior says goodbye!”

Jian Chen turns around to walk, Venerable Hua Yun ordered to close Crossing-Province Level Transmission Formation suddenly, making Kai Ya be buried on Star Flash Province, this karma, how could such easy finishing.

He also understands that the Venerable Hua Yun strength are more than Sea Mountain Old Man even more powerful, and controls the time and space these two big Principle, he is used to cope with the Sea Mountain Old Man method, is not necessarily effective to Venerable Hua Yun, therefore, present he how Venerable Hua Yun, can only endure patiently first.

Venerable Hua Yun crosses the hands behind the back to stand, he is looking at the Jian Chen back, resembles to completely understand idea in Jian Chen heart to result, but in the heart sighed, said: „Jian Chen, you, if extinguishes Nether Water Sect, only depends on your strengths, feared that is hard to accomplish.”

„Because of Nether Water Sect protecting the mountain great formation, was Sea Mountain Old Man has consumed the huge price and resources arranges, defense strength, can resist the attack of Highest Beginning Realm 3-layer, to break this formation, at least wanted Highest Beginning Realm 4-layer powerhouse to get rid.”

„You, if insists on extinguishing Nether Water Sect, the old man may break Nether Water Sect protection formation for you.”

„In addition, in Nether Water Sect, is rich in Netherworld's Water Netherworld's Spring, this Netherworld's Water every other 1 million years just now can condense one drop, this thing, even if have the mysterious wondrous use to Highest Beginning Realm powerhouse, are quite precious, the value is inestimable. According to the old man estimate, in nether world sect Nei, at least has over ten drops Netherworld's Water now, therefore, you, if extinguishes Nether Water Sect, then on Deep Blue Province, decides however has various group of feudal lords to come to insert a foot, competes for Netherworld's Spring and Netherworld's Water. In addition, relates the friendly strength with Nether Water Sect, could not say that also at crucial moments will come to support Nether Water Sect.”

„Old man may act to lobby for you, lets various group of powerhouse on Deep Blue Province, does not intervene hostility between you and Nether Water Sect......” Venerable Hua Yun said that vowed solemnly that is extremely confident to own, so long as if he acts, various group of powerhouse on that Deep Blue Province, nobody is then disobedient.

Truly, Venerable Hua Yun indeed has such strength and prestige, because the Deep Blue Province overall strength is unable to place on a par with Star Flash Province by far, but Venerable Hua Yun, is actually on Star Flash Province illustrious top powerhouse, his existence, can make Five Flowers Sect on Star Flash Province ranks the ninth apex big influence.

But Venerable Hua Yun, karma that to finish between him and Jian Chen had, truly took great pains.

Hears this word, Jian Chen footsteps, but has not taken a stand, left here with Xu Ran together.

After leaving Five Flowers Sect, walks on the lively street, in the Jian Chen brain has been guessing the Sea Mountain Old Man cause of death.

This Sea Mountain Old Man, the good and evil was one has also stepped into Highest Beginning Realm 3-layer peak powerhouse, the so formidable character, how such falls/dies easily, this has made Jian Chen feel that some were not real.

Because, Highest Beginning Realm powerhouse is very difficult to kill, even if encountered the powerful enemy, they could not hit, can run away through all sorts of secret skill, so long as the strength disparity of both sides were not very big, basically was very difficult to prevent.

But Sea Mountain Old Man, solemn Highest Beginning Realm 3-layer, runs away unexpectedly continually is unable to accomplish, that kills his mysterious powerhouse, the strength is also formidable to the what kind situation.

He ponders, discovers the own understanding in all powerhouse, perhaps also only then Through Heavens Sword Saint and Mo Tianyun have such ability.

In addition, this time sees right in front of one Venerable Hua Yun, Jian Chen discovered that the Venerable Hua Yun manner somewhat is also unusual, this is not one as top powerhouse treats low-level Martial Artist completely likely because of this manner of exhibiting.

And, Venerable Hua Yun by any means possible wanted to finish with karma that own planted, this made Jian Chen understand that Venerable Hua Yun knows anything mostly, but does not want to tell own.

Follows silently in Jian Chen Xu Ran, in the eye rays of light is also the unceasing twinkle, dialog between Venerable Hua Yun and Jian Chen, her character does not fall listened, the strange death of Sea Mountain Old Man, as well as Venerable Hua Yun treated Jian Chen that manner, let in her heart the recollections handsome.

Quick, Jian Chen and Xu Ran then left Star Flash Province, through Crossing-Province Level Transmission Formation arrived at Deep Blue Province Saint Realm 49 Big Province.

Jian Chen or Xu Ran, throughout had not realized that on Star Flash Province, the middle-aged man is sitting cross-legged to sit on the Star Flash Province central region first peak, is paying attention to their every action and every movement silently, until they leave Star Flash Province.

This person, is on Star Flash Province supreme character Nine Flash Star Lord!

„It seems like this Jian Chen, prepared Deep Blue Province to extinguish Nether Water Sect.” Nine Flash Star Lord twittering talked to oneself that in his eyes a rays of light twinkle, then set out, left Star Flash Province.

In one of the Saint Realm Seven Big Saint Province, Devouring Province that on is assumed by Weeping Blood Supreme, in an all over the body blood red temple, Nine Flash Star Lord respectful standing there, before his body, then the whole body is filling a rich blood fog person's shadow together.

This person's shadow, is Weeping Blood Supreme! Saint Realm Supreme level character!

„Your meaning is, making Jian Chen have the accident in Deep Blue Province, but does falls/dies, cut off Huan Zhen (really) to comprehend the Extinguishing Emotion Principle possibility through Jian Chen?” Weeping Blood Supreme said that the sound is indifferent.

„Yes, the teacher, Huan Zhen Supreme strength originally is very strong, if continuation makes him sense Great Principles, the Huan Zhen Supreme strength will be only getting stronger and stronger, to even may surmount battling heavens God Clan finally, perhaps by that time, entire Saint Realm, is decided by Huan Zhen Supreme one person, disciple thinks, if, we because of should prevent Huan Zhen Supreme.” Nine Flash Star Lord said.

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