Chaotic Sword God

By Xin Xing Xiao Yao

Crisis ( 2 )

Crisis ( 2 )

„Kai Ya, this Void Battleship cannot stay for a long time, we must leave here, immediately walks.” Jian Chen took the bull by the horns, bringing Kai Ya then to walk, had found Floating Dynasty consecrated once more.

„Yang Yutian fellow daoist, what you said that do you want to leave Void Battleship now?” consecrated knew after Jian Chen purpose in coming, immediately is startled.

Although Beginning Realm powerhouse has been enough to roam through in starry sky, but has not stayed on Void Battleship absolutely the security.

Next, Void Battleship speed, compared with on Everlasting Realm powerhouse quick many, not arrive at Great Primal Realm, cannot overtake.

At present immediately must arrive at Star Flash Province, Jian Chen proposed must depart, this made Floating Dynasty consecrated feel puzzled.

„I have the important matter, did not go to Star Flash Province.” Jian Chen said that expression is usual, has not explained.

Void Battleship in the starry sky flies, there is formation to cover, has sealed up the entire warship, if he departs, but also needs Floating Dynasty these consecrated order to stop the warship, opens formation to be good.

„Such being the case, that fellow daoist multi- additional insurance is heavy.” That consecrated had not said that immediately ordered to stop the warship, opened Void Battleship formation, let Jian Chen and Kai Ya two people departs.

If other people proposed that such request, decided however is impossible to achieve wishes, because Void Battleship this stopped, not only will lose a lot of time, and once more when acceleration, will consume many energies.

But Jian Chen status in these consecrated hearts but out of the ordinary, is adding on his strength. Therefore, regarding his request, Floating Dynasty several consecrated naturally does not dare to reject.

Jian Chen and Kai Ya left Void Battleship, then puts out a small void spaceship from Space Ring, flies rapidly in another direction, then vanishes quickly does not see.

After Jian Chen and Kai Ya two people departure half day, giant warship of Floating Dynasty that flight in void, suddenly is rapidly violent shakes.

Sees only in Void Battleship all around, space as if received the extrusion of huge strength, but coagulates suddenly, Void Battleship flies in void, immediately such as falls into the mire, has encountered the enormous hindrance, speed is getting more and more slow, quick then completely stopped.

Next quarter,

Blue color appear in void vastly suddenly, seems, just like is vast sea, the endless sea water in the tuck dive, creates the dreadful rough sea waves.

This vastness, such strange appearance in the starry sky, covers toward Void Battleship.

Void Battleship in front of this strange vastness, just like is a Ye Guzhou, seems is tiny like that shortly, vastly was then given to submerge by this blue color, lost the trail.

At this moment, if looks from the distant place, then discovery this blue vastness, has formed a giant sphere, Void Battleship sieging in inside.

This vast, not common sea water, but condenses by the terror the energy and Principle strength, sends out the huge pressure.

Is this pressure, protection formation fierce shivering of Void Battleship then made, oppressed contraction fast.

Void Battleship most top layer, Floating Dynasty six Beginning Realm consecrated first realized that outside change, complexion simultaneously big change of all people, reveal the panic-stricken and color with amazement.

Yi Jianping also lost the calm between past, expression becomes the unprecedented dignity.

„We are the Jade Spring Province Floating Dynasty person, Senior please show mercy!” Yi Jianping and other consecrated simultaneously exude the screams, first arrived in the deck.

„We are the Jade Spring Province Dark Family people, we live in dark most receive Patriarch thinking highly of dark night Young Master Jiuyou on Void Battleship, Senior, please show mercy......” Dark Family Old Ghost also for a while the gate pulse, immediately from report status.

„We are the Jade Spring Province Myriad Water Villa person......”


At the same time, all top families in Void Battleship received Yi Jianping and the others passes message, arrived at the deck by quickest speed, in the report the own status origin.

Shortly, in the Void Battleship deck, all Beginning Realm powerhouse, as well as the representative from each top influence collect.

They look are being vast that blue color of Void Battleship surrounding, complexion of all people become pale.

Is vast from this piece, their clear feeling makes the own soul feel terrifying pressure that trembles

During this blue color are vast, the person's shadow appears together, he crosses the hands behind the back to stand, the whole person merges into one organic whole with that vast vastness.

This is one leaves leeway the aquiline nose child old man of inch allow Chang short hair, he is looking below Void Battleship, in that pair of old vision, reveals the excitement and excitement that not minces.

This old man, is Sea Mountain Old Man!

In the foreheads of Sea Mountain Old Man, is having the color of several points of dispirited, as if his condition at this moment, is not a heyday, but has the wound in the body.

Very obviously, with a that Supreme level Golden Sword Beast war, Sea Mountain Old Man was only injured.

„Hey, Jian Chen, the old man pursued to you finally, so long as can seize you, obtained Huan Zhen Tower from you, even if were the old man is injured by Golden Sword Beast , was worth.” In the Sea Mountain Old Man heart secretly thought, he with natural talent divine ability, tagged along after Jian Chen to overtake this Void Battleship, he incomparably believed firmly Jian Chen on this ship.

„This Senior, we are go to Star Flash Province are the Young Star Lord birthday greetings, if you intercept us here, that may not only be is hitting the face of Young Star Lord, and is plundering the Young Star Lord birthday present.” On Void Battleship, there is a people to drink to make noise, hopes that can make Sea Mountain Old Man give way before difficulties.

Offended Young Star Lord, that was no different offended Nine Flash Star Lord.

Nine Flash Star Lord what kind of person?

Not is only Weeping Blood Supreme big disciple, and its cultivation level also reaches the pinnacle, already reached to Highest Beginning Realm 9-layer, is under Supreme one of the most powerhouse.

„Hey, you could rest assured that old man does not have the interest to you, the old man is finds the person.” Sea Mountain Old Man hey said with a smile.

„Does not know that Senior looks for anyone, I hand over immediately this person.” Floating Dynasty Beginning Realm consecrated said.

Sea Mountain Old Man shook the head, said with a smile strangely: „This person, your Huan Zhen (really) cannot look, only then the old man begins personally, can clutch from the boundless huge crowd him.” The voice falls, Sea Mountain Old Man has then closed the eye, uses natural talent secret skill once more, starts to induce the Jian Chen accurate position.

Martial Artist on Void Battleship was really too many, and Jian Chen also had the rare treasure shield, therefore, Sea Mountain Old Man is unable to distinguish Martial Artist in crowd, actually which was Jian Chen, only then used natural talent divine ability.

However quick, Sea Mountain Old Man complexion then slightly changes, he turns the head suddenly, looks to another direction, the swift and fierce vision as if pierced void, saw the endless galaxy deep place.

„Good deceitful boy, unexpectedly not on this ship, since stared by the old man, you are doomed to be unable to escape even with wings.” Sea Mountain Old Man clenches teeth saying that not having the moment to stay, the personal appearance vanishes in an instant in an instant does not see.

His walks, covers Void Battleship endless vast, vanishes does not see, the pressure of that terror also suddenly vanishes.

Void Battleship gets out of trouble, stands all Martial Artist in deck relaxed, has to plant to be survivor of disaster forever feeling.

„Highest Beginning Realm, just that Senior, was Highest Beginning Realm powerhouse!” The Yi Jianping vision stares at the direction that Sea Mountain Old Man is vanishing, disclosed the dignified meaning.

„Highest Beginning Realm? Is the person but who he must find who? Evidently, this person holds the evil intention to come absolutely.” Dark Family Old Ghost sinking sound track.

Direction that „he departs, probably... Probably and Yang Yutian fellow daoist position is consistent!” At this time, Fa Yun sent out to call out in alarm.

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